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  • Affirmation Quotes: Use Them To Stay Motivated  By : Suzanne Glover
    Affirmation quotes are a great tool to use for staying motivated when practicing any affirmations on your list of affirmations because they remind you that the affirmation process works. Many people, however, leave out affirmation quotes from their daily positive affirmations list and solely focus on just one category of affirmations. This article explains why including affirmation quotes and many other types of affirmations is valuable.
  • How To Break Bad Habits Using Daily Affirmations  By : Kenneth McRae
    Using self affirmation and autosuggestion to tap into the power of the subconscious mind to deal with and overcome negative habitual behavior and negative self beliefs.
  • The importance of self confidence  By : M.Farouk Radwan
    Do you think you know about the importance of self confidence?
    read this article to know what you dont know about self confidence
  • How to Write Affirmations - Your Secret to Manifesting Success  By : Bob Crawford
    Do you know how to write affirmations that really work? A well-written affirmation has the potential to change your life in many wonderful ways. Once you learn how to write positive, powerful affirmations you will have an incredible manifesting tool at your disposal. But to tap into their true power and to increase your manifesting success you have to be sure that you write them with the following guidelines in mind.
  • The truth about positive affirmations  By : M.Farouk Radwan
    Do positive affirmations work?
    Learn the truth about positive affirmations
  • Positive Affirmations or Negative Ones - You Choose!  By : Royane Real
    Affirmations can be a very powerful tool for transformation, if we learn how to use them. If you don’t learn how to choose and use positive affirmations, you may become a victim of the negative affirmations you are already repeating to yourself.
  • Top EFT Tapping Tips & Affirmations  By : S. Bidinger
    I've spent over a year learning about EFT; researching, listening to teleseminars, radio programs and reading articles. I paid close attention to everything and I took a lot of notes.

    Now I'm sharing all of the most valuable EFT tapping tips that I have found for people who want to get the most out of using the Emotional Freedom Techniques on themselves. Here are a few:
  • Subliminal Affirmations: Do They Really Work?  By : Evgheny Stivenson
    Does subliminal perception really occur? Can anyone be able to observe something involuntarily without being conscious about it? These questions were raised to challenge the scientific validity of such claims. Experiments were conducted to prove that subliminal perception was indeed a fact.
  • Money Affirmations  By : Susan Gray
    Affirmations are statements that you want to be true. They are not new - in fact they have been used by successful people for centuries.
  • Positive Affirmations  By : Susan Gray
    Affirmations are extremely powerful; they are great tools that can help you to build your confidence, to develop a positive optimistic attitude; to change unwanted beliefs and patterns with the new chosen ones, to attract into your life what you want.
  • Subconscious Mind Power Techniques  By :
    When you engage your subconscious mind using positive affirmations, it will allow the mind to absorb and treat these affirmations as reality. When these end goals are repeated constantly, the subconscious mind will act so that it becomes the reality around you. This can be achieved and sped up with the use of subconscious mind power techniques.

    1. Meditation

    Meditation is a form of communication with your subconscious mind, and ideally should be conducted in a peaceful ...
  • The Use of Affirmations as Positive Brainwashing  By : Fiona Muscat
    Brainwashing is a term perceived in a negative way by most people. But you know what; I think our brains could actually do with a bit of a wash sometimes!
    You see, everyone comes into this world with a clear mind, and a belief that everything is possible. All is positive and well. Remember as a child, you could do and become everything, without any boundaries! As we grow up however, we pick up beliefs, fears and limitations from our surroundings and peers that gradually form the person we are today. A lot of these beliefs unfortunately are negative and as we build our lives they limit us in our actions and being. Very often they therefore contribute to unhappiness or feeling unfulfilled in our lives and business.
  • What is positive affirmation?  By : Vizmon
    Positive affirmations are those encouraging words you tell yourself when you want to boost your morale or you simply want to energize yourself into doing something you desire. That little voice you talk to when you want to do something and you debate with when you doubt that you are capable of doing something is all part of positive affirmation.
  • How to Overcome Negative Thinking  By : M.Farouk Radwan
    the power of negative thinking,Learn How to overcome negative thinking
  • The Power of Words as Manifesting Commands and the 7 Negative Word Habits to Eliminate  By : Anita Briggs
    Words are a manifesting power that is one level closer to manifesting in form than is the power of thought. A next level that is even closer to form is the manifesting power of deed or action.
  • The Immense Power of Gratitude in Conscious Manifestation  By : Anita Briggs
    An “attitude of gratitude” is recommended by all the teachers of the Law of Attraction. Why is it so important? For one, gratitude can put you in the vibration of your desires fulfilled.
  • Empowerment Through Conscious Awareness Article Series  By : Anita Briggs
    Many people don’t understand that as human beings, we have many rights granted us by the Creator. Knowing these rights confers greater power to you.
  • Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – (Part II of Gratitude)  By : Anita Briggs
    In the article, The Power of Gratitude in Conscious Manifestation, I discussed the importance of gratitude in conscious manifestation, as it harmonizes you with the Thinking Substance out of which all things are created.
  • How To Make Your Own Affirmations  By : Steve Gillman
    CDs with positive affirmations could be one of the best investments you make in yourself, but you can also make your own. Try this technique.
  • Affirmations - The Secret To Your Number 1 Best Selling Hit Of All Time  By : Priscilla Parham
    We all use affirmations, whether positive or negative. It's the script that runs in your head and heart all the time whether spoken aloud or not. Why not create your Number 1 best selling hit of all time?
  • Stress Eliminating Affirmations  By : Robert Najemy
    Our thoughts create our reality. Here are some Affirmations which create a more positive, happier more fulfilling reality.

    A. About Ability and Security

    1. Anxiety solves no problems – actions do.

    2. Some problems are problems only because I believe them to be.

    3. I have the inner power and strength to deal with whatever life brings me.

    4. I am capable of handling any possible difficulties which might occur.

    5. I feel safe and secure in every situation.
  • 7 Great Tips On Using Your Free Affirmations  By : Andrew K Stone
    Affirmations are a simple and effective way to influence your subconscious mind. It is quite easy for you to search the Internet to find tones of free affirmations in various categories. I have also written another article on how you can write your own affirmations. But this one is going to focus on ways to increase their power!

    Remember that it is always better to stick to a certain group of affirmations for a while, since we absorb them faster this way. Also, you should ...
  • Three Powerful Statements of Positive Affirmations that Can Dramatically Change Your Life  By : Lena Tucker
    This is an article that explains 3 ways to come up with positive affirmations that are important to you and that are life changing. You say them daily until the affirmations come true.
  • 50 Affirmations to Raise Your Self-Esteem  By : Helene Rothschild
    Are you ready to feel good about yourself? That is the key to health, happiness, fulfilling relationships, and success. Negative thoughts hurt your self-esteem and positive thoughts help you feel good. To raise your self-esteem, say, sing, or write the following 50 affirmations (positive thoughts) until they become part of your automatic thinking.
  • The Power of Affirmations  By : LaVera J. Gaston
    If you have not been using affirmations as part of your strategy for creating your life, you are missing out on one of the most important aspects of the creative process. Once you learn to use affirmations and begin to see the miraculous benefits, you will not be able to imagine life without them.
  • Affirmations and Mantras  By : Jan Engels Smith
    The spirits never let me off the hook, so they gave me a mantra to practice also. I diligently sat every day repeating my phrase; it took me about an hour each day. To my amazement it had a tremendous impact on me. The practice became rote and, in fact, a part of my being. Because of the repetitions, the mantra became embedded in my psyche like a catchy tune.
  • Why Powerful Affirmations Work  By : E
    Some people have claimed that affirmations don't work. They are right, they don't work if there isn't a right action taken behind them. Also affirmations are done properly when there is visualization and feeling combined. The following article will explain more about power affirmations.
  • Supercharging Your Affirmations  By : Wendy Betterini
    In a previous article, I revealed a simple process for writing your own powerful affirmations. I discussed the importance of getting clear about your existing beliefs, writing affirmations to replace those old beliefs with new empowering ones, writing affirmations in the present tense, the importance of consistent repetition, and the necessity of believing in the words you're saying.

    Today I'd like to share a simple three-step process that can greatly increase the power an...
  • Writing Your Own Powerful Affirmations  By : Wendy Betterini
    A common question I see from people just beginning their personal development journey is, "How do I write effective affirmations?" Often they will go in search of existing affirmations that they can apply to their own situation, but they may or may not find something that works for them.

    In my experience, it is much simpler to come up with our own personal affirmations because they'll get right to the heart of the matter like nothing else can!

    First, let's explore th...
  • How To Clear Negative Thoughts Keeping You From What You Want  By : Skye Mangrum
    I have found the perfect exercise. The method mentioned below left me with a fantastic feeling that "all good things are on the way."

    After a few minutes I felt the peace of clarity that had been escaping me for years. No seminar or guru could mimic the feeling I got after trying this simple little exercise.
  • The Power of Positive Thinking: Affirmations  By : Helene Rothschild
    Our thoughts are magnetic--they draw to us whatever we are thinking. Positive thinking creates positive results. Negative thoughts attract negative experiences and keep us stuck. Many of our fear-based beliefs came from decisions we made from our experiences.
  • Discovering The Importance Of Affirmations  By : Joan Winthorp
    Affirmation is defined in the Glossary section of the IAmUniversity website as “a positive statement that has been specifically worded for the purpose of reprogramming the subconscious mind with positive and spiritual thoughts.” Now, that could all be mumbo-jumbo to others. So in simple terms, affirmation is just a statement that another person could tell you or a person could say to himself in order to improve one aspect of his life or his overall personality.

    One could e...
  • Abundance for September and DailyAffirm Positive Affirmations Day by Day  By : Jeanie Marshall
    Do you often feel that you do not have enough or that you are not enough? If so, you are in a state of lack consciousness when you are having such conversations, either with yourself or others. This article gives an overview of the focus on Abundance explored by the DailyAffirm Process during September each year, freely given to the Internet community.
  • Peace for August and DailyAffirm Positive Affirmations Day by Day  By : Jeanie Marshall
    Do you often find yourself thinking and talking about war and disasters? If so, you are in a state of non-peace when you are having such conversations, either with yourself or others. This article gives an overview of the focus on Peace explored by the DailyAffirm Process, freely given to the Internet community.
  • Transformation for July and DailyAffirm Positive Affirmations Day by Day  By : Jeanie Marshall
    Do you ever wonder about, worry about, or fear change? "Transformation" is a big word for big change. This article provides an overview for the exploration of the theme of Transformation in the month of July on the DailyAffirm Process.
  • Trust for May and DailyAffirm Positive Affirmations Day by Day  By : Jeanie Marshall
    This article provides an overview for the exploration of the theme of Trust in the month of May on the DailyAffirm Process. DailyAffirm offers this free process of positive affirmations day by day.
  • The Law of Attraction - More Than Goal Setting and Affirmations Alone  By : Chonticha Marijne
    Every thought creates a vibration. Negative thoughts create negative feelings that lead to low frequency vibrations, whereas positive thoughts create positive feelings that produce high frequency vibrations. According to the universal Law of Attraction, "vibes" attract like "vibes". Tthe key to attracting only the things that you desire into your life, is to vibrate positive energy. Okay, that sounds simple enough...but how do you DO that?
  • 3 Ways to Super Charge Your Affirmations  By : Rebbie Straubing
    Learn the 3 secrets that turn affirmations into life transforming tools.
  • The Power of Positive Affirmations  By : Jeff Griswold
    How to use positive affirmations to replace old, negative thinking with new, positive thinking to improve your life. Article includes dozens of carefully chosen, time-tested, positive affirmations that will help get you started.
  • Create Your Own Affirmations  By : Lael Johnson
    Affirmations and You!
  • Building Self-Confidence: How to Initiate a Virtuous Cycle, Part 2 of 2  By : Jeff Griswold
    Building self-confidence by replacing negative thoughts with positive ones through the use of positive affirmations.
  • Building Self-Confidence: How to Initiate a Virtuous Cycle, Part 1 of 2  By : Jeff Griswold
    Building self-confidence by replacing negative thoughts with positive ones through the use of positive affirmations.
  • Five Types of Affirmations for Empowerment  By : Jeanie Marshall
    defines five different types of affirmations to progress to greater empowerment, including examples.