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  • The Fear of Spiders  By : Patrick Carpen
    Discusses some of the effects, causes and treatments of arachnophobia.
  • Facing Fears  By : T. Dorsey
    Some may argue that facing your fears is pointless. What could be the benefit in deliberately feeling painful emotions? This article outlines what can be gained by confronting your fears and how to do so effectively.
  • Getting Rid Of Fear At Last  By :
    Are you afraid of the dark? Does fear bother you more than you think it should? Read the tips below and be amazed on how fear can easily be defeated.

    Identify your fear

    Experts say that there are many kinds of fear. However, most of the fears that people have are concrete examples of delusions. These refer to the way things are altered or misrepresented, such as the way people look at their selves and the way they view the environment.

    Since they are delusions, most...
  • Fear of Driving and Automatic Negative Thoughts  By : Rich Presta
    The fear of driving is often complicated, if not caused by, the individuals’ automatic negative thoughts. These thoughts can be scary and irrational, such as the concern that they will veer into oncoming traffic or drive off a bridge. These thoughts are often described as the most bothersome symptom of driving anxiety and they can be the actual triggers for panic attacks while driving. Controlling these thoughts is critical to success in eliminating a driving phobia.
  • Relief for Phobias by Phone  By : Michelle Beaudry
    Teaches you how to relieve your phobic fears with a hypnotist. This can easily be done by telephone.
  • Reducing Fear of Driving with Proper Breathing  By : Rich Presta
    Driving can often cause fear, anxiety and panic which creates problems with breathing. By learning a few simple techniques you can easily recognize when your breathing is abnormal and be able to act upon it to prevent any further anxiety. This article outlines the symptoms of driving fear and also how to reduce the problems through proper breathing.
  • What Are Panic Attacks?  By : Juliet Cohen
    Panic attacks are frightening but fortunately physically harmless episodes. Panic disorder is a common condition in which a person has episodes of intense fear or anxiety that occur suddenly.
  • Fear of Failure  By : Johnny Morney
    Facing your fears will be one of the toughest things you will ever do. But I promise you it will also be one of the most exhilarating and rewarding things you will ever do.
  • Transforming Fear  By :
    Anything that is built on fear is like it is built on sand.

    In our world today, it is extremely important to release and transform fear! When there is so much fear around us, you may ask yourself what is the importance of this and how to do this?

    The importance of changing fear into trust changes the way we see our life and how we live it.

    When we live in fear we react out of fear and everything becomes limited. The shallow, tight feeling of fear affects the way we b...
  • fear and us  By : swati
    how to interpret fear in our lives.
  • Agoraphobia: Four Things I Had To Change Before Healing Could Begin.  By :
    I suffered with agoraphobia for more that twenty years. During that time I tried all sorts of treatments, some conventional, some not so, and nothing I did seemed to have any sort of positive effect upon my agoraphobia, panic disorder or anxiety disorder. In fact, some things made my condition worse, in some cases, much worse.

    When my panic attacks started, back in 1985, I was left with a travel phobia but as the years passed, my safe-zone became increasingly smaller until...
  • Picking the Right Anxiety Treatment  By : Abigail Franks
    Any individual anxiety remedy will not provide relief for everyone. It's important to at least try to understand why you are suffering from anxiety before looking for a cure, remedy, or treatment plan. Simply picking something out that works for someone else is not a good idea.
  • How to Be a Nervous Wreck  By : Alan Alda
    A friend who had seen me in a play came backstage and asked if I still get nervous before I go onstage. She imagined I feel a little fright, being in front of a live audience with no chance for a second take. She was surprised when I told her that I don’t feel nervous; just very alert. In fact, if I’m rehearsed and focused, the performance can be like stepping into a safe place where everything goes right. Even tiny mistakes are lucky grace notes that never happened before and will never happen again.
  • Panic Attack Symptoms: A First-hand Account Of The Symptoms Experienced During A Panic Attack  By :
    I seriously feel that if you’ve never been unfortunate enough to have experienced a panic attack then, it would be very difficult, if not impossible to realise just how overwhelmingly frightening they really are. On the other hand, if you have been in the unfortunate position of experiencing one first hand, then I doubt that you could ever forget just how brutal they are.

    So what are the most common panic attack symptoms? Well, first of all you must appreciate that when yo...
  • Defining Agoraphobia: Discover The True Definition Of Agoraphobia From An Ex-sufferer’s Perspective  By :
    There are two things that are apparent when you start to seek a definition for agoraphobia and that is that, depending on where you look, there is more than just one definition. If we take a look in a dictionary, we will find that the interpretation given there is similar to the following: a disease which results in the sufferer being afraid of open or public spaces which, can result in the sufferer becoming housebound.

    The second usual definition goes something like this...
  • Anxiety  By : Robert Najemy
    Olive experiences constant anxiety regarding her children.

    She fears they might be harmed or might suffer in some way. This turns her into a verified "interrogator," a role through which she attempts to control them and her husband so she can "protect" everyone. She uses questions, criticism and advice to hopefully prevent any problems for her children, but in this way, she has become their problem. They feel suffocated and have begun to react negatively.

    She drags her ...
  • Phobias – Their Causes And How You Can Overcome Them With Hypnotherapy  By : Alan B. Densky
    A phobia can be defined as an illogical fear or dread. When a person experiences a panic attack, they get panicky feelings; their breathing and heart rates increase; they may experience feeling choked up like their heart is in their throat; their palms often get sweaty; they may experience a ringing in their ears; and they often find that they are unable to take part in an activity. These feelings motivate the individual to try to avoid th...
  • Eliminate Fears - Ready To Eliminate Your Fears?  By : Rochelle Togo-Figa
    In my quest to grow my business, I’m always listening to tapes and teleclasses, attending seminars, and reading books written by experts in their field. One thing I’m clear about from everything I’ve learned, if you want to be successful, it’s up to you to make that happen.

    Initially, people come to me because they’re not closing enough sales or bringing in enough clients. Before I begin teaching and coaching them to sell more effectively, I want to uncover what’s really s...
  • Facing Your Fear  By : Dr. M. Mastria
    Fear is part of being on your growing edge.

    I'm not certain where this statement comes from. I'd like to take credit for it, but I think someone much wiser than I am said this.

    Most people consider fear an emotion to be avoided at all costs. Here, it is considered an indication of change and growth. Could that really be? Let's break this statement down and see if it is true.


    Every human, and at least higher forms of all organisms, have felt fear. It is an inn...
  • Get Around Easier, Overcome Your Fear Of Flying  By : Mark Goodworthy
    Imagine this weird situation: you’re cruising in a top of the line jumbo jet then all of a sudden, you freak out and scare the heck out of the people in the jet. You’re going crazy and you’re sweating like a pig because you want to go off the plane, not later but now. But the problem here is that you’re a thousand feet above ground and you can’t do anything about it. This is one peculiarly detailed example of an irrational fear of flying.

    There are a lot of things that aff...
  • What Is Trypanophobia? Are You Afraid Of Injections?  By : Mark Goodworthy
    The fear of injections is called trypanophobia. This is not too uncommon. This fear can be related to needle phobia which is actually the fear of needles, only it involves actual penetration through the skin. This was officially recognized as a specific phobia in 1994 in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, 4th edition.

    Types of Trypanophobia

    Since trypanophobia is broadly classified as a fear of injections, there are actually four forms of this fear of injections. Th...
  • Feel Fear In The Sky  By : Mark Goodworthy
    As human beings, it is normal for us to feel fear. Some are afraid of spiders, snakes or the dark, while others fear heights, being confined in small space or even flying. Just like any other fear, the fear of flying can be caused by an irrational belief that the person will die from a plane crash. Even when statistics showed that a person is at greater risk of dying from a car accident than a plane crash. You simply can not rationalize a person’s fear of flying.

    People wh...
  • Do You Fear Your Dentist?  By : Mark Goodworthy
    Taking good care of our teeth is hygienic. The mouth is actually home to thousands of harmful bacteria and if you do not have your teeth cleaned and checked professionally, you could be prone to oral bacteria-related illnesses. Many people think that brushing their teeth is enough.

    Unfortunately, health experts believe that a person should visit a dentist at least twice a year to get their teeth cleaned professionally and checked as well for repair works. This will ensure ...
  • Fear Of The Dentist, Or Fear Of What Might Happen?  By : Mark Goodworthy
    Dentophobia, or fear of the dentist, isn't as uncommon as most people might think. One bad experience can create a horrific fantasy in the mind of a person who is scheduled, or should be scheduled, to see go to a dental clinic. With this “fear of the dentist”, a person's dental health can create some major problems to the overall health of the patient.

    How It Starts

    Fear of the dentist begins with dental anxiety. This is when a person will start to feel somewhat “in dan...
  • What’s the Difference between Resistance and Fear  By : Susan L Reid
    How many times has this happened to you? You’re all revved up and ready to go, jazzed about implementing a great idea you’ve been thinking about, only to find yourself dragging your heels for some unknown reason. This article sheds light on what's really going on with resistance and shows you how to release resistance and move in the direction of what you want.
  • Erythrophobia : The Blushing Phobia  By : Gary Ambrosh
    A phobia is an extreme and irrational fear of a particular situation or behaviour. Many phobias exist in our society. Common phobias include Claustrophobia, which is the fear of heights, and Arachnophobia, which is the fear of spiders. Erythrophobia, which is the fear of blushing, is a common phobia among people who have a proclivity for blushing.

    Even though Erythrophobia isn’t one of the most widely recognized phobias in our society, it is fairly common among peopl...
  • Treating Panic Disorders – Super Tips for Panic Attack Sufferers  By : Michael Lee
    It is vital to gain knowledge and apply necessary steps in treating panic disorders because it is one of the most nerve-racking (and sometimes embarrassing) experiences that anyone can ever encounter. This article aims to provide you with remarkable tips for panic attack domination.
  • The Science Of Phobias  By : Guy Baglow
    Here's how phobias work.

    There are two parts to your mind - one that thinks, and one that feels.

    The thinking part is the conscious, rational mind that you are using now as you read this.

    The feeling part is the unconscious, emotional mind. It takes care of automatic tasks like regulating the heart, controlling pain and managing our instincts.

    It's the unconscious mind that is programmed to act instinctively in times of danger. It reacts very fast - making you run...
  • Driving You Crazy: Driving Phobia And Its Treatment  By : Guy Baglow
    It’s a surprise to most people – including those that suffer from it – that driving phobia is one of the most common phobias.

    This is because it’s a hidden phobia: sufferers are embarrassed by it so they go to great lengths to accommodate and conceal their fear. And they think they are alone. But they are not. Their condition is well understood by phobia specialists and their symptoms, avoidance patterns and responses are very similar to those of other silent sufferers.
  • Overcome Fear – How to Enjoy Life by Conquering Fear  By : Michael Lee
    It is vital to overcome fear if you wish to attain any type of success in life. To overcome fear, you have to understand where it is coming from and why you are hanging on to it.
  • Women Can Approach Any Guy They Like for a Conversation With This Technique  By : Joshua Uebergang
    Winning on the outside by successfully conversing with the guy you want starts by winning on the inside. You're inner self or what I like to call inner game tends to be overly negative that you are drowning yourself and suffocating any chances you had in starting a good conversation. Here is how to destroy approach anxiety for a woman.
  • Conquer Fear When it is Born to Become Confident  By : Joshua Uebergang
    Like kryptonite to superman as fear is to communicating confidently. You need to know where fear comes from before you can become confident. Here is how.
  • Face Off Against Fear: The 2nd Period  By : Randall Stewart
    Well, it’s the start of the second period, I mean article on facing off against your fears. Let me recap the highlights from the last article. We delved into the first three steps of our seven-step game plan in dealing with our opponents: fear, anxiety and worry. The first step was to change our attitude about facing fear in realizing that you can do something about it, if you believe in yourself. The second step was to identify our most prevalent fears that are holding us back in life. The third step was to learn how to incorporate two calming skills into our daily routine.
  • Nerves And Butterflies  By : Gary Crow
    Just imagine it. There you are, mentally ready and eager; but nerves and those pesky butterflies are holding you back. The next thing you know, you are pacing the floor and ringing your hands. Is that the pits or what, your becoming unhinged over a few uncooperative butterflies? Indeed it is! This article helps you get control of those butterflies and give your success your best.
  • Overcoming Fear and Anxiety Associated With Cosmetic Surgery  By : Barry Lycka
    Every year in America, more than ten million people undergo cosmetic procedures and surgeries that make visible and corrective changes in their bodily or facial appearances. So, if you’re considering “having a little work done,” you’re not alone!
  • The Truth About Fear  By : Ericka Jackson
    Six years ago, I walked away from my stifling corporate job as an Administrative Recruiter to honor my deep desire. Knowing that it was time to live God’s purpose full-time. I began putting together a Professional Speaking Coaching business that would one day become a world-class speaking and training institute. About three years into building my business, it was time to make the transition into speaking, my true gift, as my major income stream. In preparation for this I was ...
  • How Fear Limits Us  By : Arianna Huffington
    Observing that her teenage daughters were beginning to experience some of the same fears that had once burdened her -- how attractive am I? do people like me? do I dare speak up? -- Arianna Huffington set out to explore the ways in which fear affects all our lives. In stories drawn from her own experiences and from the lives of other women, she celebrates the moments of extraordinary strength, courage, and resilience that result from overcoming fear. Her inspiring book shows how all of us can become bold from the inside out -- whether our goal is feeling comfortable in our own skin, getting what we want in love or at work, or changing the world.
  • The Key To Your Fears And Beating Them  By : Robert Hunt
    Fear is born out of the belief that we do not control our destiny. Learn to shift your focus to overcome your fears.
  • Conquer Your Fears  By : Dieter Pauwels
    One of the biggest barriers we face in living the life we want is fear.
    Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of rejection, fear of change, fear of commitment, and fear of loss are just a few of the many fears we experience. If you want financial freedom, a more fulfilling life, loving relationships, a rewarding career, or any other desired outcome in your life, you must be able to identify and challenge any fear that prevents you from moving forward.
  • 5 Sure Fire Ways To Overcome Fear  By : Kurt Schmitt
    Fear can be either a great motivator, or a fierce road block. Because we often establish our own limitations, these road blocks can actually be a good thing. They can alert us to be cautious, and they can cause us to analyze whether or not what we are doing is right for us.

    Sometimes, however, a road block needs to be knocked down in order for us to grow. Overcoming a road block gives you a learning experience that you can't get any other way. Deciding to take action and m...
  • Trapped by Anxiety and Fear? How To Find The Fun Again!  By : James Warner
    Have you ever felt like you were trapped in a cycle of fear, something over which you thought you had no control? You just felt fearful and anxious; your heart racing for no apparent reason, a burning feeling in your spine, a churning in your stomach and you just wanted your Doctor to give you a magic pill to solve it. Read on to discover how to break free from the anxiety.
  • Conquer your Fear or Fear will conquer you!  By : wisdomisgreat
    Every one of us always experiences a deadly virus in our daily routine. Some of us either wondering why were still suffered with this kind of emotional and mental disease despite of all hard work and recondition of our mind. Is this kind of emotional and mental disease can be overcome? And what are the ways and methods that we can eventually conquer these negative feelings before it can conquer us?

    I would like to advise you dear readers to read this article so that you can have the knowledge and idea on how you can overcome the fear disease if you are the one who are struggling with it right now.
  • How Does Your Fear of Failure Stop You  By : Bill Pullen
    Failure stops us in our tracks. Whether we are leading an organization, family, community group or some aspect of our own lives, we see changes we want to make yet stop for fear of not succeeding. In this article executive life caoch Bill Pullen offers a new perspective on failure presnting it as our greatest opportunity for growth.
  • Worry  By : Denise Lammi and David Wojtowicz
    This article provides some practical techniques to eliminate unproductive worry.

    “If we spend our time with regrets over yesterday, and worries over what might happen tomorrow, we have no today in which to live.” - Author Unknown
  • Anxiety Disorder Symptoms  By : Jeff Miles
    Worry, fear, and anxiety are a normal part of our life. Have you experienced feeling anxious before taking an exam and later find out that you got a higher result more than what you’ve expected? Or, feeling anxious for a job interview and ended up getting hired, or feeling frightened walking down an alley where bad things often happened? Normal anxiety helps us cope in any stressful situation, it also keeps us watchful.

    Mental health professional are not concerned with nor...
  • What's Anxiety And How Do I Recognize The Symptoms?  By : Ray Stone
    Most of us, if not all of us have felt nervous at one time or another in our lives. Public speaking is something that makes most of us nervous. All those eyes staring straight at us. That's a lot of attention thrust our way. We feel the butterflies take flight, and they usually don't land until we're done with our speech. Aren't we glad we're done! Nerves and other feelings like feeling scared are natural and very necessary. Ever wonder how you'd react or what would happen to...
  • Fearlessly Into The Unknown  By : The Self Improvement Gym
    Breaking out of your comfort zones and stepping into the unknown, can be as scary as it is fulfilling. Although we all fear the unknown, very few of us actually take action despite our fears to break out of what feels comfortable in the moment.
  • Fear Be Gone  By :
    What are we afraid of? What is fear? What can we do about it? We all have fears at one time or another and to one degree or another. I did a little research of my own and found that next to terrorist, fear of public speaking and fear of success ranked high on the list of things people fear most.
  • Four Excellent Tips To Avoid Panic And Anxiety  By : Jeff Miles
    There are moments in a person’s life that just leads him to feel overpowered by an uncontrollable fear of something that hinders him to do what he is supposed to do. He is then led to worry too much, lose focus and concentration, and leave him immobile for a certain instance.

    These moments are things that cause panic (uncontrolled fear) and anxiety (over-worrying).

    These moments cannot be totally removed from the human way of living, but there sure are ways on how to av...
  • Conquering One’s Fears  By : Joan Winthorp
    Fear is a barrier towards living one’s life to the fullest. All people fear something. Some people fear death, getting married, closed areas, being alone, spiders, cats, dogs, etc. It is normal to fear; however, there are certain phobias or fears which could really be hindrances in living one’s life normally, and these should be treated.

    Fear of tigers, for example, is a fear that is not necessarily going to affect one’s daily life, not unless he lives in the jungle where ...

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