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  • Stop Complaining Start Acheiving  By : Junaid Tahir
    if you keep complaining, you will give birth to two more mental diseases which are �blaming' and �criticizing�. When you don't like your circumstances you start finding faults in people around you and then you start blaming and criticizing them for your failures. Hence all three diseases, complaining, blaming and criticizing strengthen their roots in your brain and eventually this negative attitude becomes your personality trait
  • Help To Pass Your Driving Test  By : Roseanna Leaton
    It's easy to get a little anxious when faced with a test of any type, especially one that means a lot to you. How can you make sure you remain relaxed and perform to the best of your ability in your driving test?
  • Step out of the rush and into relaxed living  By : Guy Finley
    There may be no greater self-deception than the false notion that rushing through anything actually helps us in any way whatsoever. After all, if anxious thoughts and feelings had any power to deliver us to a place or time where peace awaits, don�t you think we�d have gotten there by now?
  • Causing a Scene  By : Margaret Meloni
    Scene 1, Take 1

    In this movie version of 'The Life of a Team Member' (working title); the camera pans slowly across what appears to be a corporate office. We see workers dressed in business casual walking the hallways, coming in and out of conference rooms and sitting in cubicles. Two team members are talking outside a conference room door. As the camera closes in on the two we hear their conversation:
  • The Art of Saying No  By : Margaret Meloni
    No is not always negative. It is not a bad or incorrect response. Saying no does not make you a difficult or uncooperative person. Read that again, out loud. Saying no is more honest than a false yes, it will help you develop clarity about your intentions and it really sets you free.

    First, what is a false yes?
  • Stand Up For Yourself And Never Put Yourself Down  By : Roseanna Leaton
    Whether you can or you cannot do something usually depends upon your chosen patterns of thought. If you put yourself down you will find that your own thoughts are what get in the way of your happiness and success.
  • The Power of Not Looking Back  By : Junaid Tahir
    If you carefully observe the people who are in stress, you will notice that they keep thinking about a specific event, conversation, failure, brawl or hard luck again and again which has happened to them in past. Such people do not have control on their thinking process hence they allow their brain to keep wandering in the past. It's a known fact that bad luck happens to everyone, it's people's attitude and they way of reaction which defines the degree of stress. As stress and happiness are vice
  • 9 Tips To Make Effective Decisions  By : Junaid Tahir
    Its true that you are the product of your own thoughts and decisions. Whatever you decide on daily basis, whatever you do in your routine life is directly or indirectly linked to your future. That means you are making the foundation of your destiny with your decision and actions in your routine life. So by looking at the bigger picture, it is right to conclude that decision making is critically important for your success and achievements of lifetime goals. Given below is the list of insightful
  • Manifesting Your Dreams Today  By : Oliver J. Wade
    This is a little guide that will help you transform your life if you are ready for it. Everything boils down to self-awareness, knowing your own true nature. When you are equipped with the knowledge that you can create just about anything you can set your mind to, it's time to go ahead and start making big things happen. You start with the vision for what you want to create, and then you move forward in accord with its plan. Your designated end result will guide you through life without fail
  • Sending and Receiving  By : Margaret Meloni
    The responsibility for communication does not reside with just the sender or just the receiver, it is a joint responsibility.
  • Building Trust to empower relationships  By : Junaid Tahir
    During my recent training on Management, the course of discussion slightly moved to the subject of Building Trust. Our trainer (my mentor as well) draw our attention to some important aspects of building trust....

    Trust is the permanent certainty and confident expectation from someone for something. Lack of trust might lead to shattered relations so Trust is the most critical ingredient for strong relationship...
  • Need success? Work on your thoughts !  By : Junaid Tahir
    There is a famous saying that we are the product of our thoughts. That means we become what we think about so I decided to write this article to understand the importance of thoughts, their contributing factors, thought analysis and purification techniques.
  • How to Change Your Life By Loving Your Life Right Now  By : Bob Crawford
    Do you want to learn how to change your life? You can, if you are willing to love your life right now. Creating change, learning how to change your life in empowering ways, is the common thread that ties all of our goals and desires together. Yours, mine, everyone's. We all want things to get better... we all want our lives to be full and happy.
  • Being Soft Displays Greater Strength and Self Confidence  By : Roseanna Leaton
    Being soft is sustainable. Being tough and hard is not. Flexibility leads to durability in life and also a greater richness of experience and achievement.
  • Are You Trying to Fix Yourself?  By : Jasdeep Hari Bhajan Singh Khalsa
    It is obvious from all of our childhood comic book heros like Superman, Superwoman and the X-Men, that we all wish to have super powers and become perfect human beings, just like these superhuman caricatures.

    However, the only reason we do not believe it is possible to become a Superman or a Superwoman is because we THINK there is something INHERENTLY WRONG with us which we spend our entire lives trying to FIX
  • Stop Wasting Time  By : Margaret Meloni
    So there you are in line at the grocery store or the hardware store or the bank. It could be anyplace really. You could be on hold waiting for a customer service representative or waiting for a meeting to begin. You have time on your hands, what do you do with that time?
  • Living a Life of Gratitude Will Attract Abundance  By : Randi G. Fine
    A life of gratitude will give you immense power in your life. What you focus on grows into abundance�that is the law of attraction. If you examine your life with positivity, you will discover all the abundance that already exists for you. Our point of view is something we consciously control. The universe is infinitely abundant�we just have to allow it and learn how to work in harmony with it.
  • I Already Know That!  By : Margaret Meloni
    �I already know that.� Now there is a phrase that does not encourage conversation. In fact if someone approaches you to speak with you and you hit them with an �I already know that�; you might as well say �Go away� or �I don�t care what you think�. You just killed the conversation.
  • Hairs Looking at You Kid  By : Margaret Meloni
    There I was, brand new on the project, replacing a project manager who had vanished into thin air. I was beginning to envy him his vanishing act. I could see that the project had been ridiculously under estimated. Oh and I had been told I would not be assigned to run any client projects until after three to four months of home office training and assisting other project managers.

    On my very first day of work I was transferred immediately to a client site.
  • Be the Real YOU  By : Oli Hille (Lifestyle Guru)
    Being the real YOU means not wasting any more time chasing after what society, your upbringing or your peers say you should do or how you should do it.

    Isn�t it amazing that with six billion people on the planet, no-one has the same fingerprints as you. No-one has the same brain-print either. You also have a completely unique character.
  • Avoid Communications Chaos  By : Margaret Meloni
    We have so many different ways to communicate with one another. We can pick up the phone and call using either a land line or a cell phone; we can send an email or a text using our computers or our various handheld devices and we can �tweet� and �friend� and make all kinds of connections AND we can still send a written note on an actual piece of paper. Does having all of these options make communications easier? Not necessarily.
  • The Art of No  By : Margaret Meloni
    �The art of leadership is saying no, not saying yes. It is very easy to say yes.� � Tony Blair

    No is not always negative. It is not a bad or incorrect response. Saying no does not make you a difficult or uncooperative person. Saying no is more honest than a false yes,
  • 3 Ways To Love and Accept YOU  By : Jennifer Urezzio
    I realized this week how hard I push myself. Packing boxes for my move when I have a fever, not a good idea and not very loving for myself. How hard are you pushing yourself? Are you the type that has to send one last email before lunch or is working at 10 pm at night? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, STOP and ask yourself if this behavior is showing yourself love.
  • Is it Easier to Allow your Natural Awakening than to Resist it?  By : Daria Boissonnas, Certified Reconnective Healing Practitioner
    Are you spiritually bound? Are you looking for solutions to your problems but are afraid to let go and move forward because you�re too afraid to change? It is easier than you think to let go of avoidance and fear, and step into the path of Awakening. Resistance keeps you suffering and small. Isn�t it time you open that door and let the solution unfold before you when you Awaken?
  • Please Interrupt Yourself  By : Margaret Meloni
    You know that interrupting someone when they are speaking is really rude. If you have children you have probably worked very hard to teach them to say �Excuse me�, before they break into conversations. What about interrupting you? I wish you would.
  • How Letting GO is a Crucial Skill to Living a Happy, Productive Life  By : Daria Boissonnas, Certified Reconnective Healing Practitioner
    It is human nature to grow attached to something or someone. However, some attachments can be harmful. It stuns your growth spiritually and affects your health, your happiness and your daily life. When something has passed its expiration date, isn�t it time to let go?
  • Narrow YOUR Focus, Increase YOUR Impact  By : Margaret Meloni
    I do not know about you, but every once in a while when I think about all of the different causes I could join I start feeling overwhelmed. We have so much to do for our planet, our creatures and our people. Where do I start?
  • Be Skeptical But Learn to Listen  By : Margaret Meloni
    Be skeptical but learn to listen. This seems like an interesting agreement to use in navigating today�s world. By agreement I mean a treaty or contract that you have made with yourself. I can�t take credit for this idea; it comes from �The Fifth Agreement� by Don Miguel Ruiz and his son Don Jose Ruiz. Whether you acknowledge it or not you use agreements in each aspect of your life � personal and professional.
    Right now let�s focus on how being skeptical can help you.
  • Here�s What�s Missing If Your Life Is Like the Groundhog Day Movie  By : Daria Boissonnas, Certified Reconnective Healing Practitioner
    b>Are you ready to break free? Are you ready to let go of the draining dramas and the tiring tirades once and for all? The Global Institute for Awakening was founded to help you step into your Calling, the thing you were born to do. If you aren�t following your calling, something will feel like it�s missing in your life. You can win everything, get the job the spouse the car the house you desire, but something is still missing. When life doesn�t satisfy, you�re missing your Calling.
  • How to Trust Yourself More and Empower Your Business  By : ReggieO
    Trust - or a lack of trust - impacts every area of your life and your life�s work. You must trust yourself in order to feel confident; to stand out and bring your business forward. To become more visible, to make your work and your business more visible so you can help more people and prosper, you have to trust yourself.
  • You are never not Awakening  By : Daria Boissonnas, Certified Reconnective Healing Practitioner
    If you are alive, then Awakening is a natural human process you are going through right now. Whether you are aware of it or not, your Awakening affects the state of your health, relationships, finances, business/career success, emotional state, and your ability to live a great life.
  • Win an Oscar! Don't Let Assumptions Hold You Back  By : ReggieO
    Assumptions are similar to beliefs. They are much like a pair of glasses through which you look at the world. You see the world, the people in it, yourself and yes, even money and potential clients through the assumptions that you have.

    The lens of assumptions does not improve your vision. More often than not they are like blinders to the potential and opportunity that may be right in front of you.
  • The Power of Your Presence - Lessons with Ollie  By : ReggieO
    Your personal presence has everything to do with what the world presents back to you � with how people respond to you. And it has everything to do with you how you think and feel about yourself.
  • What Could Happen  By : Margaret Meloni
    When you are facing a difficult decision sometimes the best thing to do is to sit back and analyze the potential outcomes from your decision. What path will each outcome create for you? Trace that path to its natural termination. Are you OK with this path? In other words:

    If you do X, what is the worst thing that could happen?

    Now, what is the best thing that could happen?

    Are you prepared for both scenarios?
  • What is Mental Slavery?  By : Steve Gillman
    A look at what mental slavery means, with examples and suggestion for how to deal with it.
  • The Power of Yes - Part II  By : ReggieO
    Think about the number of times each day that you say either yes or no to yourself. Every action you take or don�t each day is either a yes or no. Every time you say yes to yourself, you increase your sense of aliveness which in turn is an attractor factor for health, wealth and happiness in your life.
  • Own Your Power, Make What You Think About You a Priority By : ReggieO
    The key to owning your own power is to make what you think about yourself a priority over what others think about you. Be true to what your inner self tells you and you will transform your life.
  • Forgiveness sets us free  By : Nerak Ami
    Forgiveness is one of those things when given, does more for the giver than the intended receiver. The nature of forgiveness is an intricate dance of inter-connection between humans where I elevate my own being by first, 'lifting up' he who I perceive has wronged me.
  • Assertiveness Training for Women  By : Joshua Uebergang
    It can be difficult for women to maintain an essential and assertive posture when communicating yet upholding their friendly feminine attitude. With a little practice and repeated experience of the four tips in this article, you will easily master these essential assertive communication skills in no time.
  • Thinking Alike or Not Thinking?  By : Margaret Meloni
    It sure is easy when everyone agrees with you and tells you what you want to hear. But sometimes what we want to hear is not what we NEED to hear. This is when you need a dose of conflict or opposition or a contrarian.

    Unless you and all of your ideas are absolutely perfect 100% of the time, it is unusual for everyone to agree with you. If they do, is it because they are afraid to tell you what they really think?
  • How to Stay Alive in Your Business, and Your Life! 4 Powerful Ways  By : ReggieO
    The quality and abundance of one's aliveness, the flow of life energy, can be improved through authenticity, awareness of one's physical self, emphasis on love, and cultivation of beauty in one's environment. By cultivating one's level of aliveness, one becomes more attractive, receives increased abundance, and becomes more successful.
  • Mental Training Techniques  By : Steve Gillman
    Some techniques for mental training, to increase the power of one�s mind.
  • 6 Steps to Gain Self-Confidence and Destroy Limitations  By : Joshua Uebergang
    We all have our doubts and limitations, and often we let those hinder our self-confidence and self-esteem. Fortunately, through a few simple steps that you're about to discover in this article, you can bust through these hindrances, destroy the limitations that hold you back from your potential, and walk through the world with assurance and self-confidence.
  • New Ideas  By : Margaret Meloni
    �There is no squabbling so violent as that between people who accepted an idea yesterday and those who will accept the same idea tomorrow� � CHRISTOPHER MORLEY

    Wow now isn�t that the truth? Here is another excellent opportunity to sharpen your conflict resolution skills.
  • Some People Just Will Not Help Themselves  By : Roseanna Leaton
    How well do you deal with problems? Do you face them or just push them aside? Do you tackle them alone or do you look for help?
  • Changing Habits to Change Your Way of Life  By : jad1
    Changing habits mentally to change your way of life towards fulfilling your potential. Identifying and overcoming the hidden habits that are holding you back.
  • Self Awareness and Mindfulness  By : jad1
    Self awareness and mindfulness enable us to be self dependent and confidently and morally able to control our actions. Together they give us wisdom. Mindfulness training and techniques develop our analytical awareness to complement our subjective self awareness to complete this wisdom.
  • How to Find Your Aces in the Hole  By : Mary Sue Penn
    Learn how to find your personal aces in the hole. Each ace relates to a different way of being, acting, thinking, or feeling, depending on the suit. By knowing the meaning of the ace, you can find your own personal meaning and use it as a foundational stone for building a life of joy, peace, and abundance.
  • YOU are a Role Model  By : Margaret Meloni
    When children can see others disagree and disagree with respect and they see that nothing bad happens, what a terrific example! Disagreement is part of life. Becoming upset is part of life. The lesson to the children in our lives is all about how we treat ourselves and others during and after conflict.
  • It's All About You  By : Roseanna Leaton
    If you have a victim mentality then life can be pretty difficult. There is a way to get away from this negativity by building self-confidence with hypnosis.

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