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  • Help To Make Changes To Deep Rooted Habits  By : Roseanna Leaton
    Habits can be wonderful or they can be terrible, depending upon what they are. If you would like to change detrimental habits, hypnosis will make the process a lot easier to achieve.
  • Tips To Stop Biting Your Nails  By : Roseanna Leaton
    Biting your nails is a habit that is automated and instinctive. Yet when you really make your mind up to stop you find that it is an easier task than you previously thought.
  • Help To Stop Nail Biting  By : Roseanna Leaton
    Are you frustrated and irritated by nail biting? Does this habit seem to get the better of you when you aren't looking or even thinking about it? How would you like to have manicured and elegant looking nails?
  • The Past Shapes Our Lives But It Doesn't Have To Rule Us  By : Roseanna Leaton
    If you feel hemmed in by your own thoughts and habits you can do something about it. With hypnosis you can change automatic thoughts, behaviors and expectations.
  • Why Some People Talk Too Much - Are You One of Them?  By : Royane Real
    Talking too much is one of the the most common bad habits. Discover the reasons why people talk too much. If you are guilty of being too talkative, learn how you can break this annoying habit.
  • Tips that can help you quit alchol forever  By : M.Farouk Radwan
    Learn how to stop drinking
  • Changing Bad Habits: 3 Simple Tips To Break Bad Habits For Good  By : Michael Lee
    Habits, especially bad ones, are hard to break. However, there are cases when changing bad habits can literally save your life. This article shows you 3 simple tips to break bad habits effectively.
  • How To Cure Addiction To Sex  By : Roseanna Leaton
    Can Tiger use his phenomenal golf mind training to cure his sex addiction? He is, after all renowned for his amazing mental strength upon the golf course.
  • 10 Ways Life Gets Easier When You Build Good Habits  By : Beth Tabak
    Making a habit of consistently developing good habits can make life easier in so many areas and lead to dramatic new results. Learn 10 ways life becomes easier as you change behavior patterns one step at a time. Then get the steps to get started today.
  • Breaking Bad Habits: 3 Awesome Tips To Kick Out Bad Habits  By : Michael Lee
    If only breaking bad habits is as easy as developing them. Unfortunately, once something becomes a habit, it tends to stick with you for a long time. However, that doesn’t mean bad habits are impossible to break. There are certain ways you can do to get rid of them once and for all.
  • How to Transform Bad Habits to Get Success in Life  By : Nick Mutt
    Habits make your character and sometimes, a bad habit can spoil your whole career. Transforming bad habit is essential in order to get success in life.
  • I Love to See Nice Nails  By : Roseanna Leaton
    Nail biting is a habit which is entirely different from smoking or over eating in that there is no emotional attachment. This makes it an easy habit to stop, so long as you have access to your subconscious mind - with hypnosis downloads.
  • Professional Improvement Plan - Eliminate these Seven Deadly Habits  By : Annette Estes
    If you have a professional development plan but you’re not as successful or happy as you’d like to be, perhaps you’re sabotaging your efforts by practicing one or more of these seven deadly habits of ineffective people.
  • When Are Bad Habits Helpful?  By : Arjun Singhe
    Some bad habits can actually turn out to be helpful. They may cause trouble most of the time. Yet, there are those instances when they seem to fit the situation perfectly. Since most people have at least some bad habits, it is probably good that they have a helpful side.
  • The Astrology of Bad Habits  By : Arjun Singhe
    Astrology is a complex subject, and when it comes to bad habits it is no different. There are many details to consider about any person when discussing their astrological sign. Birth date is just one of them. However, it is fun to dabble in astrology and find out the general rules for the astrology of bad habits.
  • Support Groups for People with Bad Habits  By : Arjun Singhe
    There are support groups all over the world for people with bad habits. These groups provide a framework by which the person with bad habits can get better. They are available to anyone who wants to attend.
  • Social Bad Habits  By : Arjun Singhe
    Having bad habits in social situations can make you a very unpopular person. You may not even know how others feel about your social blunders. However, if you are acting in ways that are not considered appropriate, people will notice.
  • Self Help Books About Bad Habits  By : Arjun Singhe
    Bad habits can take over your life. They can make you fail at work, school, and relationships. It is important to address these issues. Self help books are great for this. Here are a few.
  • Research about Bad Habits  By : Arjun Singhe
    Bad habits plague many people in one form or another. We want to know what causes us to fall into bad habits. Questions arise about how are the best ways to quit. New research gives new answers and confirms some of the old ones.
  • Picking Up Bad Habits from Others  By : Arjun Singhe
    You may feel that you have evaded the bad habits that many people have. That is, you feel that way until you catch yourself picking up the bad habits of others around you. The other person may pass on their habits intentionally or not, but they affect you all the same.
  • Medical Treatments for Bad Habits  By : Arjun Singhe
    Can bad habits be cured through medical treatments? Some say yes; they have succeeded in overcoming their addictions through science. There are many medical treatments for smokers and others who want to block their cravings.
  • Kids and Bad Habits  By : Arjun Singhe
    Kids go through periods of having bad habits. Some of their bad habits are worrisome and some are just really annoying. Parents agonize over what to do about their children's unacceptable behaviors. There are a few things they should know.
  • Irritating Bad Habits  By : Arjun Singhe
    Some bad habits can irritate the people around you. These habits can grate on peoples' nerves until they feel like physically stopping you themselves. Some of them are nervous habits and others are thoughtless behaviors.
  • Irritating Bad Habits  By : Arjun Singhe
    Some bad habits can irritate the people around you. These habits can grate on peoples' nerves until they feel like physically stopping you themselves. Some of them are nervous habits and others are thoughtless behaviors.
  • Inconsiderate Bad Habits  By : Arjun Singhe
    Some bad habits are just plain inconsiderate. The person does their behaviors without a thought to the person he is affecting. A little attention to the feelings of others would stop many of these bad habits in their tracks.
  • Illegal Bad Habits  By : Arjun Singhe
    Some bad habits are not only illegal. They push the envelope of what can be considered merely bad habits. However, in a way they are bad habits. They are definitely bad, and they happen frequently enough to call them habits.
  • How to Break Bad Habits  By : Arjun Singhe
    There are hundreds of bad habits and hundreds of ways to break them. if you need help, there are books, support groups, and counselors to help you. Mostly you can take a common sense approach and get the job done.
  • How Good Habits Can Turn into Bad Habits  By : Arjun Singhe
    It is not uncommon for good habits to morph into bad habits. This often happens when good habits are taken to an extreme. This is why people should be aware of their behavior, even when it might seem positive.
  • Financial Bad Habits  By : Arjun Singhe
    It is easy to get into bad habits with financial matters. Few people have enough money to simply buy what they want without a thought. Most people have to plan their purchases and stay vigilant to keep themselves solvent.
  • Emotional Bad Habits  By : Arjun Singhe
    The question of whether moods constitute bad habits is an interesting one. Many mood disorders have been identified. These and other psychological problems are seen by some as strictly bad habits.
  • Dangerous Bad Habits  By : Arjun Singhe
    Some bad habits are just annoying, but others are actually dangerous. It is these dangerous bad habits that can really get you in trouble. Some people like to take risks. Others do not think about how their bad habits could affect them.
  • Bad Study Habits  By : Arjun Singhe
    If you are in high school or college, you know that you will not get the best grades if you have bad study habits. Unless you are a naturally gifted student, it takes some effort to get the grade point average you need to continue in your academic career. Even if you are gifted, bad habits can hurt your scores.
  • Bad Habits Related to Health  By : Arjun Singhe
    Bad habits can often damage your health. They can make you feel unwell. They can have long-term affects on your physical condition. If you want to live a long life and healthy life, there may be some bad habits you need to overcome.
  • Bad Habits in the Workplace  By : Arjun Singhe
    Everyone suffers when someone on the job has bad habits in the workplace. Bad habits can make for an environment that is unfriendly, unproductive, or even unsafe. You can only correct your bad habits in the workplace if you recognize them.
  • Bad Habits in Sports  By : Arjun Singhe
    Sports are fun to watch and to play, as long as you curb your bad habits. To be successful at any sport, you need to develop the behavior patterns that will lead to winning. A part of this is avoiding certain bad habits.
  • Bad Habits in Relationships  By : Arjun Singhe
    People often come to relationships with bad habits when it comes to getting along with another person. They may have every intention of making a relationship work, but ingrained trends stop them from truly connecting. There are many such bad habits.
  • Bad Habits Can Be Expensive  By : Arjun Singhe
    Bad habits can be very expensive to maintain. Never mind that they are annoying to others. Do not think about the pain you cause yourself, if you do not want to. Just remember that your bad habits are hitting you where it hurts-in your wallet.
  • Avoiding Bad Habits  By : Arjun Singhe
    Would it not be nice if you could avoid bad habits instead of having to quit them after starting? No one will avoid all bad habits. There are just too many to stay away from them all. Yet, you can reduce the number of bad habits you have to conquer.
  • Addictive Bad Habits  By : Arjun Singhe
    The question is: "Are addictions actually bad habits?" According to the habit model of addiction, they are. This theory of addiction states that the only reason to say there is a difference is to persecute "addicts."
  • Bad Habits: Breaking Them vs. “Braking” Them  By :
    Sometimes there’s a habit that has been so damaging, so annoying, or frankly, so unsavory that we simply need to cut it out of our lives. Like mold on cheese.
    Other times we’re not ready, or able, to slice it off completely. Or maybe it has been with us so long, it’s just hard to imagine life without it.

    And there are certain habits that are useful once in a blue moon, for particular situations, and we need to have them available on an as-needed basis, though not all the ...
  • Is Nail Biting A Constant Problem For You?  By :
    Nail Biting is a habit where a person usually bites their fingernails or toenails. This maybe because a person is feeling bored, nervous, stressed or he/she maybe hungry. The reasons are varied. Excessive nail biting is a sign of mental or emotional disorder. This habit can be compulsive and a person maybe busy nail biting unconsciously where the person is not at all aware that he/she is doing it. In extreme cases, some people bite their nails while sleeping. Sometimes people...
  • Why is it so tough to kick a habit  By : Tim Goodwin
    Why is it so tough to quit something that is bad, usually it is something that is soooo good too? You know what I mean; chocolate, alcohol, laziness, even what you eat for breakfast. We all have habitual actions that we often feel a little embarrassed by,
  • The Test  By : Aaron Solly
    Tests are not something that we enjoy doing. There was one test that I took that taught me more than the related subject. My bad studying habits were replaced with a life lesson.
  • Change Habits to Change Life- How to Shift Habits and Attain New Results  By : Beth Tabak
    It is mind boggling that no one has ever told us to check in on our habits to see how they are serving us when ultimately they create the results we are getting day after day. Learn to how to shift habits to attain new results.
  • Tips For Eliminating Negative Thoughts  By : Victoria Wright
    Negative thoughts come to our minds every day. They usually appear when we are unsure of a situation or are worried about the future.However, rather than fighting against negative thoughts, the best way to deal with them is to replace them for positive ones. Follow these tips for eliminating negative thoughts.....
  • Compulsive Gamblers – Five ways to detect one?  By : Scott James
    If the truth be known probably more of us know at least one compulsive gambler than actually realize it. By this I mean it is probably more common than you realize and it is just that we don't really know what are the correct signs that we need to look for.
  • Stop Smoking Help  By : Sally Rutherford
    Information on how to quit smoking.
  • Quit Smoking Psychology  By : Sally Rutherford
    The psychology behind learning how to quit smoking.
  • Change Habits- Choosing Daily Actions that Create Exciting New Results  By : Beth Tabak
    Learn how to change life substantially by identifying your daily habits and the results you are gaining from them. Use this step-by-step process to change habits that are no longer serving you to those that create exciting, new, long term results.
  • What Can You Do To Stop Smoking?  By : Viz
    Once glamorized on television shows, in magazine ads and other places, cigarette smoking can be one bad habit to quit. In fact it’s one habit that people often start at a very early age, from childhood on. And it’s one habit that has a high death rate resulting mainly from cancer associated with smoking.

    People try to stop smoking cold turkey, or turn to religion, patches, nicotine gum, hypnosis and more. With so many choices available for help to quit smoking, here are...

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