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  • NLP Pacing And Leading Techniques Anyone Can Easily Do  By : Michael Lee
    NLP pacing and leading is a strategy often used to take control of situations. When used correctly, you�ll be able to diffuse arguments, win over people and generally avoid trouble
  • NLP Rapport Building: 3 Awesome NLP Techniques To Build Rapport Effectively  By : Michael Lee
    NLP rapport building is one of the most subtle yet effective techniques you can use to persuade anybody and everybody. If you�re ready to equip yourself with NLP techniques to deal with people better, read this article.
  • NLP Persuasion Techniques That Work Like Magic  By : Michael Lee
    NLP persuasion techniques have gained massive success over the past few decades, and are now being used in a lot of self-development and therapy sessions. Read this article to know how to use them effectively.
  • Learn NLP To Solve Your Problems And Change Your Life  By : Michael Lee
    NLP helps you take control of your life and see things in a different light. This article shows you the massive potential of learning NLP.
  • NLP Eye Accessing Cues: Using Eye Cues To Read People's Minds And Persuade Them  By : Michael Lee
    Read this article to find out how NLP eye accessing cues can help you in reading people's minds and persuading people to do what you want.
  • The NLP Secret: The Secrets For Personal Development  By : Avatar
    NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It is proven that our thoughts are influencing our life. So to change our life, we must change our thoughts. The NLP Secret provides powerful methods to change our thoughts.
  • NLP Techniques for Confidence: 3 Powerful NLP Techniques To Skyrocket Your Confidence  By : Michael Lee
    We can all use a boost or two of self-confidence. Unfortunately, these boosts don�t come in tablets or in pills. If you want to step out of your shell, you need to summon it from within. That�s where NLP techniques for confidence come in.
  • NLP Techniques For Anxiety: 3 Amazing Ways To Manage Anxiety Using NLP  By : Michael Lee
    Everyone has gone through anxious or tensed experiences. However, that doesn't mean you just have to stand there and admit defeat. With these NLP techniques for anxiety, you'll be more than prepared to take on whatever life hurls at you.
  • NLP Persuasion Techniques: 3 Powerful NLP Persuasion Techniques To Easily Get What You Want  By : Michael Lee
    This article reveals 3 powerful NLP persuasion techniques you can easily use to convince people to accept your point of view and follow your lead.
  • NLP Anchoring Techniques: How To Use NLP Anchoring Techniques To Master Your Emotions  By : Michael Lee
    NLP anchoring techniques are methods that help you control your emotions every time. If you need a surge of confidence right before a stage performance, NLP anchoring techniques can help you muster up the courage to sing and dance like a true performer.
  • The Link Between NLP and Hypnosis  By : Roseanna Leaton
    Are NLP and hypnosis entirely separate or are they intrinsically linked?
  • How to by-pass resistance before it occurs  By : Steven Burns NLP Trainer
    Irrespective of what career or job we are in, we are constantly met with objections to the ideas that we pitch to people. If you know what some of these objections are in advanced then you can overcome them before they arise by using a process called inoculation.
  • why the NLP buzz?  By : Dr Terry Doherty
    The most successful businesses are those that hold on to employees for a long period of time. These employees are often laden with the tried and true facts of the company. But, just as technology changes, the business thought process needs to change and evolve in order to stay ahead in business. NLP, neuro-linguistic programming, is gaining great momentum in business because our world is changing faster than we can teach and train.
  • NLP For Coaching Performance: Get the Most Out of Your Employees  By : Dr Terry Doherty
    With NLP coaching, hypnosis is used to focus these three platforms into one concise unit aimed at the business mindset.
    NLP coaching can be used throughout business techniques in various manners. The business can choose NLP coaching for improvement or NLP coaching as a bonding tool between workers and management staff. It is important to recognize the importance of the mentally bonded unit in business in order to be more successful and more confident in all business decisions.
  • Hypnosis Using The Reverse Spin Of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)  By :
    This article describes the reverse spin or backward spin, a kinesthetic version of the swish pattern of neurolinguistic programming or nlp.

    The backward spin was developed (as far as the author is aware) by Richard Bandler, one of the founders of Neuro Linguistic Programming. It is part of his new set of techniques called Neuro-Hypnotic Repatterning or NHR (Trade Marked Bandler).

    I use it extensively in my hypnosis practice at the Center for Integrative Hypnosis, in New...
  • Overcoming Procrastination With NLP  By :
    NLP neuro linguistic programming procrastination overcoming self improvement personal development hypnosis

    Procrastination is often discussed as one of the major barriers to self improvement. By self improvement we mean any actions that we take, including changing our behaviors, or beliefs, or developing new skills or resources, which could be called personal development.

    Neuro linguistic programming or NLP offers powerful tools to help us make the changes we want in ou...
  • Effective Learning made simple with NLP and Accelerated Learning  By : Rintu Basu
    Accelerated Learning tools and techniques are common on the internet and there are two other parts that need discussing to make accelerated learning really impressive. These are developing emotional state control and dealing with limiting beliefs. To get results with the tools and techniques you need to get rid of the negative emotions and limiting beliefs. Focusing on the first of these elements, this article will display how NLP can make a great change to your studying ability.
  • Using NLP To Create More Confidence  By :
    As pressures to earn money increase, the pressures to work harder, smarter and faster increase also. It is rarely a surprise to me to have clients in my office in St Albans, who are struggling with their levels of confidence despite having what could be perceived as very successful lives. Solicitors, CEO's and managing directors have regularly graced my doorstep, feeling that they are unable to measure up to the aggressive demands placed upon them. Many who are in powerful ro...
  • Find Success With Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)  By :
    If you ask yourself "what stops me from getting whatever I want from life?" you may find that the answer you give yourself is very revealing.

    Was your answer: your partner, your parents, not enough money, not enough time, not enough love, bad luck or simply fate? All of these answers are basically saying that the reason you are not more successful or more fulfilled in one or many areas of yourself, is due to circumstances outside of your control.

    What NLP or Neuro-Lingu...
  • NLP Modelling With Nlp For Dummies  By :
    NLP is a methodology that was created to model the excellence of others. The basic idea was to be able to replicate the skills and abilities of experts.

    Most of the time modeling is all about taking a small slice of ability and working out how an expert does it. For example how a good sales professional opens the conversation, how they handle objections or close deals. This article is about some ideas that I have about keeping going despite problems and pitfalls. It is abo...
  • Modelling the author of NLP for Dummies  By : Rintu Basu
    NLP Techniques allow you to see deeper into a person and find out what drives them to behave the way they do. This article is about the lessons I have learned from modelling the co-author of the UK's best selling Dummies book.
  • Motivational Courses Using NLP Hypnotherapy And Life Coaching Part 1/3  By :
    Throughout my St Albans motivation courses, I make it clear that in order to be motivated you need to be moving. The word motivation leads us to think about being enthused, inspired and driven and these are important qualities for a human being to posses. They are the feelings that get us out of bed in the morning, that enable us to work in pressurised environment and that help us to grow. Everything in the universe is either growing or dying, and if you want to avoid the lat...
  • Motivational Courses Using Life Coaching Hypnotherapy And NLP Part 3/3  By :
    In my St Albans Motivation Courses, I offer Hypnotherapy, NLP and Life Coaching. Hypnotherapy is a deep state of relaxation that allows unconscious changes to be made easily. NLP stands for Neuro linguistic programming, which are different techniques and strategies to help you communicate more effectively to yourself and others, and have greater control over your emotional state. Life coaching is a means of establishing where you are now, where you want to be in the future an...
  • Motivational Courses Using Hypnotherapy NLP And Life Coaching Part 2/3  By :
    Now all of those are great reasons to go to the gym, but did they get you there? No. If the pleasure of going was a good enough reason, you would have done it already! So your commitment to this motivation you want, will be tested by using pain. During the motivational courses I have provided in St Albans, I have found that people are put off by this relatively simple concept which is really just about getting leverage. Leverage is a bit of an American term, but it gives us a...
  • NLP Influencing Strategies for Sales and Business Management  By : Rintu Basu
    This article is about how NLP can help to stand back and understand the intention behind behaviour and a route to creating results in sales and business environments.
  • NLP – The 4 Steps to Change Anything In Your Life  By : Emmanuel Segui
    Do you want to change? Do you have problems in your life? Would you like to change some traits of your personality that you don’t like? For all these questions, I answer that change is possible. Follow the next 4 steps to change anything you want in life.
  • NLP: 7 Steps to Successfully Program Your Subconscious Mind to Achieve Breathtaking Success.  By : Emmanuel Segui
    Your parents, environment, friends and other influences have shaped your life. Habits have been created, programs have been setup and behaviors have been learned. In the first 10 to 12 years of your life, you have learned 80% of the habits you have now. De-programming negative behaviors and breaking bad habits can be done. Here are 7 steps you will follow and 5 questions you will ask yourself to effectively handle change in your life.
  • Questioning Skills and NLP Training  By : Rintu Basu
    The quality of your life is directly impacted by the quality of the questions that you ask yourself. This article is about the power of those questions.
  • NLP: 3 Qualities and Traits Every Business Leader Should Have.  By : Emmanuel Segui
    There are several definitions NLP or other philosophy would give to the word "leader", Following are 3 qualities that you need to have to create win-win situations, lead from the heart and influence people with integrity.
  • NLP Anchoring the Secret to Self Confidence  By : Rintu Basu
    Building self confidence through simple NLP techniques.
  • How to develop rapport with someone using NLP techniques  By : Rintu Basu
    How to build Rapport NLP style. Why do it, what benefits your get from it and how to do it.
  • NLP Trainers, How to Find a Good One  By : Rintu Basu
    The wide range of NLP courses gives people lots of choice and this article looks at the importance of finding a trainer that is suitable for your needs.
  • NLP: 3 Reasons Why NLP is Effective For Helping People Change and Succeed  By : Emmanuel Segui
    NLP stands for neuro-linguistic programming. It is an approach to psychotherapy and a model of change based on the subjective study of language, communication and change. NLP practitioners had a lot of success helping people. Here are 3 reasons why NLP is very effective in helping people change, grow and succeed
  • Confidence Through Neuro-linguistic Programming And Self-hypnosis  By :
    Self confidence is an emotional and mental state of mind which responds to our need for self-acceptance and recognition. It's among the oldest and most studied concepts in psychology. It is used to describe a good albeit adequate perception of oneself and one's abilities. Hence, self-confident persons generally have a better knowledge of what they are able to achieve and are more likely to be successful in what they attempt. They are also more likely to accept and learn from ...
  • Improving Your Life with Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)  By : Jeff Goodwin
    NLP or Neuro-linguistic programming is the process of redefining how one thinks through the positive combination of communication, interaction and perception.
  • Build Your Self-Esteem With Nlp & Self-Hypnosis  By : Alan B. Densky
    A social phobia is a fear of interacting with others on a social level. Examples would be talking in front of other people, waiting in line at the checkout imagining others are looking at you, or even fear of talking on the phone.

    Self-confidence is a feeling that allows people to have positive, yet realistic views of themselves and their circumstances. Self-confident people have confidence in their own abilities, have a general sense of control over their lives, and belie...
  • I Love Nlp But I'm Not A Nerd  By : Gemma Bailey
    NLP has taken the therapy world by storm and quite rightly so. It creates rapid lasting change and you don�t need a PHD to learn the simple skills. There are many, many trainers and training company�s pumping out Practitioner by the hundreds and it would be fair to say that there are varying degrees of competency amongst these. I certainly have been amongst those who have argued in the past that some training school are responsible for poor quality NLP training, thus sending ...
  • Hypnotherapy And Nlp: Unscrambling The Link  By : Karen Hastings, Hertfordshire
    Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnotherapy are very closely related and could be considered to come from the same �family� of therapeutic approaches. In fact, if you are considering having hypnotherapy and are currently searching for a therapist, you will probably find that many hypnotherapists now-days, practice NLP to some level and conversely that most NLP practitioners who have completed certified training courses, will also be familiar with using hypnotic techni...
  • Learn To Make Your Submodalities Work For You!  By : Karen Hastings, Hertfordshire
    As human beings, we make sense of the world through our five senses (sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell). This is the only information we have about the world and this information is used to make up our internal representations of the world.

    What this means is that every thought, memory or use of imagination, contains information from our senses. So, it may comprise pictures, sounds, feelings, smells or taste.

    Furthermore, the information from our five senses contai...
  • Anchoring For Emotional Balance  By : Karen Hastings, Hertfordshire
    Most people experience life as a roller-coaster of different emotional states, accepting without question that emotions are something that just happen in response to life events. In any given day, you may experience a range of states, some positive and some that are negative or distressing. The emotional state we are in is so important as it affects how we behave and the results we get. If you are feeling positive and happy, of course the whole world seems better and more int...
  • Neuro-linguistic Programming Strategies  By : Kurt Mortensen
    One�s thought patterns, beliefs and attitudes can be used to �preprogram� actual experiences that are yet to happen. NLP is very focused on how we think, what influences the way we think, and how we structure what we think. Subscribers to the science are encouraged to closely study and then model those individuals who do things well.

    When studying them, you don�t ask them how they did it�just what they were thinking when they did it. For example, if you asked Michael Jord...
  • Become a Powerful Persuader with Meta Programs  By : Steven Burns NLP Trainer
    In today's society, irrespective of our career, our ability to persuade others is vitally important to the level of success we achieve.
    In this article I would like to show you how you can take your ability to persuade others to a completely new level. By reading on you will discover how to become a powerful persuader using Meta-Programs.
  • What To Look For In An NLP And Hypnotherapy Training Provider  By : People Building
    NLP and Hypnotherapy are big news. More and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of mastering the power of their own minds. Lets face it, there are infinite possibilities available to us in our lives and the more we open our minds, the more those possibilities bombard us and the more options we have. Long gone are the days of being hard wired to depression, of only doing and being what others say I must do or be, of going through life with feelings limited existence...
  • NLP � Six Simple Steps to Train Your Mind for Confidence and Success  By : Pradeep
    The internal voice is the voice of the mind talking to us. Everyone has a voice inside of them that affects our success and failure. This is the most significant voice of all. The voice maybe encouraging us to try something that we haven�t done before or holding us back from us from situations where we feel we are likely to make a fool of ourselves. In this way, this conversation that we keep having with ourselves decides our level of confidence and accent.
  • How To Quit Smoking With NLP & Hypnosis For Motivation  By : Alan B. Densky
    There are two mental states that must be satisfied before a person will voluntarily quit smoking. These elements are called �Desire,� and �Decision.�

    Desire: A want, crave or a wish for
    Decision: Making up of one�s mind / a verdict or judgment

    In order to quit smoking, you have to desire to quit. You have to want to quit. You probably want to quit, at least some part of you does, or you wouldn�t be reading this article.

    In order to quit smoking, you have to decide t...
  • The Benefits Of NLP  By : Gemma Bailey
    NLP was created by observing and modeling people who were exceptionally talented within the field of therapy. NLP stands for Neuro-linguistic programming. �Neuro� relating to the brain and �linguistic� refers to the language used, and how it is used. �Programming� describes the patterns and habits you create, learn and persistently follow. As we experience the world through our senses, the information is translated into thoughts/ words. The thoughts affect our physiology, emo...
  • 5 Seconds To Smashing More Arguments With NLP  By : Joseph Plazo
    Last time the used car salesman pitched a lemon at you, he called the high price tag an "investment." Didn't sound so bad did it? He gift wrapped his words.

    When you were fired, they called it a strategic downsizing. Now that didn't make you any better off... but it sure sounded nicer than being "fired"

    Euphemisms are efficient linguistic tactics to counter objections. The key is to redefine certain words in an antagonist's statement such that his objection no longer se...
  • Believe is Believing  By : John G. Johnson
    Whether you are aware of them, or not, whether you perceive them as useful, or not, beliefs exert a tremendous amount of force upon our lives. They shape and influence our behaviors, dictating how we live.
  • NLP: Your Pathway to Personal Success  By : Roger Ellerton
    NLP is about discovering who you are and how you can achieve your desires in life. NLP is more than just techniques. It is a curiosity about how people who are high achievers accomplish what they actually set out to do.


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