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Holiday Gift Ideas for Women: 3 Remarkable Gift Ideas Women Would Adore

By: Michael Lee

Every time the holiday draws near, so grows the frenzy associated with last minute shopping. However, in your haste, you might end up buying presents that are not well thought of. Here to help you in that arena is this guide that contains holiday gift ideas for women.

After all, you donít want to end up buying something that might make that special woman cross you off her list, do you? Women are not likely to forgive or forget undesirable presents.

To find out what you can do to stay in their good graces, read about these holiday gift ideas for women!

1) A Personalized Journal

This is perfect for the woman in your life who loves to express her thoughts and feelings through words. A personalized journal can be as simple as a Moleskine with a special heartwarming message in it or a scrapbook you made yourself.

Itís also a way for you to encourage the receiver to explore her creative side, as well as a way for you to provide her with an outlet for her emotions. Itís one of the holiday gift ideas for women out there that wonít cost you a pretty penny!

2) A Collection of Heartwarming Stories

Thereís a reason why the Chicken Soup for the Soul books flew off the shelves when they were first published. People love reading stories about happiness, miracles and success.

For the woman in your life who can appreciate a good book, there isnít a more inspiring option than an edition of the Chicken Soup series by Jack Canfield. The receiver will also appreciate other books that run along similar lines. Itís the holiday season after all! The time to spread good cheer!

3) An iPod with a Special Playlist

Women generally enjoy music. So this year, why donít you give the lady in your life an mp3 player with a playlist you have mixed for her? If you canít afford to buy her the player, send her a mixed CD instead.

The playlist should contain songs that highlight her best attributes. These songs should make her feel loved or feel like a superwoman. Music has a strong influence over a personís state of being, so to compile a special feel good playlist for her is definitely one of the great holiday gift ideas for women around.

Women love getting gifts, but they love knowing about the logic behind each present even more. To make sure the women in your life appreciate your presents, share with them your reasons for buying such a gift. No need to tell them about this article on holiday gift ideas for women. Just tell them that you want to nurture their sense of self.

Thereís nothing wrong with giving your father or your husband a tie, but donít you want to give the men in your life presents that have a more profound and long lasting impact? Luckily, youíve stumbled upon this article on holiday gift ideas for men.

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