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  • How To Make Your Night Party Memorable  By :
    Night parties are quite different from the regular day parties. Apart from the cool, dark and starry skies, colorful themes, decorations and games in the dark give unique feel to night parties. By conducting a party at night, one can take advantage of all the above said aspects but only when they are taken care of in the right way.
  • Different Occasions in Which Glow Sticks Are Used  By :
    Glow sticks are amazing party accessories which bring life to the party. They lift up the spirits of the party, bringing in more fun and entertainment. These hand-outs stand up to their name, adding glow to various kinds of celebrations, festivals and events.
  • Organizing a Kids Party? - Know How to Keep Them Entertained  By :
    Organizing a party for kids requires little extra care as it involves a whole lot of kids. As kids get easily bored, their needs and wants are to be considered while conducting the party. Though their tastes differ widely from adults, their preferences are few and are very interesting, making it an easy task to entertain them.
  • Perfect Party Lighting – Tips to Make Your Party Sparkle  By :
    Party lighting has great significance in decoration of the venue, especially during evenings. Whether it is a small birthday celebration or a big wedding event, perfect lighting can enhance the beauty of the venue significantly. Good knowledge of lighting with a simple touch of creativity is what all required to make an impressive party lighting.
  • Glow Sticks Add Fun and Safety to Various Outdoor Activities  By :
    Glow sticks are often considered as great sources of light for various outdoor activities. Features like light weight, ease in use, durability, cost effectiveness, efficient and varied lighting make them excellent sources of lighting in outdoor activities.
  • Understanding Different Glow Items  By :
    Want to glow in the dark and be special in nighttime events and celebrations? Then, go for elegant glow products. They bring more fun and entertainment to these events. People of all ages including kids, teens and adults love to use various glow items.
  • How to use Glow Sticks As Decorations for Parties  By :
    Glow sticks are one of the most popular play items. They also add up to be captivating decorative pieces for parties. Especially in night parties, they bring a positive feel and excitement.
  • Why Glow Sticks are Very Popular in Night Parties  By :
    Glow Sticks and night parties are almost made for each other. Missing the aura of glow sticks can only make a party scene sombre. Hence, to add a vibrant feel to your night parties never dare to miss out on these catchy items. The party mood is kept intact with the glow lights making everyone go rave in the parties.
  • Divas, They're Just Like You and Me  By : David Desmond
    Do you demand only the finest 1000 thread count Egyptian Cotton sheets or require that your bath be drawn only with bottled spring water? Do you insist that your coffee be stirred only counter‐clockwise? If so, then, like many celebrities, you're a diva. Are you surprised to learn that you don't need to be famous to be a diva? Don't be, because divas, they're just like you and me.
  • Hi Ho, Hi Ho  By : jgraf
    Hebert Flabeau goes to work - an off the wall excursion.
  • Digital Vaporizer: A Great Value for Buck  By : ashu
    Thanks to science for devices like vaporizers which brought about revolution in the smoking world. A vaporizer as a boon of science is no toy but a device with luck for those who want to abstain from the traditional smoking of pipe or cigarette.
  • Ig Nobel Prizes: Funniest Science Achievements  By : Rajesh Kumar
    Here you can read about some of the most unnecessary researches that were awarded the Ig Nobel Prize.
  • How to Make Believe that Logic is Impossible  By : Rammy Johnson
    Understand more about the uncanny and the strange facts that accompany everyday living. Browse through and smile.
  • “Computer jokes can easily create laughter among the crowd”  By : Rahul Roy
    Unlike the word “Computer”, jokes regarding it are also famous in the same ratio around the whole world. People like and enjoy reading and listening jokes about the equipment they use most of the time.
  • Sure, girls are cool.. but I so don't wanna be one.  By : Craig Harper
    I gotta tell ya girls, I've given it some serious thought and I really think that, as a gender... you're missin' out.
    Being a bloke.... waaaay more fun.
    No doubt.
  • Wondering as what kind of jokes are bar jokes?  By : Rahul Roy
    Among the funny jokes to crack, most of the people prefer to choose the bar jokes. In fact, bar jokes are those in which a drunkard’s funny side is taken into consideration to make laughter. It may be associated with bar or drunk people.
  • Do We All Need More Humor?  By : Mario Carini
    Humor should be on the agenda of every working man, woman and unemployed. Here are some pointers to help you turn your life around and see it through rose colored glasses.
  • The Use of Videos and Humor  By : David T.
    Most people watch videos because they would like to be entertained and relaxed especially after a day filled with stress. Humorous videos are used mainly for the purpose of getting rid of stress in order to make a full recovery.
  • It is fun to crack a joke regarding old age and retirement  By : Rahul Roy
    It is fun to crack a joke regarding old age and retirement within the same circle. They enjoy being in fun about their old age and retirement. Retirement jokes may be of great help to revive the interests of other listeners.
  • Chick Issues: Dealing and Counter Dealing With A Female Partner  By : Sharon Gerad
    Get inside data on the reasons behind why wives treat their husbands the way that they do. Read and laugh.
  • Factors Influencing The Impact Of Humor In Persuasion  By : Kurt Mortensen
    Humor’s effectiveness will always ride the emotional tides of your audience members. How well a joke goes over may depend on whose company your prospects are in, whether they are winding down for the day or still up against deadlines or other workplace pressures, whether they are awake and alert or feeling drowsy, whether they have a headache, etc. Always be in tune with how your audience is feeling and always assess the atmosphere you’re in to determine whether it is conduci...
  • Evil Genius  By : Catherine Jinks
    Cadel Piggott was just seven years old when he first met Thaddeus Roth.

    Dr. Roth worked in a row house near Sydney Harbor. The house was three stories high, its garden shrouded by a great many damp, dark trees. There was moss growing on its sandstone window ledges. Curtains drawn across all its windows gave it a secretive air. Its front fence was made of iron, with a spike on top of each post; beside the creaking gate was a brass sign bearing Dr. Roth’s name and qualifications.
  • Birthday Poems to Irritate Men!  By : Mark Mitchell
    Ladies; cherry-pick an appropriate rhyme from this collection, change the name to that of the man of your choice, then send it to him in a Birthday card or email. Some are sweet but some are downright insulting, so choose carefully!
  • Women Are From Where?  By : Tim Knox
    A remote control in the hands of a woman is a dangerous thing, especially when it's her man she's trying to change.
  • Who Cracked My Crystal Ball?  By : Tim Knox
    Predictons for the new year as foretold over a beer and Polish sausage sandwich
  • When Great Minds Meet  By : Tim Knox
    When the richest man in America meets the world's greatest Elvis impersonator, you know only good things could come of it. Could 'Don't Be Cruel' really become Microsoft's new theme song?
  • What's my mama gonna say?  By : Tim Knox
    I know you're going to find this hard to believe, but I, Tim Knox, am a sexist pig. Sorry, mama. I had no idea.
  • Thingamabobs And Whatchamadigits  By : Tim Knox
    My daughter cornered me the other night, wanting to know about the birds and bees. Actually, she wanted to know what "sectional misconduct" was.
  • The Unsinkable Tim Knox  By : Tim Knox
    I call them 'Ti-taniacs.' They look perfectly normal at first, but eventually they will ask, 'Have you seen 'Titanic' yet? That's when their dimentia rolls to the surface and the all-out assault begins
  • The Tax Man Cometh  By : Tim Knox
    Someone once said the only things in life that are certain are death and taxes I think the only difference between the two is that death claims you just once, but taxes can kill you every year.
  • The Tanya Factor  By : Tim Knox
    Is it me or are the '98 Winter Olympics about as exciting as watching old people speedwalk at the mall? What's missing this year? Could be The Tanya Factor
  • The Smarter White Meat  By : Tim Knox
    A college professor at Penn State is trying to teach pigs to communicate using computers. I think this guy is one pork rind short of a full bag. Who wants to get email from a pig?
  • The Sky Is Falling  By : Tim Knox
    When you turn on the TV and learn that a giant, killer asteroid is headed your way, you have to ask yourself certain questions. Like, should I have that second bowl of Crispy Hexagons or just stop at one?
  • The Religion Of Football  By : Tim Knox
    Here in Alabama, there are three kinds of people: Crimson Tide fans, War Eagle fans, and atheists.
  • The Real McCaugheys  By : Tim Knox
    They sing, they dance, they drive the kids wild. But how best to describe the Teletubbies to the uninitiated? Imagine this: if Pink Floyd produced a half-hour show for kids, this would be it. And you would enjoy it immensely.
  • The New Fab Four  By : Tim Knox
    They sing, they dance, they drive the kids wild. But how best to describe the Teletubbies to the uninitiated? Imagine this: if Pink Floyd produced a half-hour show for kids, this would be it. And you would enjoy it immensely.
  • The Intelligent Diaper  By : Tim Knox
    I believe it was Frank Zappa who said, "Necessity is the mother of invention," which means that if there is a need for something, sooner or later, someone will invent it. And then Microsoft will rip it off.
  • The Four Letters Between PG & R  By : Tim Knox
    When you're a kid, there are certain words you dare not say. Swear words, my mother called them, cuss words. Today, my kids call them "daddy words." You can probably figure out why.
  • The Dust Settles On Miss America  By : Tim Knox
    The Miss America Pageant is taking its last breath. Will the mourners have to wear swimsuits to the funeral, or will evening gowns be enough?
  • Staying Alive  By : Tim Knox
    If someone offered you a pill that would add 50 years to your life, would you take it? Not me. At least not until I found out who'd be footing the bill for all that extra life.
  • St. Viagra's Dance  By : Tim Knox
    The impotency drug Viagra has every old person I know talking about having sex again. All I have to say is, 'Folks, please, not in front of the children!
  • Sometimes Life Just Ain't Funny  By : Tim Knox
    Alabama weather is about as predictable as watching The Jerry Springer Show. You know something's going to happen, you're just not sure what it will be.
  • Some People Will Eat Anything  By : Tim Knox
    Most people are like Mikey, the old Life cereal kid. We are nondiscriminating carnivores who will eat anything -- especially if it can be made to taste like chicken
  • Some Guys Have All The Luck  By : Tim Knox
    Recent studies claim that the less educated you are, the more sex you have, and the more sex you have, the longer you'll live. Sure gives new meaning to "Live long and prosper!"
  • Smoke 'em If You Can Afford 'em  By : Tim Knox
    What's the difference between a $30 cigar and one that costs fifty cents. The answer begins with cow poop.
  • Show Me The Money  By : Tim Knox
    The stock market could crash like a circus fat lady falling over a lawn chair and it wouldn't affect me in the least. All my money's tied up in bills; electric bill, phone bill, Visa bill etc.
  • Pick On Somebody Your Own Size  By : Tim Knox
    Mattel's redesigning Barbie to make her more realistic. Imagine Christy Brinkley going in, David Brinkley.
  • No Sale Like A Yardsale  By : Tim Knox
    Remember, it's not how much you spend at a yardsale, but how much you talk them down
  • If You Clone A Schizophrenic  By : Tim Knox
    Scientists have successfully cloned a sheep and a cow. What's next? Dogs? Cats? Professional wrestlers? Me? And if you clone a schizophrenic, how many people do you get?
  • I Was Rooting For  By : Tim Knox
    Who was I rooting for in the Iron Bowl? Sorry, if I tell you, I'll have to kill you

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