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  • Healing Retreat Centers Perfect For Relationship Counselling  By : Jacques Tombazian
    It is important to find a middle path before your relationship breaks apart and that middle path is called relationship counselling.
  • How Parallel Thinking can Improve Creativity  By : ChallenGenes
    Are you familiar with the Six Thinking Hats? If not, this article will help you understand what it is and its concept about. Actually, this is a thinking method that was formed by Edward de Bono. The objective of this technique is to view issues from various standpoints or angles. It drives us to go beyond our normal thinking approach and build a more pleasing outlook of a certain situation.
  • How to Role Play the Six Thinking Hats Effectively?  By : ChallenGenes
    Six Thinking Hats is what you call a simple yet effective method of parallel thinking. It is popularized by Edward de Bono and is developed to get people focused and productive. Some people even regard it as efficient tools to cultivate one’s way of thinking.
  • How Parallel Thinking Helps To Improve Creativity  By : ChallenGenes
    When you are asked to present your best thinking hat, and you proceed to inquire: “Which one”? Then you are by no means an absolute stranger to what is commonly known as the Six Thinking Hats.
  • Creative Sessions for Six Thinking Hats Process  By : ChallenGenes
    The concept of Six Thinking Hats basically provides a secure environment to everyone at a meeting for giving ideas, expressing positive or negative aspects, as well as sharing emotions. The perception of making efficient use of six different colored hats was first developed and introduced by Edward De Bono. It can effectively be used to get the participants to both think logically and creatively about generating as well as assessing different ideas.
  • Are You Sabotaging Your Success?    By : Coach Ann
    I've seen a recurring theme among my clients lately - they are sabotaging their own success. They are doing a lot of dreaming, wishing, and wanting without taking EFFECTIVE action. They do a lot of busy work, but not things that are imperative to accomplishing their success.
  • Knowing When To Let Go: Personal And Professional Lives  By : Coach Ann
    Whether it's a relationship, friendship, or a big dream, knowing when to let go can be challenging. These people and things are so important to you that you don't want to let go. You want to hold on. You put every ounce of yourself into "making it work." Sometimes, you even lose sight of yourself - sacrificing your needs for the sake of making it work.
  • Are You Dancing In Your Business?  By : ReggieO
    Dancing solo can be exhilarating. It can be rich and full of expression. Or it can be missing something.

    If you are an inspired entrepreneur, there is a dance to successfully bringing your very important work to the world. It is a dance of two, the ‘pas de deux’ of devoted calling, and of business.
  • Slow Down, Listen to The Call and be Amazed at What's Been There All Along  By : ReggieO
    What would happen if you took some time to slow down and listen? To listen to the stirrings within your heart and soul? To listen to the inner call that may have been trying to get your attention. Just imagine!
  • The Ten Commandments of Greatness  By : ReggieO
    “Step into Your Greatness” is a simple — yet profound and often forgotten — spiritual imperative. Stepping into your greatness is waking up to and living from the deepest truth and authenticity of who you really are. It is the loving transformation from being at the effect of the world around you to being the conscious creator of your experience to experiencing “heaven on earth.” These Ten Commandments guide you!
  • Your First TurnAround in 4 Steps: Get Back on the Path of Purpose, Passion and Profit  By : ReggieO
    For many entrepreneurs, at some point you find that you are no longer facing or feeling your Big Dream, the fire of your passion, or the light of your Vision. Instead, many of you are facing money issues, lack of clarity and feeling the stress of trying to run a business. There are reasons that this has happened, and there are ways you can turn it around.
  • Life Coaching Certification - Fact or Fiction  By : Shannong
    This article is about the life coaching industry and the certification process. It explains the dark secrets of how to be a successful coach.
  • Is it Time for a Tune Up?  By : ReggieO
    The great rat race – the constant chasing for a better job, a steady paycheck, and better benefits. We all do it because we need to survive. But how many of us are working in a job we love rather than just working to survive? Bet many of us cannot say that they are working in their “dream job.” Where has all your passion gone? What happened to your dreams? Are you being authentic and true to yourself? Let's turn up the dial of your authenticity, aliveness and connection.
  • Stand Out Naturally! Isn’t it Time to Let Your Light Shine?  By : ReggieO
    Do you have any idea what a powerhouse you are, naturally? That’s what makes us stand out from another. Standing out naturally is fully expressing who you uniquely are in your business. And letting your light shine so your people can find and recognize you. Own that power and step into your greatness.
  • Connection - The First Order of Business  By : ReggieO
    Everyone yearns for connection of some kind or another. It’s what motivates and drives us, and is the key to our success. But you need to be connected to yourself first to be able to form real connections with others. Connecting with yourself opens your vision, your gifts and what you stand for – thereby transforming your life, your work, and is key to your soul-satisfying success.
  • I Am So Greatful! The Greatness in Gratitude!  By : ReggieO
    What is greatness in gratitude? How do you find it? This article shows how simply being grateful, and practicing gratefulness, everyday would transform your personal as well as your professional life into one of unimaginable greatness. Gifts and opportunities abound when you practice gratitude daily. You will not only see things differently, but it also clears out the static in your life, opens your channel of conscious creativity, transforms it, and thereby be true to yourself.
  • How To Avoid Getting Sick in the First Place  By : Daria Boissonnas, Certified Reconnective Healing Practitioner
    I love love love healing! As a mother and wife and busy person, I am so grateful to have options in my life for speeding healing that I can use to feel better quickly and to help my loved ones feel better too. What I’ve seen as a healer is that when we can’t fully process something emotionally or mentally, it drops down into the body to be processed in a visceral, vivid, physical way.
  • You can change your life and diet… one tiny step now is all you need  By : Daria Boissonnas, Certified Reconnective Healing Practitioner
    13 years ago, when I first started reading about healthy food and why some of what I had been eating was harmful, I was overwhelmed. Everything I was doing seemed to be wrong! I had to change everything! Decide to make one tiny positive change.
  • How To Grow a Brilliant You.  By : Daria Boissonnas, Certified Reconnective Healing Practitioner
    Imagine yourself as a small seed. You are a powerful being, constantly growing and increasingly fulfilling your potential. May you enjoy many blessings on your exciting journey of growth this year!
  • How to Snap Yourself Out of Misery (and Self-Pity) FAST  By : Daria Boissonnas, Certified Reconnective Healing Practitioner
    Shifting into service is a skill, a mindset and — if you practice it – a powerful habit that keeps you out of negative emotions, stuck places, and weighty thoughts that can make you sick or tired. Develop the Positive Habits of the Spiritually & Materially Successful
  • Is Money Spiritual?  By : ReggieO
    Have you ever worried that spirituality and money don’t mix? Do you cringe even reading those two words in the same sentence? The truth is that money is simply an expression of Spirit.
  • Am I an artist? (Are you?)  By : Daria Boissonnas, Certified Reconnective Healing Practitioner
    Art connects us to the nonphysical, intuitive, knowing, genuine, connected, One-with-All side of the universe. Art connects both the artist and the beholder to that Other Side, that part of ourselves we have a hard time sensing, the part with all the deep Peace, Love, Wisdom, Fulfillment and Bliss we could want.
  • Four Lessons From My First Painting  By : Daria Boissonnas, Certified Reconnective Healing Practitioner
    How can you judge your first painting? Your first book? Your first song? Your first client’s results? Keep going! You are so much more than any single thing you do.
  • "Resist Not" Your Greatness: 6 Simple Ways  By : ReggieO
    “Resist not evil” is a quote that has puzzled millions of people for over 2,000 years, and still does today. But what is even more puzzling and frustrating is why we resist our good. Why do we resist what we love, what we are called to do, our deepest yearnings, our biggest dreams and expressing our gifts?
  • You Are Each My Favorite… How Is That Possible?  By : Daria Boissonnas, Certified Reconnective Healing Practitioner
    Our job as humans is to access the knowing we find at the higher levels of consciousness and bring that wisdom down into the world. The thinking mind is absolutely required to live our daily lives, but it’s not all you have. Accessing your greater consciousness changes the world.
  • What vastly improves your life (and the world) that you could do much better with a little focus?  By : Daria Boissonnas, Certified Reconnective Healing Practitioner
    What your receiver naturally tunes to is your inner guidance to do your life’s mission — to find and enact that way you were born to change, heal, and otherwise improve the world. Being a poor receiver interferes with this awakening process and causes unhappiness.
  • Inspire Yourself to Greatness! The Key to Unlock That Door  By : ReggieO
    Do you secretly yearn to fully express your greatest self in your life, in your business and in the world? Maybe you don’t know where to begin. It sounds so big! Well it is! But think of it this way, it’s the most natural thing you will ever do. Why? Greatness lives inside of you, and me and everyone else. It’s who you are.
  • YOUR Time  By : Margaret Meloni
    Question, what is the resource that you cannot acquire more of?

    Do you think it is money? Do you think it is a specific type of skilled labor or a certain type of raw material? NO! Although you or your company might be feeling financially challenged you can find ways to earn money, you can find labor and other resources. The answer is T-I-M-E, TIME!
  • What If You Were Queen?  By : ReggieO
    One of the biggest reasons women hold themselves back is that they are afraid of their own power, even if subconsciously. Real power is not something to fear. Real power is the power that lies at the core of who you are. Real power is at your disposal all the time, to be expressed for the good and to empower all that you are and do. It is an aspect of your true nature.
  • Compassion is not a Weakness  By : Margaret Meloni
    Some people believe that compassion and especially compassion in the workplace is a form of weakness. Perhaps they think that survival of the fittest in the corporate jungle leaves no room for something like concern for other people and their feelings. March ahead, take no prisoners!

    Yet report after report shows us that those who have a high degree of emotional intelligence come out ahead at work.
  • Improve Your Confidence at Social Events  By : Royane Real
    Do you often feel nervous when you are at a party and you want to make a good impression on others? Perhaps you are shy and you get tongue tied or your mind goes blank. Here are many tips to help you improve your conversation confidence at social events.
  • How To Become A Life Coach: 5 Proven Life Coaching Tips  By : Michael Lee
    Anyone can learn how to become a life coach. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. As long as you have the willpower to pursue your dream and genuinely want to help people, you won’t fail.
  • 9 Keys to Workplace Communication Training and Development  By : Joshua Uebergang
    There are many trainers out there offering programs for those, like you, looking to strengthen their interpersonal communication skills in an effort to win boardroom battles, haggle over the price of furniture, or simply to win friends and influence people. Read on for a short breakdown of what to look for in finding an interpersonal communication skills trainer.
  • 4 Ways to Gain Self-Confidence Meeting People  By : Joshua Uebergang
    It's hard to meet people even though they're everywhere, shuffling about their daily routines. But never fear. Follow the four tips in this article on building your self-confidence, and you'll be meeting people in no time.
  • 10 Personality Traits of a Confident Person  By : Joshua Uebergang
    Confident people can seem mysterious. How do they do it? What makes them tick? In this article are 10 traits of confident people.
  • The Fastest Ways to Improve Conversation Skills  By : Joshua Uebergang
    Want some simple tips to quickly improve your conversation skills? Read on for six ways to get your conversation skills off to a fast start.
  • Give the Gift of Gratitude!  By : ReggieO
    Each one of us has much to be grateful for in life, even in our most trying moments. We tend to forget sometimes, but it is true. Gratitude is a gift that keeps on giving, and it promotes a sense of appreciation that can improve your health and well-being. Give the gift of gratitude today.
  • Your Role in a Powerful Spiritual Promise: Vignette From A New Business Owner  By : ReggieO
    There is a spiritual promise that came with you into the world. Find out what it is, the one provision and how it applies to you.
  • What If You Did It Your Way?  By : ReggieO
    Learn the 3 deepest desires of your soul and the 4 things that are true for you when you are doing it your way… and how living your life and building your business YOUR WAY makes all the difference.
  • Flaunt What You Most Want To Hide  By : ReggieO
    Are you hiding something that is holding you back? When we attempt to hide any aspect of who we are, even some perceived physical flaw or imperfection, we hold ourselves back. We don’t have full access to our energy or creative power. You have to let go of whatever holds you back from being full out who you are, speaking your truth and offering your unique gifts and message to the world. You cannot hide any aspect of who you are and be successful and happy.
  • As A Man Thinketh: Law of Attraction By James Allen  By : Avatar
    As A Man Thinketh was written by James Allen and it was published in 1902. The title was taken from the Bible (Book of Proverbs; Chapter 23 verse 7) that says "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he."
  • How To Find A Life Coach: 3 Proven Tips To Find The Ideal Life Coach For You  By : Michael Lee
    If you want to better yourself and enhance your life, then now is the right time to learn how to find a life coach. This article reveals some tips on how to find the ideal life coach for you.
  • Are you a Creative Visionary?  By : ReggieO
    Are you a Creative Visionary? Or are you ready to be the Creative Visionary that lives inside you? Learn how to express your creative power.
  • 3 Steps for Bringing Your Vision to Life  By : ReggieO
    Everyone has a vision. It is both a spiritual gift and it is a tool. Your vision is a giant that once awakened can keep you on track in manifesting a life that is worthy of you. Want to find yours? Here is a simple, three step process for bringing your vision to life and keeping it alive.
  • How To Find The Best Life Coach  By : Roseanna Leaton
    Everyone's perception of a life coach is individual to them and everyone has their own unique goals. How do you find the best life coach for you?
  • How Do We Inspire Ourselves to Greatness?  By : ReggieO
    Inspiration is not only for a select few. It is available to you. You inspire yourself to Greatness by surrendering to something greater than you. Learn the steps to inspire yourself to greatness here.
  • Do You Act on Your First Thought or Your Second Guess?  By : ReggieO
    Your inner wisdom speaks to you as an idea, impulse or inspiration. It speaks to you in every moment providing answers to your questions, direction and guidance. It is always present. Are you listening? Learn how to think of this inner wisdom as your “first thought.”
  • Is What You've Been Holding Back Holding YOU Back?  By : ReggieO
    Expressing your Greatness is what you are here to do. At the core this means being authentic, being true to all that you are. It is also at the heart of real success. Are you holding back from stepping into your greatness?
  • Desire, The Impulse of Life, The Promise of Purpose!  By : ReggieO
    Your Soul Purpose is a key aspect of your Greatness. And it is the area of your greatest potential, fulfillment and impact.

    Desire is also a key element of Greatness. And it is an exquisite spiritual path to your purpose.
  • Aliveness, the Key and the Secret  By : ReggieO
    We all yearn for aliveness. It is essentially what our personal journey in life is about. To feel and be fully alive. Aliveness is the experience and the expression of the Life Force flowing through you. It is the true energy of being. Find out the Key and the Secret here!

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