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  • Taking care of Elderly  By : Dr.Savitha Suri
    We often notice elderly people frequently complaining about their health. The causes behind these complaints are numerous. Reduced secretion of digestive juices, weak gums and teeth, consumption of various medications, lack of physical exercise etc, reduces their digestion capacity. Unhealthy food consumption at this stage can lead to acidity, constipation, lose motions etc. These further aggravate the existing conditions.
  • Keeping Your Pet Happy Inside the Pet Carrier  By :
    Traveling with your pet can be a wonderful experience for both of you. However, many times the trip can get off to a bad start if your pet is not used to spending time in the pet carrier. All too often you may get everything ready for your trip, and even choose an excellent airline-approved pet carrier for your dog or cat, but when it comes time to travel, you wait until you're at the airport to put your pet into the carrier for the first time.
  • Give Personalized Jewelry to Create a Lasting Impression  By : Patagonia Gifts
    Personalized jewelry gift is the one that the recipient is sure to treasure for years. Personalized gifts are always meaningful; they add personal touch and make lasting impression. You can touch the hearts of the recipients giving them unusual gifts created especially for them.
  • Details For Choosing Good Outdoor Garden Lamps  By : Rudy Silva
    Are you ready to install garden lanterns? The type you chose depends on your lighting purpose. Next to the house, you will need a wall lantern. But away from the house, you can use a post lantern. You can have oil lanterns. To discover more about lanterns, read this article.
  • Four Tent Camping Tips  By : Steve Gillman
    A few good tent camping tips for backpackers.
  • Condolence Letters: Writing a Condolence Letter to an Adult Who has Lost a Parent  By : Melanie Walters
    Condolence letters offer comfort and support long after the death of a parent, which can take years to accept. Your condolence letter can be a source of comfort throughout those difficult years.
  • Consumer Warning: Beware of Car Accident Scammers | What You Should Not Do After a Car Accident  By : Jason Epstein
    This article written by Seattle Car Accident Attorney, Jason Epstein, uncovers one of the biggest mistakes that people involved in a car accident often make. Follow this advice to protect yourself!
  • Dealing with Manipulative Children: How To Stop Manipulative Children From Controlling You  By : Michael Lee
    Dealing with manipulative children requires a certain finesse. They know how much power they have and how little you can do to them. Lucky for you, this article will tell you how to stop their manipulation and be in control of the situation.
  • School Backpacks: Dangerous for Kids?  By : Jesse Cannone
    Back & neck pain in school aged children is most frequently caused by improper backpack use...Selecting & safely wearing the right backpack only requires following a few simple steps.
  • Facts To Help You Choose Your Lift Chair  By : Rudy Silva
    Do you want your disabled family members to easily go up and down your stars? Would you know which stair lift to buy? These devices can also help your disabled live more comfortable. You can easily install the climbing device without messing your home stairs. Read this informative article to learn more about stair lifts. There are many different things to consider when buying a stair lift.
  • How to Plan a Family Reunion  By : Beth Banning & Neill Gibson
    Seems there's always another holiday gathering or family reunion right around the corner. But do you ever leave wondering why you went? Are some of your in-laws and extended family members a little hard to deal with? It can be different. How would you like to walk in feeling excited about being there, knowing that you'll leave happy about your whole experience? It's your choice. Discover five tips that will show you how to plan your next family reunion experience just like you've always wanted.
  • How To Save Money On Food  By : Steve Gillman
    A look at how to save money on food, with both groceries and eating out.
  • Genealogy for the rest of us: A writer's guide to diving into family history  By : Steve Luxenberg
    I am not a genealogist. I am a storyteller.

    The difference? Well, I�ll tell you a story.
  • Introduction (excerpt from The Midwife)  By : Jennifer Worth
    Nonnatus House was situated in the heart of the London Docklands. The practice covered Stepney, Limehouse, Millwall, the Isle of Dogs, Cubitt Town, Poplar, Bow, Mile End and Whitechapel. The area was densely populated and most families had lived there for generations, often not moving more than a street or two away from their birthplace.
  • Powerful Ways to Prevent Childhood Shyness  By : TimArends
    A child may seem to be gregarious in his or her early years, but may develop shyness later on.

    As your child matures, he or she may actually need encouragement to �open up,� and need practice in more complex social interactions.

    ...If you see signs of shyness developing in your child, make sure that you do not contribute to the problem.
  • Following Hidden Trails  By : Steve Gillman
    Hidden and less-traveled trails offer scenery and surprises to hikers and explorers.
  • Hard-Wired to Bounce Back  By : Nan Henderson
    A growing body of research from the fields of psychology, psychiatry, and sociology is documenting the reality of human resiliency: the capacity to spring back, rebound, and adapt in the face of adversity. So convincing is this research that I have concluded the human species is, in fact, �hard-wired to bounce back.� It is more likely for us to bounce back from our problems than not.
  • The Power of One Person to Build "Bounce-Back" Kids  By : Nan Henderson
    One of the most vehement questions I get asked by both parents and educators when making presentations has to do with the potent forces of negativity that assail our children and youth. �What can I do, I�m just a mom (a grandma,an uncle or one teacher)?� is a common lament. Fortunately, the resiliency research strongly challenges the mistaken belief that any single person can�t have much impact in a young person�s life in the face of the negative forces of media or peer pressure.
  • What Is The American Dream?  By : Steve Gillman
    What is the American Dream? A look at where the idea began.
  • How To Have A Good, Not A Goods Holiday: Give Experiences Rather Than Things  By : April Lane Benson
    The "good life" comes from doing things, not from having them. And the seasonal holidays, despite the blizzard of buy-messages, are no exception. If you really look at your own experience, it will verify what research has demonstrated over and over: we get far more lasting pleasure and satisfaction from life experiences than we do from material possessions.
  • Why I Wrote Hurry Down Sunshine  By : Michael Greenberg
    It was with a feeling of trepidation that I first sat down to write Hurry Down Sunshine. I don't think of myself as a memoirist in the usual sense of the word, and Hurry Down Sunshine is not about my childhood or my "awakening" or the "turning points" in my life. It's about a dramatic event that took place in the time-span of a single summer, when my daughter Sally, at the age of fifteen, had a manic breakdown.
  • Hurry Down Sunshine excerpt  By : Michael Greenberg
    On July 5, 1996, my daughter was struck mad. She was fifteen and her crack-up marked a turning point in both our lives. "I feel like I'm traveling and traveling with nowhere to go back to," she said in a burst of lucidity while hurtling away toward some place I could not dream of or imagine.
  • How Is Sally Now?  By : Michael Greenberg
    Many people ask me, after reading Hurry Down Sunshine, how Sally is doing now. The book tells the story of Sally's first manic attack at the age of fifteen, during the summer of 1996 in New York City. My aim was to recreate the experience of Sally's astonishing leap into psychosis from both inside and out, and to show its effect on those of us who are closest to her.
  • The Importance Of A Fire Place Screen  By : Pam Tice
    The history behind fire place screens generally illustrates the reasons people have them in their homes: safety and beauty.
  • 5 Holiday Tips to Get Organized & Energized this Holiday Season  By : Beth Tabak
    Get organized and energized with five practical holiday tips that take you from making your list and checking it twice to joy, laughter, and meaning this holiday season. Read on to get organized fast and get things done.
  • Information on Motor Homes and caravans  By : Michiel Van Kets
    Motor homes and caravans are a novel way to travel around the country. There is no need to book hotels or look for restaurants that serve decent food; everything can be done on board your mobile home.
  • A Conversation with Gary Vaynerchuk  By : Christopher Cartre
    Gary Vaynerchuk has become an Internet celebrity with Wine Library TV, his popular daily wine blog. The director of operations at the Wine Library in Springfield, Vaynerchuk is known for his bold, irreverent comments about wine.
  • Plus Size Halloween Costumes Ideas  By : Kenneth Elliott
    It is that time of the year again for Halloween parties and treats. But it is also that time for Halloween costumes. There are plenty of Halloween costume options for plus size individuals, both for men and women.
  • More Important Reasons to Take Time for the Family Dinner  By : Sheena Berg
    Children who eat dinner consistently with their families feel more attached, do better in school and are less likely to be involved in drugs, alcohol, and other risky behaviors. Here are tips to assist blended families enjoy mealtimes together.
  • Three Money Making Ideas For Kids  By : Steve Gillman
    Three money making ideas; simple businesses that can be started by kids with very little money.
  • Halloween and its foundation  By : Usha
    The origination of Halloween dates back to the origination of the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. The Celts were the people who lived about 2000 years ago in Ireland, United Kingdom and north of France. The Celts celebrated their new year on the 1st of November.
  • Chanukah Menorah: A Great Creative Object  By : ashu
    Chanukah is the main characteristic of the Jewish festival which is also know as the festival of colors. Every sunset for 8 days, one more candle is added in menorah those that already carry on glowing until at the last part of the week. The top point of menorah is forever glowing.
  • Family-Based Immigrant Visa: Who Qualifies?  By :
    The family-based Immigration falls under two basic categories: Unlimited (Immediate relatives of U.S. Citizens) and Limited (the �preference� categories). Family based immigration has many benefits for US citizens or permanent residents that want to be reunited with family, be it a spouse and children, a newly adopted child, or brothers and sisters. The closeness of the relationship will determine if the foreign national can be sponsored under the family based categories.
  • Chlorine in Drinking Water: An Outdated Approach to Water Treatment  By : Olivia Romero
    2008 is the 100th anniversary of the first use of chlorine in drinking water. Beginning in Jersey City and Chicago in 1908, and then quickly expanding to cities across the United States, this method of water treatment helped to essentially wipe out diseases found in water such as typhoid and cholera. While this system of disinfecting drinking water is recognized as one of the most important achievements in public health, it is now considered to be an outdated approach to water treatment.
  • How Identity Theft Works And How To Protect Yourself  By : Jim DeSantis
    Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in America. Every day thousands of people suffer immediate financial hardship and long-term difficulty because their personal information has been compromised. But there are free steps you can take to protect yourself.
  • How to deal with criticism within your family?  By : Dr. Jennifer B. Baxt, DMFT, NCC, DCC
    It can easily be forgotten that a family is supposed to work together and provide support to all of its members. It is with that support and caring atmosphere that can help the children to grow up healthy and prepared for life.
  • It's All In The Family!  By : Ken P
    Here are answers to questions most asked by people when they first call a treatment center looking for help with an alcoholic or addicted loved one. They say something like " did this happen?"

    Childhood roles in families suffering from the diseases of addiction and codependency are clearly defined. Because these sick family systems are self-perpetuating, it is important that we all learn to stop this cycle. Please read this and go for help from the resource suggested in the conclusion!
  • Tips for making Family Reunion Invitation  By : Ron
    Family reunions will be more anticipated by every member if the invitation is made appealing. Making the perfect family reunion invitation should be the preliminary concern of the organizer of any family reunion.
  • Mother�s Day Gift Ideas  By : Ibrahim
    Mothers are one of the most important people in a child�s life, what better way to celebrate Mother�s Day with sweet, love-filled gifts depending on the budget. Staying-home mothers look out for home durables so if your budget is high it is always a very good idea to gift them something like a microwave, cookery set, steam iron, vacuum cleaner or any other kitchen appliances. If your mother is a working woman than you can definitely gift her dress according to her taste it can be anything from casual wear to formal office wear or an official leather bag. If she is a pet lover than you can gift her pets like small puppies and cats. .
  • The Single Man's Bedroom Furniture: Master of Your Domain  By : Ben Weissman
    It may seem like decorating a bedroom is not a masculine job and men should not be assigned of that "girly" task but what if you're a single man? Who would you expect to shop for your bedroom furniture and set them up for you? This article will help you be a master of your personal domain; learn how to choose the best bedroom furniture and design for single men.
  • Clean Kids' Rooms in 3 Easy Steps  By : Sheryl Wood
    Every parent wishes their kids' rooms were neater. Here's a quick method that appeals to kids' senses of fun, simplicity and the need for fast results. It teaches an simple fix to a big problem that help kids learn that big problems can be faced with a little ingenuity.
  • Children's board games. Are they boring?  By : Rachel Harding
    Looking at the merits of board games for todays children.
  • The Gift of Believing  By : Karen Talavera
    A mother's joy of her 10-year-old daughter's continuing and unwavering belief in Santa Claus
  • Your Household is a Business!  By : Jim DeSantis
    Budgeting and personal finances are my favorite topics. It wasn't always that way but, once I realized that our household was not being run based on profit and loss principles, my whole attitude changed and the money started accumulating in our bank account.
  • Top 5 Tips For An Enjoyable Christmas  By : wendy hearn
    Christmas is a time when we want to experience love, joy and peace, but for many people it�s an extremely difficult and stressful time. On the one hand, you look forward to enjoying Christmas and on the other hand, you dread what it�s really going to be like. However, Christmas can be enjoyable and these are my top 5 tips to have the Christmas you want and be more your unique self this year.
  • Be Prepared with a Will  By : Pete Glocker
    This article gives a basic insight to prepare a will.
  • 12 Christmas Love Quotes to Celebrate the Holiday Season  By : Noel Jameson
    Sleigh bells ring in the air and tinsel is on the trees -- it's Christmas time again. But have we forgotten the true meaning of this holiday? Let these 12 Christmas love quotes remind us of what we are celebrating at this special time of year.
  • Be a Food Shopping Organizer  By : Pat Brill
    Have you ever gone shopping and then at home you realized that you forgot something. This happens ever day by thousands of people so you are not alone. Did you forget to take your coupons or didn't give them to the cashier at checkout? It's now time to focus your organizational skills on your grocery shopping and keep the money in your pocket. Here are ideas to support you on this road.
  • The True Spirit of Christmas  By : Helene Rothschild
    Ho! Ho! Ho! Is that what the holiday feels like to you? Or are you burdened and stressed with so much to do? Enjoying the holiday, and feeling and sharing love and peace is what it is all about. I suggest that you sit down, close your eyes, and ask yourself what is the true spirit of Christmas. You may be surprised of the answer you receive.
  • How to Enjoy a Balanced Holiday  By : Grace Durfee
    The holiday season can be filled with joy, festivities, and connection, or it can be a time of stress. This artcile provides seven steps that can help you celebreate a more balanced, joyful holiday.

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