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  • What Makes You Want to Pray?  By : Jennifer Urezzio
    I know how powerful prayer and conversation with the Divine can be to help us collaborate and create with Universal good to receive our heart�s desire. And, I also know that I have prayed as a victim and from a place of lack rather than a place of knowing that the Divine hears my conversation and all the quantum particles are moving into action to create the answer to my prayers (or something much bigger and better). So let�s see if you can create a more powerful prayer practice.
  • Are You Spiritually Depressed?  By : Jennifer Urezzio
    When you feel really disconnected and you are spiritual depressed, your life force is lowered. Low life force means that you don�t focus on creating the life you desire. You are just focusing on getting through the day.
  • 5 Practices to Staying Connected while Living Your Life  By : Jennifer Urezzio
    The question I receive most often from people is, �How do I stay connected and conscious in my everyday life?� My answer is simple and complex � it�s a practice.
  • You Have A Choice  By : Jennifer Urezzio
    Consciousness only truly shifts when your behaviors have changed based on your new level of consciousness. Meaning, you are taking action on the truth. Some of us call this embodiment. You might know that you have a choice, and yet, your thoughts and actions are saying something different to yourself, the Divine and Universal forces.
  • Staying Connected  By : Jennifer Urezzio
    Staying connected in everyday life is a practice. It requires you to be aware and conscious of when you are unconnected and then having the strength to make a new choice. I want to make it clear that you aren�t weak if you make a choice based on pattern and programming. It just takes an amount of courage to leap out into the unknown. And sometimes it takes more than one leap.
  • How To Heal Your Heartbreak  By : Jennifer Urezzio
    So recently, I put my stake out in the ground and took a big chance. I fell in love (fully and completely). And, what was so unique about this relationship was that for the first time, I had a vision of all that it could be and what was totally possible between me and this person. Living my life as an intuitive this has never happened to me before. So I just let go and stepped out in a big, big way.
  • Seven Success Secrets that Marion Bartoli Can Teach You to Achieve More Success in Your Life!  By : Ed Sykes
    Success is sometimes a long and winding journey. Many times you need to overcome the barriers that block you and naysayers who doubt you. Sometimes you need to fight though your own self-doubts to achieve success in your life.

    Marion Bartoli, the women's winner of the Wimbledon Championship, had to take a long and winding journey to overcome many barriers, naysayers and self-doubts to achieve to reach the pinnacle of the professional tennis world and become a champion.
  • Expeditions in Faith - Don't Believe The Hype  By : Jennifer Urezzio
    You can get distracted from your truth and your connection by both the high and the low. The key is to keep turning toward your truth. Keep tuning into your connection. Keep choosing to be closer to the Divine (and I really don't mean to sound preachy here).
  • Today You Are One With The Universe  By : Jennifer Urezzio
    Caren and I have been working on The Keys of Grace affirmation deck for over a year. The last couple of months have been the production phase of the effort and we have gone through several sample decks with the graphic designer. The deck I use on a daily basis is in a beautiful red leather folder on my desk. What has been happening lately is when I open a draw or a file in my office and out pops one of the many prototype cards that I have. They are so beautiful and so dear to me that I don't throw any of the earlier editions out.
  • Expeditions in Faith - Willing to Stand Still  By : Jennifer Urezzio
    Why are we so afraid to be in the stillness? Why are we so afraid just to pause and stop doing? What lies are we believing about the stillness? What are we afraid to hear? Part of it, I believe, is that we are afraid to allow the Divine more into our hearts. Our minds are afraid of what that means. Another part, I believe, is that we are afraid to listen to what we truly want and desire for fear that it won't come true.
  • Expeditions in Faith - Practice Doesn't Make Perfect  By : Jennifer Urezzio
    What do you really want out of your life? List out all of those things that you want to be different. What do those things all have in common? Here are a couple of common themes: not enough, trust issues, fear of failure, and judgment.
  • Why I Want To Know Pink's Soul Languages  By : Jennifer Urezzio
    Every time I turn on the radio, Pink comes out loud and clear. Now, I know a sign from the Divine when I hear one. Music has always been a way I hear the Divine. I believe this woman writes and sings from her Soul. She has this ability to put into words my fears, my hopes and dreams. She�s also a kick-ass, no-prisoner, and compassionate mama.
  • Making Yourself Do The Things You Don't Want To Do  By : Roseanna Leaton
    Sometimes you have to learn to think and focus in a slightly different manner to be able to get motivated. Hypnosis could just be the tool that gets you on the fast track to doing what you want in life.
  • Expeditions in Faith: Your Purpose is Your Challenge  By : Jennifer Urezzio
    What's your great challenge in life? What is that theme that has run through most of your life? Some great challenges are: not enough, fear of failure, trust issues and speaking your truth.
  • Expeditions in Faith: Are You Being Open?  By : Jennifer Urezzio
    What do you really desire and why? What prevents us from receiving it? And, why are we always trying to fix ourselves? What if you just let yourself be more open to being connected, lead and loved? How would that change how you feel each day? And, how would that change your life?
  • Expeditions in Faith: Do you believe that the Divine only loves you when you get what you want?  By : Jennifer Urezzio
    We are very complex creatures. If you have ever seen the Matrix (and if you haven't, please watch it, big metaphysical movie), there is a scene where Morpheus offers Neo the choice of two different pills: blue, you go back to the Matrix and forget about your new awareness, and red, you become aware, very, very aware.
  • Expeditions in Faith: Easing Spiritual Leadership Confusion  By : Jennifer Urezzio
    Have you ever purchased a new car? So many decisions to make: type, color, size, etc. Most of the time we don't place any attachment to those types of decisions. We can look at it from the point of view of what supports us and our community. (In the case of the car, your family.)

    The exact opposite can be true about defining or deciding what type of (spiritual) leader you wish to BE! Almost immediately come the comparisons, the fears and the judgments.
  • Expeditions In Faith: Being Conscious In Creation  By : Jennifer Urezzio
    Every moment of everyday you are creating something. Often we weigh ourselves down in what we aren't: not good enough, unclear, not loved, etc.
    What if you viewed the world (just a little more) as if you are an artist and you're painting your way through your day and your life?
  • Expeditions in Faith - Being Conscious in Being You  By : Jennifer Urezzio
    The new year, just like a clear white piece of paper, holds so much promise. What I have done in the past is try and "do" more in the New Year - I figure that will give me peace, make me happy, and allow me to feel fulfilled -- WRONG! It's the being that allows you to experience the Divinity of your Soul. I suggest you connect with your Soul Language Team by "seeing" them sitting across from you and ask the following questions...
  • Expeditions in Faith: Being Conscious in Enough  By : Jennifer Urezzio
    Every day, the Divine finds ways to remind me that I'm loved and enough. The latest was a pamphlet that was on the ground of the supermarket -- God Loves You!
  • Expeditions in Faith: Being Conscious in Doubt  By : Jennifer Urezzio
    Doubt and fear are a part of the human experience. "Thinking" that you won't be in doubt and fear again is, well, unproductive. It happens and that is OK. Often we need to see it and feel it to totally understand a concept. It is understanding that doubt and fear are not the essence of who you are. It is understanding the choice you get to make.
  • Expeditions in Faith - Being Conscious in Non-Attachment  By : Jennifer Urezzio
    Humans tend to be attached to a lot of "things." We tend to utilize these things, people and situations to ground us to the planet, to create our value and to experience love. And yet, attachment can create the illusion that you are not one with the Divine.
  • Expeditions in Faith: Being Conscious in Being Human  By : Jennifer Urezzio
    In this spiritual journey and in my desire to be closer to the Divine, I can forget, and judge that I'm human. This denial of a part of my existence creates a separation between me and the Divine. And what happens when we feel separate from the Divine? We move into the unconscious use of our Languages and we create pain and struggle. Sound familiar to anyone?
  • Expeditions in Faith Being Conscious In Your Worth  By : Jennifer Urezzio
    Feelings of unworthiness are often accompanied with feelings of shame. Often, we know the truth deep down inside of us, that we are enough, and yet we sometimes can be a dominated by our patterns and experiences (especially painful experiences).
  • Expeditions in Faith - Being Conscious That Life Is Sweet  By : Jennifer Urezzio
    I don't know about you, but when I am experiencing a painful situation, some of the things that go through my head (not my Soul or mind) are ...
  • What Is A Spiritual Platform? And �Should� You Be Compensated For It?  By : Jennifer Urezzio
    I love words and language. Often words have several meanings and serve several purposes. So let�s break down what I mean by �Spiritual Platform.�
  • Expeditions in Faith: Being Consciousness About Control  By : Jennifer Urezzio
    The structure of control gives humans the illusion that we are safe. The only way we can truly feel safe is from the inside out. If you don't feel safe internally, then you will always be looking over your shoulder or be on the look out for the falling anvil.
  • Expeditions in Faith: Being Consciousness in Getting It Wrong  By : Jennifer Urezzio
    So you made a decision to take a step, followed the Divine and YOU FEEL like it was a mistake, failure or you simply lost your way. Maybe your perception gets to be widen in this situation.
  • How To Temper A Passion For Perfection  By : Roseanna Leaton
    Being a perfectionist is usually a very good thing. Sometimes however perfectionism can get in a persons way and stop them from even attempting to do things.
  • Expeditions in Faith - Being Consciousness in Finding Your Way  By : Jennifer Urezzio
    How much pressure do we put on ourselves to "make the right decision?" Well, if you are like me, I believe I'm Atlas.
  • Expeditions in Faith - Being Comfortable with Sitting in Limbo  By : Jennifer Urezzio
    What are you afraid in being in the unknown? What is a characteristic of faith that I can activate inside of me to help me feel safe in the unknown?
  • How To Best Develop Your Character And Build Confidence  By : Roseanna Leaton
    Having a strong character is synonymous with winning and succeeding in life. This involves a high degree of self-awareness and a strong self-belief. Hypnosis can help people to develop both these attributes.
  • Expeditions in Faith: Choosing Your Divinity  By : Jennifer Urezzio
    This is all about you making a choice to be one with the Divine and to experience your Divinity more in each experience of your life.
  • Expeditions in Faith - The Journey of Giving Birth  By : Jennifer Urezzio
    Consciously or unconsciously, right now, you are creating something and shortly will be giving birth to it! The more consciousness and awareness that you bring to that experience, I believe, the less you will struggle. When you are carrying a child, you are definitely aware that you are going to give birth, but what about a creative project or transformation?
  • Expeditions in Faith; Are You Ready To Experience That You Are Loved?  By : Jennifer Urezzio
    The Divine shows up in my life in ways that are in my face and some sneaky ways. I keep seeing messages, images and signs from the Divine that I AM LOVED. This photo on the curb outside the local Starbucks was the latest. Not the obvious place to "find" love.
  • Honesty, Trust and Faith�  By : Jennifer Urezzio
    How can you build trust in yourself and the Divine? I think it all goes back to the moment you feel that you "blew" your own trust. The moment that you made a free-will choice that crossed a Soul value for yourself.
  • Procrastination to Massive Action- 10 Tips to Establish a Record of Completions  By : Beth Tabak
    End procrastination and build a record of completions. To lead a fulfilling life get moving today one step at a time on the tasks that will make the greatest positive difference. Learn 10 tips to end this sabotaging behavior and create a new habit of achieving.
  • 3 Ways to Stop Giving  By : Jennifer Urezzio
    Why are you giving? Truly ask yourself this question. Are you giving to get? Are you giving to make yourself "feel better?" Are you giving because it is your Divine nature? There isn't a right or wrong answer here. There is an answer that will create a more conscious, sustainable and powerful life.
  • 3 Ways to Bring Good Cheer  By : Jennifer Urezzio
    I often want my life to play out like a holiday musical, where people just stop and suddenly burst into song. What I realized is that it can be like a holiday musical -- inside. When I'm in a bad, I can really create a lot of drama, confusion and misery (for myself). When I'm of "good cheer" well...I can create something out of nothing...My suggestion is that you carry this season into the rest of your year.
  • Radical Self Love Requires Radical Self Acceptance  By : Coach Ann
    To radically accept yourself, you must embrace and come to peace with all parts of you: the beautiful, the damaged, the powerful, the remorseful, and the divine. Radical self-acceptance means seeing yourself for all that you truly are - neither with rose-colored glasses nor with muddied glasses, but with a clean, clear accurate lens.
  • 3 Ways to Be Of Joyful Service  By : Jennifer Urezzio
    Are you a Master of Service? Do you feel a deep knowing you have a gift to offer the world that is needed? How do you give generously without attachment and give so everyone is served (including yourself)?
  • What You See in Others is Already Within�You  By : Coach Ann
    Have you ever admired someone and wished that you possessed some of the qualities that you saw in them? Maybe you admire their leadership qualities or how organized they are. Perhaps it's how well they relate to others or how spiritual and grounded they seem.
  • Why I Take Resistance Personally  By : Jennifer Urezzio
    Are you ready to really understand something big? Ready -- everything in our world is a reflection of a part of us. This is why I take resistance so personally. What I mean by personally is I'm talking about in regard to me not directed or i
  • Are You Putting Yourself Last?  By : Coach Ann
    Recently, I've noticed that far too many women that I know (including myself!) have a tendency to put ourselves last. We muster up the energy to wake up in the middle of the night to take care of the kids (or our beloved pet), stay late at the office to meet a deadline for the boss, or drop everything to support a friend in need (even when that same friend seems to "need" you all the time).
  • 3 Ways to Keep Your Commitment To Yourself  By : Jennifer Urezzio
    Our internal relationship is the material that we use to create our reality. If you are experiencing "commitment issues" in your outer world, the place to look to transform that is in your inner world.
  • 3 Ways To Be An Opportunist  By : Jennifer Urezzio
    On Sunday morning, with a deck full of leaves and no power, I sat to listen to the Divine and have myself a little conversation. I looked up to see this amazing creator (see grasshopper picture on the left). I�ve been seeing a lot of grasshoppers lately. On my car, on my deck, hopping out in front of me on a stone path. So I wanted to share the message of this beautiful creator with you.
  • The Number One Spiritual Road Block Is�  By : Jennifer Urezzio
    As you know, I�m a Teacher of Integrity (Axiom of Translation). I speak with a lot of leaders and healers. One of the statements that really frustrates this part of my Soul is the belief that because someone is in the spiritual field there is no need for new awarenesses.

    I have a coach and I have said��Well, everything feels really great today, so nothing pops into my head. Let me conduct a further check-in.� When I do that, my Soul always has something to say. �Let�s go deeper here. Let�s exp
  • The 5 Best Motivational Books That Will Change Your Life  By : Michael Lee
    I love reading books that inspire us to become more than who we are; and so far, I have come across some of the best motivational books you wouldn�t want to miss. These are some of my reviews of the most inspirational books out there.
  • 3 Ways To Trust  By : Jennifer Urezzio
    Trust! I often want to shake my fist at the Universe and say, �Isn�t there some sort of action I can do to move me through this difficult situation?� And of course the answer that comes back is trust in an action�an internal one that will generate external opportunities. Often when we are feeling like this building (photo), empty, hollow, and being torn down, that�s when trust is the crucial ingredient in our expansion and our creation.
  • 3 Ways To Dream With Awareness  By : Jennifer Urezzio
    How were you taught to create? Do you believe that you are the master creator of your own life? In The Four Agreements, Ruiz talks about dreaming with awareness. I call this creating with focus. What this means is using the foundational belief that you are creating your own life to create with true Soulful focus, instead of creating with blinders on or from fear. Love creates love. Fear creates fear.

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