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  • 9 Effective Home Remedies With Turmeric.  By : Dr.Savitha Suri
    The ancient medical science ayurveda eulogizes the medicinal properties of turmeric. Turmeric also known as Curcuma Longa belongs to Zingiberacae Family and is a perennial plant that grows 3 to 5 feet high in the tropical regions .In India it is grown allover but specially in Bengal, Bombay and in Tamilnadu.
  • Manifold benefits of Coconut Tree  By : Dr.Savitha Suri
    Coconut tree has a botanical name Cocos Nucifera. The name COCO was first coined by Spanish explorers as this nut resembled face of a monkey. In India the coconut tree is eulogized as �Kalpavriksha�, which means wish full filling divine tree. It full fills all the needs of man. In India almost all parts of coconut tree are used in day to day life. Coconuts are considered sacred in India and they grace rituals like yajnya and Havana.
  • Herbal Way to Keep Indigestion at Bay  By : Dr.Savitha Suri
    Indigestion is a very common problem of digestive system. It's important to remember that all of us experience indigestion at one time or another. A good digestion helps in good absorption and efficient supply of nutrients. Nutrients cannot be absorbed effectively when there is indigestion. This leads to lowered immunity and abnormal body function. Low immunity and abnormal body functions pave way for diseases.
  • Healthy Ayurvedic diet � Dietary dos and don�ts  By : Dr.Savitha Suri
    According to texts of ayurveda our body will be in balanced condition only when there is equilibrium between the three vital forces vata, pitta and kapha. Healthy eating always encourages these three forces to be in balanced condition. A good appropriate diet not only keeps the body healthy, but also increases span of disease free life.
  • Ayuredic tips to reduce cholesterol  By : Dr.Savitha Suri
    Ayurveda acharyas have said that increased kapha and medas (fat) cause almost all diseases that are caused by increased cholesterol. Increased kapha and medas obstruct the body channels called srotas. Hence they advise the diet to reduce kapha and medas to avoid these diseases.
  • Curd and Sugar A Cooling Health Shot  By : Dr.Savitha Suri
    Curd and sugar is savored and liked by everybody. This combination has many health benefits. Here goes the list of health benefits of this cool shot.It is one among stomach cooling foods. It cools body, reduces acidity and burning sensation in stomach.
  • Ayurveda taste � Nutrition aspect of Madhura rasa (Sweetness)  By : Dr.Savitha Suri
    Madhura rasa is one of the six tastes described in ayurveda. It is the sweet taste.The madhura rasa or sweet taste usually gives a sticky sensation in mouth. It satisfies hunger and food craving. This rasa is made up of 2 fundamental elements -Prithvi ( earth element) and ambu (water element).
  • Do Not Forget To Enjoy The Present  By : Roseanna Leaton
    �If you are DEPRESSED, you are living in the past.
    If you are ANXIOUS, you are living in the future.
    If you are at PEACE you are living in the present.�
    Lao Tzu
  • In Need Of Sleep  By : Roseanna Leaton
    Sleep is often more important to us than we truly realize. It is all too easy to simply push ourselves to get up early, or to go to bed late, and not give sleep the respect that it deserves.
  • Shishira ritucharya - A healthy lifestyle for cold and dry weather  By : Dr.Savitha Suri
    According to principles of ayurveda the season Shishira marks the beginning of uttarayana (summer solstice) . Shishira ritu has mixed combination of hot and cold. The intense rays of sun absorb the moistness of surroundings, leaving the environment devoid of moisture. The coolness of winter and absence of moisture creates a harsh and dry atmosphere. The powerful rays of sun reduce the strength of plants, animals and humans. This paves way for diseases which further weakens the living beings.
  • Ayurveda health benefits of Manduka Parni (Centella Asiatica)-gotu kola By : Dr.Savitha Suri
    The herb Manduka Parni (Centella Asiatica) or gotu kola also known as Indian pennywort is a small herb which grows in tropical swampy areas. This herb is known as gotu kola in Hindi.It is an annual herb with slender, green soft stalk. The roots consist of rhizomes and root hairs. The plants are connected to each other . The leaves are round, smooth and reddish green in colour.. The flowers are small and pinkish red in colour. They occur in bunches. The plant matures in three months.
  • Diabetes diet facts and ayurveda view  By : Dr.Savitha Suri
    Patients suffering from diabetes have to be well educated about their diet to keep the blood sugar level under control. A well planned diet always helps to keep the diabetic complications at bay. Here are few important facts which have to be carefully noted by diabetic patients, while consuming food.
  • Ayurveda weight gain therapy to increase healthy body weight naturally  By : Dr.Savitha Suri
    Frequently we come across many people who suffer from obesity and they struggle hard to lose weight. But there is a section of people who put a great effort to gain weight or increase their body weight. Underweight men and women are at an increased risk of medical problems. Skinny women are more prone to miscarriages and breast cancer. Under weight men are at an increased risk of infertility problems, such as low sperm count, reduced semen volume etc.
  • Effects of suppressing sneezing and thirst, as explained in ayurveda  By : Dr.Savitha Suri
    Ayurveda acharyas repeatedly emphasize on not to control natural urges. The texts of ayurveda mention again and again that body immunity level reduces when urges are controlled. The untoward effects of controlling urges of sneezing and thirst are explained below.
  • Think Your Way To Good Health  By : Roseanna Leaton
    Your body mirrors the sum total of your thoughts and emotional experiences as well as your genetic inheritance and physical experiences. This is a fact well worth considering and talking action upon.
  • Help To Calm Yourself And Feel Less Anxious  By : Roseanna Leaton
    Anxiety is a natural response but it might now always be appropriate. No matter what age you are you can still learn to respond to situations in a calmer and more appropriate fashion.
  • Suppression of natural urges can cause diseases  By : Dr.Savitha Suri
    Ayurveda acharya Vagbhata in his �ashtanga sangraha� suggests methods to prevent diseases. These are explained in chapter �roganutpadaniya� which means methods to prevent occurrence of diseases.
  • Medicinal properties of Drumstick-An ayurveda view  By : Dr.Savitha Suri
    Moringa oleifera popularly known as drumstick tree has many common English names. The Moringa tree is draught resistant. It grows in dry sandy soil and is grown mainly in tropical and sub tropical regions. India is the largest grower of drumstick trees. This vegetable is used in cooking all over India. Drumstick soups and curries with various spices are savored by one and all.
  • How strong are you?  By : Dr.Savitha Suri
    We usually consider a man or women as strong or weak in different aspects. Ayurveda acharyas have classified strength of man or woman as follows.
  • The Food You Eat nourishing or Slow Poison?- beware of opposite foods  By : Dr.Savitha Suri
    The food which we prepare should fulfill many criterion. The food has to be tasty, nourishing and should not harm body. Texts of ayurveda say a strict no to few combinations of ingredients. They describe these combinations as opposite foods. Opposite food combinations lead to accumulation of toxins in the body. These toxins act like slow poisons which can become root cause for other diseases. These food combinations are described as �viruddhahara� or opposite foods in ayurveda.
  • Keep diseases at bay during winter  By : Dr.Savitha Suri
    Diseases like cold, cough, psoriasis, dry skin, arthritis, winter depression, viral fever, etc surface during winter. Our body is susceptible to these diseases when our immunity is low. But ayurveda acharyas have framed certain diet and lifestyles methods which boost immunity in winter season. These essentially boost body immunity if followed regularly. Thus you can keep winter disorders, at bay by following this regimen. Texts of ayurveda call seasonal regimens as �Ritucharya�.
  • Help To Overcome Fears About Surgery And To Recover Quickly Afterwards  By : Roseanna Leaton
    You can do much to prepare emotionally for your surgery. It is important to stay calm and relaxed and to overcome any hidden fears. The more relaxed you are the better a patient you will be.
  • Help To Create An Endorphin High  By : Roseanna Leaton
    You really can learn how to bottle up your endorphins and release them at will. Hypnosis makes this process easier.
  • Help To Manage IBS And More Serious Bowel Disorders  By : Roseanna Leaton
    IBS is a very uncomfortable complaint to suffer from. There are many varied approaches to treatment and hypnosis is something you might like to consider. Hypnosis is now also being used to help manage ulcerative colitis.
  • Help Deal With Anxiety  By : Roseanna Leaton
    If you suffer from anxiety many things in life become difficult f not impossible. Most people would do anything to help cure anxiety, but few people know in which direction to look for help.
  • Benefits of massaging scalp with ayurveda herbal oils.  By : Dr.Savitha Suri
    The skin of the scalp comprises primarily of the inner dermis and the outer epidermis. The hair that grows out of scalp can be divided into two parts, the root and shaft. The root part of hair is in the skin (epidermis) of scalp. The hair root is surrounded by a pouch like structure called follicle. The base of hair root is in the shape of a bulb. This bulb is indented by capillaries and nerve fibers. The cells in the center of bulb divide. The newly divided hair cells push the previous cells up
  • Ayurveda Home remedies for Dry Flaky Scalp  By : Dr.Savitha Suri
    Normally the scalp skin sheds its cells like body skin. When this exceeds normal level, the shed scalp skin appears as flakes on hair and shoulders. There are innumerable causes for dry flaky scalp.
  • Ayurveda Medicinal properties of sesame  By : Dr.Savitha Suri
    Sesame is an oil crop which is widely grown in India and China. Sesame is a common ingredient in almost all cuisines around the world. With a rich nutty flavor, it has gained an important place on kitchen shelves.
  • Private Patient Group Directions  By : Michiel Van Kets
    Private Patient Group Directions give pharmacists the opportunity to train and supply prescription drugs normally only approved by a doctor. PGDs include treatments for erectile dysfunction, hair loss, emergency contraception and more. Just register online for training and start dispensing today.
  • Vajikara Ghee (Vajikara Ghrita)  By : Dr.Savitha Suri
    This preparation helps in production of healthy semen which is good in quality and quantity. The semen production will be unlimited. This preparation also helps in strengthening male genital organ and male reproductive system.
  • Ayurveda Medicinal properties of Black gram - Vigna mungo-urad dal  By : Dr.Savitha Suri
    Black gram or black lentil is known as urad dal in Hindi. In texts of ayurveda this bean is known as �MASHA�. Black gram is a bean grown mainly in south Asia. The plant of this bean is erect and hairy. It is an annual herb. It has a tap root which branches to form branched roots. The cylindrical pod of this plant contains seeds. The pods are usually six cm long.
  • Coping With Depression In Someone You Care For  By : Roseanna Leaton
    Depression is a problematical thing for everyone concerned, not only the sufferer but for the spouse and close associates as well. Depression can be difficult for the observer to understand or to know how to best assist.
  • 16 Home remedies for Psoriasis  By : Dr.Savitha Suri
    Psoriasis affects both genders. This condition is not infectious. It is a prolonged inflammation of skin. The causes of psoriasis are still unclear. Psoriasis may start at any age. Here are few home remedies and self care tips for psoriasis.
  • Ayurveda Medicinal Properties of Kapikacchu- Mucuna pruriens  By : Dr.Savitha Suri
    Mucuna pruriens is a legume, found in Africa, India and the Caribbean. It is an annual, climbing shrub which grows over 13 � 15 m height. The young plant is completely covered by hair where as older plants are free of it. The leaves are tripinnate . Flowers are white, lavender, or purple. The fruits are leguminous. The husk is very hairy and carries up to seven seeds. Its seed pods are about 10 cm long and are covered in loose, orange hairs that cause a severe itch if they come in contact with skin. The chemical compounds responsible for the itch are a protein, mucunain, and serotonin
  • Hypnosis Clinical Trials On The Increase  By : Roseanna Leaton
    Hypnosis is real and medical research is proving its efficacy in many areas. There are an increasing number of clinical trials being carried out that involve hypnosis and this is great to see.
  • Anxiety Is More Common In Women Than Men  By : Roseanna Leaton
    Women's brains are hard-wired to be more sensitive to anxiety signals than are men's. They also find it harder to control and suppress anxiety symptoms.
  • Broken Wheat Pudding  By : Dr.Savitha Suri
    Wheat pudding is an ideal dish for children who need nourishment and lots of carbohydrates. Milk, wheat, jaggery and dry fruits supply plenty of simple sugars, vitamins, proteins and minerals required by children. But this is not an ideal diet for children who suffer from child hood obesity and juvenile diabetes. Lactating mothers, body builders and men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low sperm count and motility can consume this pudding.
  • Home remedies with banana plant parts  By : Dr.Savitha Suri
    Bananas are rich source of vitamins and minerals which are vital for skin. Face masks of banana help in many skin conditions.Raw banana or green banana is a store house of minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates. It contains potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc etc. Vitamins A, B, C, B-6 etc are also available in plenty. Potassium helps to reduce high blood pressure.
  • Find A Natural Cure For Insomnia In Hypnosis  By : Roseanna Leaton
    Listening to a hypnosis download may prove to be your elusive key to a guaranteed good nights sleep. Myriad medical research supports this fact.
  • Ayurveda Medicinal properties of banana  By : Dr.Savitha Suri
    Banana is the largest herbaceous flowering plant. This plant grows 6 to 7.5 meters tall. This herb belongs to genus �musa�. The plant has soft pseudo stem and spirally arranged long leaves. Leaves may grow 2.5 meters long and � meter wide.
  • Cool curd rice for summer:  By : Dr.Savitha Suri
    Consuming curd rice daily especially during summer, keeps the digestion and intestinal problems away. According to ayurveda curd absorbs water from intestines (hence called as Grahi). By the virtue of this property it is widely used to treat diarrhea and dysentery. It mitigates vata dosha, increases kapha and pitta. Curd helps to increase quality and quantity of semen, strengthens the body, accelerates digestion (agni), stimulates taste buds and acts as an appetizer.
  • Overcome Fear of Surgery With Hypnosis  By : Roseanna Leaton
    Hypnosis provides an easy way in which to relax and to change your expectations. With hypnosis you can overcome fear of surgery and instead promote a better surgical experience and swifter recovery.
  • Proof That Hypnosis Recordings Are Effective  By : Roseanna Leaton
    Some people fear hypnosis itself whilst others fear that it won't work. Research shows how easily hypnosis can be used and how a recording can be just as effective as a live induction.
  • Help Overcome Fears About Surgery  By : Roseanna Leaton
    The thought of undergoing surgery usually elicits at least an element of fear in even the most relaxed of people. The more relaxed you are the better the surgery usually goes and so it is important to overcome your anxiety and fears of surgery.
  • Prepare Tulsi Tea At Home  By : Dr.Savitha Suri
    Texts of ayurveda describe the properties of tulsi as follows. It is light to digest and dries tissue secretions. Tulsi tastes hot and bitter. It can penetrate deep tissues and has anti helmenthic properties. Due to these properties it normalizes kapha and vata. Leaves, flowers, seeds and roots of Tulsi are used in ayurvedic preparations.
  • What Are Specials And How Do They Differ From Licensed Medicines?  By : Michiel Van Kets
    Specials medicines are bona fide medications, which are individually manufactured according to the instructions of a prescribing doctor, dentist or pharmacist. Often referred to as just 'specials' they are unlicensed drugs. While perfectly legal and widely used, there are some key differences between licensed medicines and specials. Specials Manufacturers, once pharmacists, are now specialised companies using highly specialised equipment to develop drugs to today's exacting medical standards.
  • Skin care with herbs  By : Dr.Savitha Suri
    Skin is the largest organ in human body .Naturally fresh and healthy skin is protector of body and a thing of beauty. Texts of ayurveda recommend many herbs and natural remedies to protect our skin from acne, pimple, scars, marks and wrinkles. These herbs and herbal remedies not only help in the above mentioned conditions but also effective in other skin ailments like psoriasis, eczema etc.
  • Rejuvenation Therapy with Drakshadi Rasayana  By : Dr.Savitha Suri
    Rasayana therapy or Rejuvenation therapy helps to slow down ageing process, increases memory, boosts body immunity, and enhances complexion and youthfulness of skin. Sense organs and voice regain their sharpness. Rasayana therapy rejuvenates whole body and as well reproductive system thus making one to feel young and energetic in all aspects of life.
  • Hypnosis Speeds Up Recovery From Cancer Operations  By : Roseanna Leaton
    Research has several times shown the powerful effect of hypnosis in speeding up recovery from cancer operations. You have nothing to lose in using hypnosis. There are no negative side effects and it is a complementary treatment as opposed to an alternative one.
  • What Treatments Are Available To Dysphagia Sufferers?  By : Michiel Van Kets
    Dysphagia, the medical term for difficulty with swallowing, is present in people of all ages. There are a number of causes, and depending upon the cause, various treatments and coping techniques can be tried. While dealing with dysphagia can be quite distressing, obtaining professional medical assistance, correct medication and utilizing some simple techniques can frequently improve a patient's quality of life stably and continually.

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