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  • Serious Vemma Review  By : Josh Boxer
    Vemma is a company that has come a long way in the world of super juices, however I think there is room for improvment in their distributor training program. That's where we come in with serious training for you and your Vemma team.
  • Copywriting Tips For Beginners: How To Jumpstart Your Career As A Copywriter �And Make Lots Of Money  By : Michael Lee
    You're ready to make piles of money as a copywriter, but how would you start if you don't have any credentials or experience to show for it? This article shows you how.
  • Start Writing Your Book Now  By : Roy E. Klienwachter
    It was not my intention this morning to write an article about writing that would help you get started along your new journey - it just flowed out of me. However, there is someone out there that is waiting to read this - this is for you!
  • Real Estate Copywriting: The lighter side.  By : Kirsty Dunphey
    Ever wondered what real estate ads REALLY mean?
  • Travel Writing - What Works Online  By : Steve Gillman
    Travel writing online isn't quite the same as in the "paper world." Here's a look at how it's done.
  • Internet Marketing Articles - Keys to Writing Headlines  By : Daiv Russell
    All the web marketing consultants concur on this � One of the big keys to successful web marketing is through the use of articles. You understand you must capitalize on the potential of web marketing using articles, but how important is the headline? What's the most effective way to write headlines to stand above the rest?
  • Write Articles for Book Marketing - 7 Reasons Why  By : Judy Cullins
    If you have spent time and money down the drain waiting for "word of mouth" to kick in, or multiple hours on networking meetings, you may want to investigate this number one way to publicize your web site, book, or service. Beginners welcome. And, once you learn the skills, you can delegate it all to your office assistant.
  • Anyone Can Overcome Blog Writer's Block  By : Jim DeSantis
    When I began my career in broadcast journalism, writers� block used to exasperate me beyond reason. I felt like a failure. I was ready to quit. I thought I would never get the hang of writing news copy under an hourly deadline. Then a mentor appeared who taught me the shortcuts that freed me to write about any subject at will.
  • Writing the Resource Box so it Makes People click  By : Milos Pesic
    A phrase that is used many times is: The Internet is the information highway. People use the internet for different purposes but generally the reason is to search for information. The internet has provided us with information that has proved to be very beneficial, whether it's for fun, business or any other number of reasons.
  • How to Get Paid for Freelance Writing Jobs Online  By : David Hinds
    Freelance writing is quickly becoming a common way for people to earn a living from home. The internet has opened the doors for making a real living as a freelance writer. Finding freelance writing jobs online is much easier than querying magazines, submitting articles by mail, and waiting months for a paycheck. Freelance writers can now do work over the internet and get paid rapidly via online payment methods like Pay Pal.
  • How to Get Started in Freelance Copywriting  By : David Hinds
    If you want the flexibility and comfort of working from home, and you want the opportunity to earn a lucrative income, freelance copywriting can be an ideal career choice. You can start a freelance copywriting career with little to no start-up cost.
  • How to Author and Publish a Book  By : bobburnham
    The most important thing you can do before you write and publish a book is to make sure that someone out there wants to read it. There is not much point to write and publish a book if you do not have an audience. The good news is that there are many wonderful tools that you can use to determine if there is a demand for your book's topic. Begin by brainstorming specific book ideas if you are starting from scratch then make a list of topics that you want to write about. It's important to write about something that you're interested in and passionate about. Your love for your topic will come through in your writing and it will be a better book.
  • How to Self Publish a Book, 10 Little Known Money Saving Secrets  By : bobburnham
    Self publishing tasks and marketing tools can quickly add up, costing you more money than you originally planned. Professional editors play a vital role in making your book great but they cost a lot. If you are on a budget you can hire a college student or a virtual assistant to edit and format your book, you will be amazed what they can do. Even better ask family member or a friend to go through your book word for word for errors because a second or third pair of eyes is always good book writing business.
  • How to Write it?  By : Tyler Benson
    Everything seems fine, no mistakes, no false statements, no taboo ideologies expressed but still you get �satisfactory� and think about what a looser you are. It seems unfair. After getting the same result each time you ask yourself, what is that I do wrong? How to write it? Here are some hints for you to get the general idea of how to do it. First of all, you are to choose, what kind of essay it will be (for and against, persuasive, description essay). Each of them has its own peculiarities and
  • Is it Difficult to Criticize?  By : Tyler Benson
    Everybody is waiting for his or her moment of glory, a moment when his or her skills will be recognized and assessed according to work that is done. And here you stand in front of the audience, full of pride for what you�ve accomplished and really willing to accept that long cherished award. But one of the spectators or journalists asks a question and you give the needed answer. There is a roar in the hall and you understand that the worst, you�ve been waiting for, is coming true.
  • Distinguishing of Your Temperament  By : Tyler Benson
    Psychology is a very interesting science. With the help of it�s achievements we can research the hidden corners of our souls. This can be really exciting and even make you discover something new about your personality and traits of your character. You can make numerous tests to determine what will your reaction be to a certain event, how you act in extreme situations, what is your aim that you don�t notice, how well you get along with others. All the above stated questions and the answers you�ll get make up your temperament, a psychological term used to show types of personality by I.P. Pavlov, famous scientist from Russia.
  • How to Make the User Read Your Page  By : Tyler Benson
    This is what a professional copywriter should think about. Everything seems to be alright: the design is surprisingly attractive, page organization is great, the content is informative and nicely written, but time passes and no customers leave their trace at the website destined to be the main source of information about your company. The point is not only in site building, but in its arranging and promoting. Some experienced copywriters that follow up with all the tendencies of online marketing already are familiar with little cunning that makes content attractive, but some still rely on a happy coincidence.
  • Writing Well for the Web  By : Tyler Benson
    Reading the screen differs from reading the printed sources. It may hurt the pride of online writers, but users seldom take pains to read their works attentively. As a rule, the users just scan text looking for the key words or phrases. The research of the five most popular writing styles at Sun Microsystems laboratory showed that the usability of an average web site increases by 53% if the text is brief and concise; by 27% - if the text is easy to scan, by 47% if the text is written in �informative� style and is not another piece of blunt advertising. The results prompt the web writers what text they should produce to be read. Another issue is how to produce it. This article gives several helpful recommendations in this direction.
  • How not to Become the Victim of Plagiarism  By : Tyler Benson
    The idea is the most valuable intellectual property. And the interesting idea requires quality protection from the plagiarism.
  • Freedom of Speech  By : Tyler Benson
    Freedom of speech in mass media must be considered one of the major achievements of our modern age alongside with Internet and latest discoveries in medicine. We have a precious chance of making our judgments based on different points of view presented in various informational sources.
  • Train your Memory  By : Tyler Benson
    A good memory is essential for anyone to have, because we constantly need to remember a lot of things, people, numbers, facts, etc. It is popular to say that those who possess information, own the world. It is partially true. But one needs not only to possess information but remember it well and know how to use it. Since first months of life we face the need to remember a lot of various things. Some of them may be trifles, but some are vitally important and significant.
  • Canon Printer Ink Variations and How They Work  By : Korbin Newlyn
    Canon company manufactures many different printer technologies for consumers. This article gives you an introduction to some of those. Read on to learn more.
  • Literary Agents and Publishers - 9 mistakes to avoid  By : Jim Wilson
    Finding a publisher isn't easy. The key to finding a publisher is to understand the mistakes others make when approaching a publisher -- and avoid them. Let me show you 9 mistakes writers make in contacting literary agents and publishers.
  • How to Write an Article So Well to Receive 1000s of Visitors  By : Davion W
    It is the dream of every article marketer to be able to write articles well to receive thousands of visitors each day. Article writing can either make or break your online business. I am going to show you a simple to follow step by step method to crank out articles that are eye-catching and pull in tons of targeted traffic that is ready to buy your products and be your subscriber.
  • Your First Novel - What are Your Publishing Options?  By : Grant Eckert
    If you've already written your first novel, you should be proud of yourself. This is a significant accomplishment that so few other aspiring writers can accomplish - even if they have been writing for years. But once you're done with this masterpiece, what can you do then? That's the part that has many written novels languishing in the desks of their writers, just hoping to be seen by someone else besides the writer's friends and family. Every writer wants to be published and see their words in
  • How to Write Great Short Stories that Engage Audiences  By : Grant Eckert
    Nearly everyone has dreamed of being a writer at some point or another. Maybe it's because something funny or tragic happened to them and they want to share it with the world or perhaps that's always been their dream; in any case, writing is not as easy as it looks. If you want to get your feet wet in the pond of writing, you might want to start out with writing a few short stories. They're less intimidating than a novel, much simpler to create, and are often more powerful than longer works.
  • The Five Traits of an Autobiography  By : Robert Brady
    Autobiography Characteristics can be a little difficult to nail down. The best way to think about autobiography characteristics is to figure out what gives your story character.
  • Write Now!  By : Robert Brady
    I have just finished writing three articles on helps for writing an autobiography: Getting Started, Autobiography Characteristics, and the importance of writing your autobiography.
  • How to Start an Autobiography  By : Robert Brady
    Plenty of good resources exist on the web to help you write your autobiography. Part of the fun of recording your autobiography is figuring out the way that best fits your lifestyle, your life, your time, and your personality.
  • Why Write?  By : Debra Finerman
    When someone asks why write? My answer -- writing is like making love. When they ask how to write? Same answer. For each writer the act of writing is as individual as his/her own personality.
  • Timeless Marketing Truth: How Do You Know Your Advertising Copywriting Is Good?  By : Robert Greenshields
    There's only one way to know if your advertising copy is any good. It's the same way that your customer knows it�it sells!

    We are not all born copywriters, but we are all born customers. As a natural born customer, you can recognize good copy�

    Step outside yourself and read the copy fresh: does it reach out and connect with you, does it hold your interest, does it promise something real that you really want, does it convince you?

    �It has been said that advertising...
  • How to Find Ideas for Writing Articles By : Terri Seymour
    Writing articles every couple of weeks or so is a great idea for your online business but it can sometimes be hard to find good subject matter for your article. You write article after article and finally you just seem to draw a blank on what to write about.
  • How Web Content and Web Copy Can Help You Make More Money  By : Ryan Richardo
    Websites are all made up of Web copy or content. All of this copy and content can help you to make more money online, or it can be earning money all by itself. There are differences between Web copy and Web content, and you need to know what those differences are.
  • Critical Essay  By : Sharon White
    A critical essay is not an essay to argue about a particular literary work. It is rather a depiction of the author�s attitude. It is more of an analysis which deals with the point to point approach of an article or a book.
  • Writers Block - How to Overcome It  By : Cameron Johnson
    What is writer's block?

    Everyone who has tried to write has experienced this phenomenon when we absolutely have to write something, particularly on deadline.

    This article contains some helpful tips on overcoming one of the most pressing problems facing writers both past and present.
  • How To Write A Headline That Converts More Visitors Into Customers  By : Rasheed Ali
    Uncover Rasheed Ali's A.C.E.S. secret of how to write compelling headlines that increase your website sales fast.
  • 14 Tips On How to Write Copy that Sells  By : Mike Brown
    14 Tips on writing copy that will Sell your product and services.
  • How to Write a Successful Application Essay  By : Alex Martin
    The 500-word application essay becomes the bases for the acceptance and rejection, as it is the only way admission officers can judge the worth of the applicant. It is very natural to feel concerned at this stage; standing out in a crowd is not an easy task and thus calls for extra care and preparation.
  • Improving Business Writing Skills � A Key To Advancement  By : Susan West
    Effective business writing requires development and practice. Improving business writing skills should be a part of your leadership development. This article offers important information about structuring a typical business document as well as following an effective writing process.
  • Drop shipping � An Entrepreneur�s Dream or a Fool�s Nightmare?  By : Annabelle Rox
    Drop shipping can be a fantastic way for the entrepreneur to get into the retail market. However, there are some rules you need to be aware of in order for drop shipping to be a profitable venture for you.
  • Painlessly Overcome Procrastination, Foot-dragging And Writer's Block  By : Marcia Yudkin
    When procrastination nags at you, you need some way to convince yourself to get moving right now. Try these five steps when you�re delaying on a consequential project:

    1. Articulate what exactly you are doing or not doing, in place of the label "procrastination."

    Example: I just can�t get started. Or: I keep quitting halfway.

    The all-purpose label "procrastination" isn�t as illuminating as a more specific description of your problem.

    Get the medicine for writer's ...
  • News writing tips � 4 ways to spin an angle  By : Nazvi Careem
    A skilled journalist can take what appears to be threads of information and spin it out into a variety of angles depending on his need. This is an important journalistic trait.
  • Writers Block � Stamp On It NOW!  By : steve cowan
    If you write, doesn�t matter what it is, then you have probably suffered the dreaded writers block at some point. Here�s how to get past or over it as quickly as possible�
  • 5 Reasons to Write a Book Today  By : Terry Dean
    5 Reasons why you should publish a book to grow your business today. Improve your credibility, raise your fees, and increasse your sales all through your own self-published book.
  • News writing training � 4 elements to start your own area news outlet  By : Nazvi Careem
    If you are just starting out as a freelance journalist, it is not always easy finding newspapers or magazines to use your articles. How about starting your own online news outlet?
  • News writing tips � 4 ways to get news  By : Nazvi Careem
    Finding the news is the number one priority for any news organization. There are many ways to go about this for journalists who know what they are doing.
  • Write Your Own Content Articles  By : Maggie Musgrave
    Anyone can write an article. Believe it or not that includes you. But, not everyone can write a quality article that people will want to read and republish on their own website. However, writing your own quality content is not beyond your reach. The guidelines here will help you to improve your writing skills.
  • News writing � how to write a sports report in 4 steps  By : Nazvi Careem
    Sports writing is one of the most popular forms of journalism. Here are some tips on how to write a simple article from a sporting event.
  • How To Write Ads That Will Convert A Prospect Into A Customer  By : Mary Mark
    You've been quite some time at the Internet, marketing your products, or other's products and running multiple Google adwords campaigns. Although your market is a competitive market, your sales letter is amazing, your ads are targeted, your landing pages are specific and well designed, you offer free ebooks to tempt your potential customers, but still you cannot convert your visitors into customers.
  • News writing bloopers � 4 common journalism mistakes  By : Nazvi Careem
    The English language takes a major battering by writers all over world, despite efforts by editors to employ strict guidelines. Here are just a few of the common mistakes you find in print, television, radio and online.

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