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  • Checklist before placing an online ad for your product  By : Ad Speed
    Creating a great product is only half the battle, the other half is being able to reach your target audience and create some interest in what you have to offer. Naturally, you will need to advertise your product as effectively as possible to get the results you envision.
  • What SAP workflow training means actually?  By : Haq Nawaz
    The fundamental idea of SAP workflow training is to create the collection of regulations that ensure the chain which the process takes. In an SAP audit the two primary areas of concern are security and data integrity. The SAP system is a corporate system of record. So for a company it will be of immense help if there is a single system for processing, compiling, approving and posting documents.
  • How is SAP security training important?  By : Haq Nawaz
    SAP security training is a highly demanded auditing system of a computer, learning which will set you at a great extent ahead from the rest in nowadays competitive market. Every businessman owns his set of private and confidential data related to the company.When a SAP security is being set up, the paramount features which must always be kept in mind are segregating the duties and access controls, thorough profile design, avoiding redundant user ID�s and super user access.
  • Understanding SAP Business Objects  By : Haq Nawaz
    Business objects are the subject matter of SAP Business Objects. The programming and technology both are based on the very precise idea of �business objects�. By this, the program means the objects that are related to the world of business in real life.
  • Understanding Perks of SAP Training Online  By : Haq Nawaz
    The big organizations often work with many different sorts of software at the same time. Each of the software is a complete system and concerned with one department only. The business as a whole body works with all of the software but the issue of working them all in tandem remains crucial for the organization.
  • Can You Find Accurate and Reliable Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Directory  By : Linda Crowford
    Reverse cell phone lookup is a very useful online directory that gives you owner�s details for any fixed or cell phone number instantly.
  • Important Features and Major Components of Mainframe Architecture  By : Williams J Peterson
    Mainframes are equipped with many powerful components to store huge data sets and perform complex and high volume business operations accurately and quickly. In this article, let us discuss about mainframe architecture, its features and components.
  • Benefits of CICS for Your Organization's Mainframe Transactions  By : Williams J Peterson
    Big organizations in various industries like finance, healthcare, government sector, etc. depend on mainframe systems in their day-to-day operations as mainframe systems handle and manage high volume transactions securely and efficiently. Thanks to transaction subsystems present in mainframes like CICS.
  • Basic Requirements of Mainframe Systems You Need to Know While Installing  By : Williams J Peterson
    Mainframes are often referred to as "Big Iron". Mainframes play an important role in big organizations. They process huge data sets and store very large quantity of data. They perform numerous tasks and handle multiple users at a same time. If you are planning for mainframe systems in your organization, then it is important that you understand the basic requirements while installing. These include operating systems, space, power, etc.
  • z/OS - A Secured Operating System for Mainframe Systems  By : Williams J Peterson
    Mainframes are generally used by big organizations that have abundant data - confidential information, business logic, etc. It is very essential for an organization to secure such data and z/OS fulfills this need. It provides security at various levels like at data sets, programs, operator commands and programs that are ready to execute.
  • Enterprise Bandwidth Vs Home Bandwidth  By : Henry Stevenson
    Bandwidth is a very important requirement to ensure good application performance � the higher the better, in general. But one has to remember that throwing bandwidth when there is a response time issue is not always the right thing to do.
  • AIX PGP Encryption  By : Williams J Peterson
    McAfee e-Business Server is a suite of products, which encrypts the corporate data to protect it during transaction processing, file transfers or while at rest. The industry standard PGP encryption of e-Business Server helps to safeguard the confidential information during its exchange with remote offices, vendors or business partners. Simple commands are used for the data encryption and that helps keeping the errors to the minimum and the maintenance of data is thus reduced.
  • Cryptography on Mainframe Systems  By : Williams J Peterson
    Mainframe system stores critical information of an organization; it communicates and coordinates with numerous devices that are connected to it in a network. Sensitive data of an organization stored in mainframe and flowing to and from it is in danger of external hackers and possibly few disloyal insiders. Under such situations, sharing critical data becomes a big challenge in any organization.
  • How Open System Adapter Express (OSA-E) Secures Your Organization from Network Security Threats?  By : Williams J Peterson
    Secure data sharing over an enterprise network is a constant challenge for organizations as it involves dealing with many potential threats during data transfers. If any critical or confidential data is stolen or misplaced while sharing, it can cost a fortune for an organization to cope up with it. So, organizations should be aware of the threats associated with the data transfers over the network and the countermeasures in order to secure the data.
  • Blink of an Eye  By : Henry Stevenson
    It was only a few years ago that a 2-second response time was considered great. The highly competitive Internet world (and possibly the high frequency trading in Wall Street) has changed all that. The blink of an eye normally takes 300 � 400 milliseconds. Human beings can easily perceive time of a couple of one-hundred milliseconds. Google says users will visit a site less often if it is 250 ms (1/4 sec) slower than its competitor.
  • Simple Tips on How to Write Articles or Blogs for Your Website  By : Nancy R Jones
    Do you have a website? If yes, you can make the best use of it by writing blogs or articles on topics related to your area of expertise. One great advantage of writing for website is that you can build a position of authority in your field and gain recognition for enhancing your knowledge and experience with respect to the topics you cover in your website.
  • What Causes Website Downtime, How It Manifests, and How You Can Prevent It  By : Davis J Martin
    Website downtime is the nemesis of any profitable online entity. Every minute of downtime equates to lost profits and lost customer confidence. While most website owners realize the impact that downtime can have on their site, they aren't sure what to do about it or how to avoid it. Some may not even realize what exactly is causing their site to experience the issues that it may be having, nor do they understand that there is something they can do to minimize potential damage.
  • How Much Difference Does SEO Make for Your Website?  By : Nancy R Jones
    Generally, those who don't use SEO ask this question; for those who deploy SEO also this question may occasionally pop up in their mind. A professional SEO service provider can make a big difference in the success of your website. SEO is an effective way to get your website rank on the search engine result pages (SERPs). Websites that are optimized to be search engine friendly for the main search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing are the ones that will get noticed by your potential customers.
  • Mainframe FTP  By : Williams J Peterson
    File Transfer Protocol is a standard network protocol, which is used for transferring files between two hosts in a TCP/IP-based network. It is widely available across popular platforms like z/OS, UNIX, Windows, Linux etc. Although there are many security issues of FTP on z/OS, there are ways to handle these issues to make it a secure resource for Mainframe.
  • Encryption Basics  By : Williams J Peterson
    Encryption is a privacy scheme to convert plain text into a non-readable form, called cypher-text, which cannot be understood by the unauthorized users. When the intended user converts the message to its original plain text form to make it understandable, that mechanism is called decryption.
  • 5 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid While Writing for Your Business  By : Nancy R Jones
    Blogging today has become a crucial Internet Marketing Stratergy for many business. Internet users are interested in doing business with websites that educate and inform them. Even search engines give importance to websites that offer good content to the visitors. In spite of knowing the benefits of blogging, many businesses fail to keep up with the standards of blogging and tend to make mistakes while writing for their blog.
  • APM User Groups  By : Henry Stevenson
    A good sign that any technology industry is thriving is the online presence of various user groups with similar interests. Application Performance Management (APM) is one such field where we can see a lot of user groups. In this article, we will look at various APM related user groups on LinkedIn and their dynamics.
  • Why Your Small Business Website Should Have a Blog?  By : Kerry K Robinson
    Many small business owners think that promoting and branding their business will cost them huge amount. They generally are weak in finances and look for cheaper alternatives that can make a huge impact. Maintaining a good website with a decent blog is one such alternative that helps small business promote their businesses cost-effectively.
  • Z/OS SFTP  By : Williams J Peterson
    The core of z/OS, also referred as Multiple Virtual Storage (MVS) basically operates in two environments � Time Sharing Option (TSO), which is used for interactive computing and Job Entry System (JES), which is used for Batch processing. In z/OS environment both MVS datasets and UNIX System Services (USS) files are transferred through FTP. To deal with the incompatibility between these two files MVS datasets are presented as logical volumes to UNIX System Services.
  • FTP to Mainframe  By : Williams J Peterson
    FTP or File Transfer Protocol, is a standard architecture to transfer files in a TCP-based network on various platforms including z/OS, Unix, AS/400 and Windows. As on any other platform the common Mainframe FTP features are -
  • Mainframe Software  By : Williams J Peterson
    The Enterprises working with mainframe systems should have a comprehensive list of the mainframe software available in the market to meet specific needs. Following is a short list of software used in the mainframe environment for serving various purposes:
  • Mainframe REXX  By : Williams J Peterson
    The Base Control Program (BCP) or MVS is the z/OS base element, which provides essential operating system services to the mainframe users. Time Sharing Option (TSO), Interactive System Productivity Facility (ISPF) and System Display and Search Facility (SDSF) are few of the commonly available mainframe services.
  • Mainframe Security  By :
    For several decades mainframe is being vastly used in many public and private Organizations to hold business critical data. Banks, insurance companies, government entities and credit card companies are few of them. The important mainframe features in this regard are reliability, serviceability, scalability, performance and last but not the least security. To protect millions of daily transactions, the utilization of security features has to be strictly administered.
  • Securing Mainframe FTP  By :
    File Transfer Protocol (FTP), built on client-server architecture, is a standard method for transferring files between hosts over a TCP-based network on different platforms as Unix, Z/OS, AS/400, Windows etc.
  • Mainframe Encryption  By :
    Increasing security threats leave the unprotected critical data within a mainframe environment vulnerable to security breaches. To avoid these security attacks the stored as well as the transmitted data to and from the mainframe must be protected. Data Encryption, as a solution to this problem, provides privacy and integrity of sensitive data and compliance to government regulations.
  • What is OSA Express?  By :
    OSA Express is a family of adapters, which provides direct mainframe-to-network attachment. The clients on the Local Area Networks (LANs) use this integrated hardware feature for direct connections. In ATM, Gigabit Ethernet (GbE), Fast Ethernet (FENET) and Token Ring(TR) LAN connection the OSA Express features are available.
  • Overview of Latest Features for IBM Ported Tools  By :
    IBM Ported Tools for z/OS is a program product to deliver applications and tools for z/OS platform and it is supported on z/OS 1.10 and above. OpenSSH is a ported application provided by IBM Ported Tools for z/OS and it provides secure encryption for both remote login and file transfer.
  • Mainframe SFTP � Overcome Inherent FTP Shortcomings  By :
    Interactive computing using the Time Sharing Option (TSO), Batch processing using the Job Entry System (JES) and controlling programs written in Job Control Language (JCL) and UNIX System Services (USS) � the POSIX compatible environment are the three operational environments of z/OS.
  • What is Enterprise Extender?  By :
    IBM's Enterprise Extender Technology (EE) is a simple set of extensions to the existing High Performance Routing (HPR) technology used for encapsulating SNA traffic over IP networks. It's a standard created by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and APPN Implementers' Workshop (AIW).
  • Encrypting Data at Rest  By :
    Every enterprise must be concerned about data security whether or not it is data in motion, data in use, or data at rest. The attack on New York City�s twin towers on September 11, 2001 ushered in a whole slew of national and international data security laws and regulations designed to force companies to initiate data security measures.
  • Popular Methods Used to Determine the Capacity of Mainframes  By :
    Managing the capacity of mainframe computers plays an important role in controlling the system expense of any company. Decreasing CPU/MIPS/MSU consumption can lower costs. Many of IBM and ISV software licensing charges are connected to peak capacity or to a rolling four-hour average of consumed processing capacity. Today determining the capacity of a mainframe is done several different ways.
  • History and Applications of Mainframe Computers  By :
    Mainframes are serving many large-scale businesses across the globe by performing mission-critical and complex tasks. Many companies in various industries, including banking, insurance, healthcare, telecom, and others, rely on mainframes for their day-to-day operations. They rely on mainframes because they are secure and efficient systems that can process huge volumes of data.
  • APM Strategy  By :
    Every company needs an Application Performance Management (APM) strategy to ensure that business critical applications always meet or exceed business goals for which they were deployed. Companies could be at various maturity levels in this aspect � ranging from no strategy and reactive posturing to fully articulated APM strategy and a very proactive stance. In this article, let us examine some key elements of a sound APM strategy.
  • Differentiating Mainframes from Personal Computers  By :
    Mainframes, large and powerful computing devices, have some similarities to personal computers (PCs), but they also differ in some extremely significant ways. Comparing mainframes with PCs will help us understand the real power of mainframe computers.
  • All You Need to Know About Mainframe Operating Systems  By :
    Mainframe operating systems are sophisticated products designed to provide a comprehensive and diverse application-execution environment. They make efficient use of system's various resources to effectively process huge amounts of data. They are designed to do highly complex enterprise-level operations easily. They also manage heavy-duty hardware infrastructure efficiently.
  • Effective Places to Spend Your Online Promotional Dollars  By :
    Internet marketing is gaining popularity in recent years as more and more businesses are investing money on online promotion. According to a Nielsen report, online ad spend grew by 24% in 2011 over 2010. As per Zenith Optimedia, global ad spend will overtake newspaper expenditure by 2013 and by 2015, it will exceed the combined expenditure of newspapers and magazines.
  • Cloud-based WAN Optimization  By :
    There is an unmistakable industry trend to offer every IT function in the cloud, if at all possible. WAN Optimization (WANO) is no exception. WANO is used to mitigate the effects of a WAN (low bandwidth, latency, and packet loss) to get improved application performance (fast end-user response time) and also to reduce the bandwidth consumption itself.
  • Features that Make Modern Mainframe Computers Stand Out  By :
    Numerous computing technologies have emerged since the invention of mainframe computers. But the demand for mainframes continues because of their RAS (Reliability, Availability and Serviceability). They are used extensively to perform critical operations in the world's largest corporations and in governments across the globe.
  • History and Components of a Modern Mainframe Computer  By :
    Mainframe computers are crucial for some of the largest corporations in the world. Each mainframe has more than one modern processor, RAM ranging from a few megabytes to several-score gigabytes, and disk space and other storage beyond anything on a microcomputer. A mainframe can control multiple tasks and serve thousands of users every second without downtime.
  • Know the Importance of Quality Link Building for Your Website  By :
    Link building is one of the effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies. It is crucial in determining the rankings of your website. The process of link building involves creating helpful and informational content which naturally attracts other websites to get linked to your website. The links thus formed are 'inbound' or 'back-links'. The credibility of the website providing back-link and its relevancy to your business, determines the quality of the link.
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Mainframe Computing  By :
    Mainframe computers perform complex and critical computing in large corporations and governments across the world. Mainframe machines are fast, smart, and capable of the advanced computing necessary to our generation of corporate IT infrastructure and business goals.
  • Planning to Leverage the Benefits Offered by Online Advertising? Know the Basics  By :
    Online advertising is getting more popular. Businesses are increasingly using online advertising to gain potential customers. Though, there are various channels to promote a business, many business owners prefer online advertising as people today are turning to Internet to get information and purchase products and services.
  • Ideal Characteristics of a Good Mainframe Network Monitor  By :
    Timely and comprehensive monitoring is crucial for mainframe management. When mainframe network monitoring happens in real time, it is easier to track any network problems and fix them before they turn into outages.
  • What Are the Mistakes to Avoid in a Logo Design?  By : Jarkko
    A log may seem very simple to look at but designing a log is a daunting task and requires the patience and skill of an experienced designer. The function of a logo is representing companies brand(s) or identity and it is designed specifically for customer recognition.
  • E-Mail Marketing - Factors that Enable Effective Implementation  By :
    The objective of marketing is to reach potential customers and win them to the advantage of your business. Email marketing is an important aspect of the Internet marketing plan. Let us discuss the factors that make email communication more effective.

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