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  • Help To Manage Anger Issues  By : Roseanna Leaton
    Nobody likes getting angry. Most people feel embarrassed or worse after giving into a display of anger. Anger can be controlled and directed in a positive manner so long as you wish to do so.
  • Handling Angry or difficult People?  By : Beth Banning & Neill Gibson
    Do you end up feeling exhausted after dealing with angry or difficult people? If so, how often do you become angry yourself at the end of these interactions? When this happens it's because you're probably missing the upside of anger--how you can effectively use their anger to help you to create the life you truly want. We know this sounds a little far fetched but keep reading and you'll discover the secrets for getting to the heart of anger and a simple process for staying peaceful in the eye of
  • New Age Anger Management  By : Beth Banning & Neill Gibson
    What's missing in most "anger management," and "anger control," techniques?" Well, they miss the upside of anger: how to use your anger to create the life you truly want. No, is not about becoming that "angry man" or "angry woman" who scares people into submission. Here you'll find something much more enjoyable: the secrets for getting to the heart of anger and a simple process for using your anger to create a truly satisfying life.
  • Anger, How To Use It To Create More Happiness in Your Life  By : Beth Banning & Neill Gibson
    In the heat of anger, do you ever open your mouth and say things that you later regret? Do you often feel confused about how you got so angry in the first place, and need to apologize for what you've said? If so... you're not alone. In this article we answer the questions: "Why do I get so angry?" and "How do I learn to stop and think before I speak?" Read on to discover three steps for living a happier and more regret-free life.
  • The relationship between anger and fear  By : M.Farouk Radwan
    learn how to control your anger
  • No More Regrets - Advanced Anger Management Technique  By : Beth Banning & Neill Gibson
    Do you ever open your mouth and say things that you later regret? How about what you say in the heat of anger? Do you often find yourself saying "I'm sorry" for what you've said? If so... you're not alone. In this article we answer the question: "How do I learn to stop and think before I speak?" Read on to discover three steps for living a life with no regrets.
  • The Intersection of EQ, Difficult People and You!  By : Margaret Meloni
    When we call another person difficult, it is generally because they are exhibiting a behavior that makes us uncomfortable. It is possible that your difficult person is a role model to someone else. Imagine that!

    As you begin to understand what types of behaviors or personalities cause you conflict and why, you will begin to understand how you can best manage yourself when you are dealing with your difficult person.
  • 5 Law of Attraction Tips to Benefit From Anger and Avert Resentment  By : Nea Joy
    Although anger is an emotion that is as natural as any other, it has a tendency to eat away at the soul of the person who does not understand its role in their lives. this emotion is highly beneficial to us at times. However, you do yourself a grave disservice by remaining angry. Holding onto anger until it becomes bitter resentment is a fail-safe way to disallow the benefits of Law of Attraction.
  • Are you Aware?  By : Margaret Meloni
    Scene One:

    �Do you think you could stop surfing the web long enough to get me a latte? I would hate to think your horoscope for the day includes bad customer service.� For some reason, snapping at the coffee house barista made Jane feel just a bit better. Jane slammed some money on the counter and waited for her coffee. When it was ready she picked it up and marched out of the coffee house, letting the door close in the face of the person walking out behind her.

    Wow, Jane really seems to be in a bad mood. And it would appear that she really doesn�t care who else experiences her mood.

    OK, let�s try another version of the scene with Jane and the coffee house.

    Scene One Take Two:
  • Want to Control Your Anger? Do What Dalai Lama Does  By : Beth Banning & Neill Gibson
    Do you ever wish more people would take those anger management and anger control classes? Do you get tired of dealing with angry people, or end up being angry yourself when you do? You may be missing the upside of anger: how you can use their anger to help you to create the life you truly want. Keep reading and you'll find the secrets for getting to the heart of anger and a simple process for staying peaceful in the eye of other people's storms.
  • Recognize and Control Your Anger � Tips for Anger Management  By : Nick Mutt
    Anger that leads to violent or aggressive behavior is serious and needs suitable intervention. This article is for those people whose anger management issues cause problems like loss of a job, loss of relationships.
  • Anger Coping Skills and Tips - Self Talk  By : Nick Mutt
    Instruction, modeling, role play, and feedback are the four common teaching methods used by trainers. Trainers need to educate about how our opinion can influence our approach and behavior.
  • How to Manage and Control Anger � Effective Tips  By : Nick Mutt
    Anger is not good for health. To manage anger, make a list of at least five behaviors that you can do to relax.
  • The Secrets to Avoidong Confrontation  By : Beth Banning & Neill Gibson
    Do you avoid face-to-face conflicts and confrontation? Would you love to create more cooperation and respect in these crucial situations? Read on to discover more than simple conflict management skills. The authors reveal secrets that can replace your stress and tension with connection and support. Here you'll find the confidence to move beyond the work of "interpersonal conflict resolution" so you can finally start experiencing the joy of creating solutions that satisfy everyone involved.
  • Your Guide to Successful Anger Management  By : Beth Banning & Neill Gibson
    Do you ever feel guilty or confused when you get angry? Do you look for reasons that justify your anger? Anger is not the problem. And guess what, neither are you. You heard right. Anger is not the problem. The problem is not being able to identify what it is that makes you angry so you can do something about it. Read on to discover how you can get the heart of anger so you can use your anger to help create the life you really want.
  • Anger Management Techniques for Teens: 3 Great Tips To Deal With Anger  By : Michael Lee
    Teenagers today deal with so many personal issues and yet know very little about handling them the right way. These three anger management techniques for teens will show you how to manage your anger.
  • Release Your Inner Truck Driver!  By : Laura Whitelaw
    Here is an interesting way to use ZPoint that I first heard about through Grant Connolly, the creator of ZPoint. I tried it recently after becoming angry over something that happened to me and found it to be very effective.
  • Tips for Managing Your Anger  By : Dr. Lyle Becourtney, Licensed Psychologist & Certified Anger Management Professional
    There are several anger management strategies that become more effective when you have the opportunity to practice them in advance. As the saying goes, �An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.� By mentally preparing for a potential stressor or anger trigger, you will be ready to handle whatever comes your way. So take some time before April 1st to �
  • How to Manage Your Anger Using Self Talk  By : Dr. Lyle Becourtney, Licensed Psychologist & Certified Anger Management Professional
    "Pins and needles, needles and pins; it's a happy man that grins." These classic words were made famous by Jackie Gleason in his role as Ralph Kramden in the 1950s TV sitcom, The Honeymooners. So why in the world was America's favorite bus driver so intent on repeating this phrase whenever he was on the verge of losing his temper? Quite simply, by changing his self-talk or inner conversation with himself, Kramden was using a popular anger management strategy that continues to ...
  • Learn Why You Need To Manage Your Anger!  By : Karen Parsons
    If being angry means that you get upset too quickly, your blood boils, your temper flares and you want to learn to control it then keep reading...
  • Depression And Anger  By : Thomas Bronson
    Depression and anxiety is said to be the cause of uncontrolled anger. When a person is constantly worry about things they have no control over or even have control over it often causes depression.
  • Top Six Reasons To Forgive  By : Michelle Beaudry
    Forgiveness resolves the past so you can live happily in the present. Here are the top six reasons to forgive yourself and others.
  • The Many Faces Of Anger  By :
    Having over thirty years experience as a psychotherapist, I have seen anger expressed in many of its forms, by omission and commission. Usually we have a way of expressing anger that is our signature, that is a way of being angry that we resort to over and over again, when we are in conflict. Habits have power because usually, we are unaware and we react unconsciously or automatically. Think for instance of where you place your tooth-brush. Every morning you reach in the same...
  • Effects of anger  By : Arjun Singhe
    Though anger s a natural feeling experienced by all human, the effects are always unpleasant. You may think that you are expressing anger in normal ways and it will not affect the people around you. But if you ask your spouse, friend, children or colleague about the effects of your anger, you will be surprised to learn how they feel for your anger. Any anger either expressed harshly or politely has its effects.
  • Anger Self Test  By : Arjun Singhe
    Anger is an emotion which is experienced by everybody. It is not abnormal to be angry. Anger is healthy until it is expressed controllably. When it is uncontrollable it may disturb the relationship with family and colleagues. It has adverse effects on our life quality. Anger can be expressed assertively to get positive response and better situation.
  • Anger management Quiz  By : Arjun Singhe
    Managing anger is an art in itself. Expressing anger in the right way which does not hurt anybody is a skill. For that skill to develop we need to learn to manage our behavior. In worst cases you may take an expert�s help. There are questionnaires available on anger management which you may use from time to time to test your tolerance levels.
  • Anger Management in Children  By : Arjun Singhe
    Anger is a natural emotion. It may be seen as annoyance and a physical assault. Children learn how to express anger by the examples that we give them. They learn from our verbal statements and behavior.
  • Anger Management Courses  By : Arjun Singhe
    Anger is a powerful feeling, which may lead to some disturbing situation if it is not expressed in controlled manner. It is very tactful to balance between expressing your feelings and not to harm anybody. Before talking anything you should think twice about its consequences. Anger management is necessary for everyone to keep good relations with family members and with the people at workplace.
  • Anger Management Activities  By : Arjun Singhe
    Anger is pain against some unexpected and unwanted events. Anger may result in physical action or shouting loudly. Everyone gets angry. Some people will react very quickly to the perceived pain. Some may not. May be some lose their coolness and hit the roof.
  • Anger Disorder  By : Arjun Singhe
    New studies show that more people are affected by explosive outbursts of uncontrollable rage than previous. More than 7% of people in the US are experiencing this anger disorder known as "intermittent explosive disorder". It means they respond to certain situations with anger in appropriately at some time in their life.
  • Inside The Mind Of An Angry Man.  By :
    Do you live with an angry man? Ever wondered what on earth is going on in his head? One of the commonest causes of anger is distorted thinking patterns. Men with anger problems have some typical patterns of thinking.

    These thinking distortions increase feelings of anger and learning to recognize and change them is a critical part of an effective anger management class. Take a look inside the mind of an angry man and you might see these 5 thinking patterns:

    1. "You can't...
  • Anger Management Class 101: 5 Tips For The Frustrated!  By :
    Many people who have an anger problem feel frustrated a lot of the time. Often the feeling occurs in the build up to an anger outburst. Frustration occurs when you are prevented from getting something you want.

    The feeling of frustration will be strongest when you cannot see another alternative way to get the outcome you want. This is complicated by the facts that as your anger increases you are less able to clearly think about other options to solve your problem.

  • The Damaging Effects Of Chronic Anger Outbursts  By :
    It seems as if anger is getting worse in our society. Road rage is on the increase, and violent behaviour and workplace harassment are becoming more common. Some people complain of chronic anger, where they just feel irritated and miserable most of the time.

    If anger control is a problem for you then it may also be affecting your health and wellbeing. These are common problems for the chronically angry.

    1. Anger is associated with increased blood pressure, heart disease...
  • Anger vs Moral Outrage  By : Kate Loving Shenk
    Anger is an afflictive emotion. Moral outrage is a higher vibrational frequency. This article explains the difference between the two emotions.
  • Steps To Breaking The Addiction To Anger  By : Brenda Shoshanna
    It is not difficult to break the addiction to anger when we understand its causes and take correct steps. Article offers information and specific guidelines and ridding oneself of this dangerous toxin which destroys our lives.
  • Why We Choose Anger (And How To Take Another Road)  By : Brenda Shoshanna
    Anger had turned into an epidemic these days. Few realize that anger is a choice we make and that it is fairly easy to take another road. This article explores the reasons why we choose anger, the consequences that choice has, and offers specific guidance on how to make a different choice.
  • Anger Can Be Positive  By : Dr. Lyle Becourtney, Licensed Psychologist & Certified Anger Management Professional
    Although uncontrolled anger can be quite costly, when channeled properly anger can also be very positive. Among other things, anger can motivate us to work harder to accomplish our goals. This could mean playing harder on the defensive end in a basketball game, studying longer for an exam, or putting in more time when learning to play an instrument.
  • An Effective Anger Management Technique  By : Dr. Lyle Becourtney, Licensed Psychologist & Certified Anger Management Professional
    One of the most effective ways of using assertive communication is by using a technique known as the Compliment Sandwich. In order to minimize the other person's defensiveness, you would begin with a compliment (the first piece of bread), then present your complaint or criticism (the meat), and then finish with another compliment (the second piece of bread). When used appropriately, the Compliment Sandwich can be very helpful in managing your anger.
  • Anger + ADHD = an H-Bomb: 6 Steps Plus a Bonus to Manage Anger with ADHD  By : Wanda
    Anger is a paradox. We all, except for saints, feel anger or think angry thoughts some of the time. Anger is a reaction to a perceived injustice or injury; it feels manly and justified. It is so much more satisfying to retaliate than to turn the proverbial other cheek.

    If Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD) is also present, the combination becomes doubly toxic. Anger is not specifically part of ADHD, but many ADHD traits contribute to trigger a rage event.
  • Why Anger Arises In The Family: And How To Let It Go  By : Brenda Shoshanna
    Anger in the family is one of main causes of difficult relationships and troubles of all kinds. It is extremely important to understand why this arises, how it manifests and what to do to stop it. This article explores anger in the family, offering many insights into its origin and suggestions about letting it go.
  • Seven Ways to Manage Anger  By : Anthony Kane MD
    Anger can destroy your relationships with just about everybody. Here are seven easy to use techniques that you can learn and teach to your child that will help you get anger out of your home.
  • Self Help Methods Are Available To Take The Anger Out Of Your System  By :
    It is not always easy for someone to control his or her anger, and the problem can often become serious enough to warrant looking about for an effective self help means to rectify the problem before it becomes more serious than it deserves to be. The number of people having anger management problems is many and if it were not for the fact that there are a number of different self help anger management techniques available, the problem would indeed have become a much more seri...
  • Handling Others' Anger Effectively  By : Emily Bouchard
    A grateful heart can help you achieve fulfillment for each member of your blended family.
  • Anger  By : Larry Lloyd
    Violence is a choice that stems from feelings of anger and resistance.
  • Learn To Control Your Anger  By : Victor Epand
    This article talks about anger and how some might not show that they are mad and how some are not scared to show it. This article tells you how some people shout things at you only to hurt him/her.
  • How To Break The Addiction To Anger  By : Brenda Shoshanna
    Addiction to anger is one of the most common and lethal forms of addiction around. It is so common that many do not realize they're in the grip of it. This article explores the nature of addiction, shows how it affects our lives and why it grows. It also offers specific exercises to loosen the grip of the addiction and break free.
  • Anger Management, The Best Way Is Not Always The Hard Way  By : Mark Goodworthy
    Unlike other emotions, anger can cause negative effects on our health. When you get angry, your body displays physiological changes like sweating, increased heart beats and even increased temperature. If your body is not in good physical condition, anger could probably strain your heart and increase your blood pressure. Of course, everybody knows that people with heart conditions should avoid getting angry.

    Learning how to control your anger is very difficult. It would tak...
  • Managing and Dealing with an Aggressive Boss  By : Joshua Uebergang
    People who receive aggressive behavior that is not correctly handled have been known to develop serious physical problems such as strokes, heart attacks, suicide, migraines, escalated stress levels, insomnia, and terrifying nightmares. You need to stick up for yourself in an assertive manner otherwise your mental and physical wellbeing will suffer.
  • Coping With Anger In An Effective Manner  By : Terry Doherty
    Anger can express itself in a variety of forms. Some people express anger in an overwhelming fashion; they shout, curse, and can cross the boundary to physical expressions. Others keep their anger pent up, but express it in forms of passive aggression, sulking, bad moods and eventually even bad health..

    Anger management does not focus on completely getting rid of the emotion anger. That would be impossible. Instead working on anger management can help you to guide your rea...
  • 7 Anger Management "Cool as Cucumber" Techniques to Live by  By : Christine Gray
    Seven anger management techniques you can do to make sure anger will not take control of you. Applying these anger management tips will help you to be "cool as a cucumber", very calm, and relaxed even in difficult situations.

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