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  • Vitamin D – Getting To Know This Important Nutrient  By : Harry Monell
    Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, is a fat-soluble nutrient that is found not only in natural foods, but is also manufactured by the body when the skin is exposed to ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun. And, it may come as a surprise to many to know that this single vitamin has the potential to not only strengthen our bones and teeth, but is also known to protect against cancer, TB, diabetes, arthritis, the flu and even the common cold.
  • Liquid Vitamins and Dr. Oz  By : Mark Molina
    Discover a Simple, Convenient, Complete Liquid Vitamin That is Organically Grown, 100% Vegetarian and Contains Mangosteen, Aloe Vera and Green Tea.
    The vital necessity of a healthy digestive system and methods to maintain and improve it.
  • Dealing With Food Allergies  By : Spencer Hunt
    Your child may be whining and complaining due to an food allergies. Learn more about food allergies so that you can best help your child.
  • How I Dumped The Fat & Got Decades Younger  By : Tom T
    Learn about Diets that do NOT work, so you can find a Weight Loss plan that DOES work! Dump the Fat, using Healthy Nutrition, and get Fit without Calorie counting!!
  • Fish oil reduces symptoms of exercise induced asthma  By : David McEvoy
    Fish oil can reduce the symptoms of exercise induced asthma to below the threshold for diagnosing it and at the same time lower the need for emergency medication according to the results of a trial carried out by Indiana University in Bloomington, USA.
  • Which Is The Best Diet For Life?  By : Deborah Prosser
    This article reviews five popular diets and discusses some of the key points of each. Learn what to consider when choosing a long-term diet whether you are dieting to lose weight or just wanting to maintain a healthy body for life.
  • Prescription HGH  By : Sudhani
    There are many users of prescription HGH formulas as the reasons for undergoing hormone therapy is wide and varied. The most common use of prescription HGH, especially when it was first launched, almost two decades ago, was for the treatment of conditions in children, such as stunted growth, to help reduce excess body fat and encourage weight loss (treatment of obesity, whatever the cause) and for reversing the signs of early aging due to the reduced production of naturally occurring HGH.
  • Fish Oil Side Effects  By : David McEvoy
    Studies have consistently shown that taking fish oil supplements on a daily basis is a highly effective and efficient way of getting enough Omega 3 fatty acids in our diet to make a positive difference to our health, but what are the potential risks of any side effects?
  • Drink Your Way To Good Health  By : Steven Godlewski
    You may also believe that you get enough water because you drink beverages that have water as an ingredient, such as coffee, tea, and sodas. Even though these beverages are made with water, when they are ingested, they actually cause us to lose water! You don’t need other beverages - what you need is water. Those other beverages should be a once-in-a-while thing, not a daily thing!
  • Why You Can’t Afford To Neglect The Anti-Oxidant Micro-Nutrients  By : Steve Smith
    The anti-oxidant qualities of vitamin E are dependent upon a complex interaction with vitamins C and B3, and the trace mineral, selenium, an adequate supply of all of which is required for the optimum performance of the body’s vital anti-oxidant enzymes.
  • Food and Diet for More Energy  By : Charles Carter
    Do you find that you get fatigued during the afternoon? There are better choices than reaching for that candy bar, soda, or the latest energy drink. Food and diet is essential to giving your body more energy during the day.
  • Nutrition Facts and Basics  By : Juliet Cohen
    Nutrition labels have revolutionized the way we buy food -- especially for people on special diets. Nutrition can affect more than just your weight. People who practice good nutrition, hygiene and exercise patterns develop a lifetime of habits that will keep them healthy for many years.
  • Nutrition for Women in Menopause  By : Michelle Van Otten
    Nutrition for women in menopause requires a discerning look at the advice available and what science may be telling us to avoid.
  • Healthy Foods for Pregnant Women  By : Michelle Van Otten
    Healthy foods for pregnant women are vital to a safe and comfortable pregnancy. Learn more about eating well while expecting.
  • Beating The Free Radicals: Why Your Diet Alone May Not Be Enough  By : Steve Smith
    Modern Western diets are highly likely to be deficient in the anti-oxidant nutrients that are crucial to counter-acting damaging free radical activity.
  • The Secrets of Sound Nutrition  By : Nitin Chhoda
    The right way to eat and characteristics of a healthy nutrition plan.
  • American Diet - More Processed Foods, Less Natural Foods  By : Nitin Chhoda
    The impact of food processing and refining on the American diet.
  • Lowering Cholesterol Naturally  By : Sudhani
    Lowering Cholesterol Naturally there are several effective natural herbs and supplements that may help lower LDL and raise HDL or "good" cholesterol. Since the causes of high cholesterol levels are wide and varied by person to person, having different methods to lower LDL is very important. Natural remedies such as Guggul, Pantethine, Policosanol, Curcumin, and Beta-Sitosterol are just a few supplements that are easily available at low cost compared to prescribed drugs.
  • Choosing Healthy Foods Easily  By : Ambrose Hutson
    You are what you eat. It's more than an adage, it's the truth. If you want to get the most out of your body, you've got to know which foods to choose, and have the dedication to follow a smart diet every day.
  • What’s The Deal with Omega-3  By : Lac Tran
    Omega 3 fatty acids are as important to overall health, especially heart health as essential vitamin and minerals found not only in foods but also in the form of nutritional supplements. While they have been known and identified with heart health for the past two decades.
  • PROTEIN SHAKE RECIPES  By : Dane Fletcher
    PB&J Protein Shake (great diet shake! Virtually no carbs)
  • Mangosteen Juice - How To Become An Online Distrubuter of Mangosteen Xango  By : ashu
    If you are interested in becoming a distributer of Mangosteen Xango or where to find one, then this article will cover where to find it, what you need to look for, and a list various wholesale mangosteen juice suppliers.
  • Mangosteen Berry - Learn Where The Juice Comes From  By : ashu
    Without the mangosteen berry, there would be no popular nutritional or medical benefits gained from the number of mangosteen juice products to hit the market.
  • Mangosteen Fruit Benefits Extend Further Than Just The Popular Mangosteen Juice  By : ashu
    Mangosteen fruit benefits have been explored by many people around the globe in the recent years. Whether it is the berry or the tasty mangosteen fruit juice, it hasn’t taken much persuasion for some to buy into the idea of drinking and eating your way to an improved body or immune system.
  • Mangosteen Juice Experiences and Testimonials  By : ashu
    Mangosteen juice experiences and testimonials come from people who used the product and not from the company that may be advertising their mangosteen juice products.
  • Definitive Facts About Mangosteen Juice  By : ashu
    Whenever fruit products like mangosteen juice make waves in the news and as more individuals appreciate the benefits of following a healthier lifestyle, the willingness to try it significantly rises.
  • Goji Juice Energy Tests Prove What Himalayan Monks Have Known For Centuries  By : ashu
    Goji Juice is made from the pulp of the Goji fruit grown in the Himalayan highlands of Tibet, and has been used for years by Tibetans to improve life energy flows and overall health and well being.
  • Goji Juice Side Effects - The Facts And Theories  By : ashu
    In the Himalayas, where the berry is found growing naturally, the locals respect the berries, and as a part of their culture, there is an annual two-week celebration held to honor the berry.
  • Four Potential Health Benefits of Green Tea  By : Dennis Brown
    Four of the more exciting potential health benefits of green tea.
  • Freelife Goji Juice - Why Choose Freelife?  By : ashu
    Freelife goji juice has long been known for its restorative, beneficial powers. It is known as a natural healer, anti-aging juice and all around wonder tonic for many centuries.
  • Berry Goji Juice - Learn How Goji Berries and Their Extract Benefit Your Health  By : ashu
    Berry goji juice is one of the world’s best-kept health secrets, a natural age defying healthful juice made from the goji berry, a fruit native to the Asian continent.
  • Goji Juice - Made From Himalayan Wonder Berry?  By : ashu
    Throughout the years, Goji juice and other Chinese medicinal approaches have demonstrated an influence on the way many individuals look at natural approaches towards treating health issues.
  • Noni Juice Dosage - It Depends On The Age And What You Want To Achieve  By : ashu
    As you explore the proper noni juice dosage, you will be able to better harness the natural healing properties of the fruit that may ease or cure the symptoms of a wide-range of medical concerns.
  • How To Make Noni Juice - Traditional And Commercial Approach  By : ashu
    If you are wondering how to make noni juice, there are two different ways to approach the process: traditionally and industrially through the use of commercial machinery.
  • Apple Juice Antioxidants, Dieting, Nutrition Facts And More  By : ashu
    Apple juice is a great way to kick-start your day or quench your thirst on a hot summer day.The juice is produced by crushing apples, the extraction of which is then filtered to give you a clear juice and is then pasteurized.
  • Health Benefits Of Pomegranate Juice  By : ashu
    Pomegranate, the utterly beautiful and delicious seedy fruit of a deciduous shrub Punica granatum, has been held in high esteem since time immemorial in many ancient civilizations, both for its nutritive value and for its medicinal properties.
  • The Truth About Vitamin C In Orange Juice  By : ashu
    Lab tests have revealed that the concentration of vitamin C in orange juice is significantly affected by a whole range of parameters, such as the source of orange juice (fresh fruit/juice concentrate/frozen concentrated juice/canned or packed juices), the produce of oranges and their level of ripening, the environmental/climatic conditions under which oranges have been grown, the processing method, handling/storage conditions, and the type of storage container.
  • Health Benefits Of Aloe Vera Juice  By : ashu
    The health benefits of aloe vera juice have long been known. It has been used historically as a soothing balm, applied externally for cuts, scrapes and burns. Modern uses of aloe vera are extensive.
  • Are You One Of The One In A Hundred Who’s Properly Nourished?  By : Steve Smith
    As long ago as 1936 the US Senate reported that 99% of Americans’ diets were deficient in vital minerals because of intensive farming methods and the depletion of agricultural soils.
  • Juicing For Better Skin - Even Cures Cystic Acne  By : ashu
    Many disorders and diseases are effectively treated by dietary practices like juicing. Cystic acne is one of these inflictions that benefit from modifying the diet.
  • Role of vitamins in Mood Disorders  By : Juliet Cohen
    Mood disorders are also called affective disorders. Mood disorders have a major economic impact through associated health care costs as well as lost work productivity. A mood is an emotion or feeling that lasts a long time.
  • Ayurveda for Sleep Problems  By : Juliet Cohen
    Yoga and Pranayama is an important measure to reduce work place negativity, tension, anxiety and so many other problems. Sleep problems are some of the most common problems parents face with their kids.
  • 3 Ways To Balance Your Blood Sugar Level  By : Graham Rowan
    Three easy ways in which you can balance your blood sugar level and reduce the risk of hypoglycaemia.
  • Feeding Kids The Right Way  By : Nitin Chhoda
    Food habits in children help shape their future health as adults.
  • Consumer Demand, Merits & Demerits of Organic Baby Food  By : Roberto Bell
    The rise and rise of demand for organic baby foods and the problems associated with this.
  • Green Tea Diet  By : ashu
    Obesity has become one of the major health issues in our society today. More than half of the American population is overweight or obese. As a result, diet and weight loss plans have become increasingly popular. But not all diet plans work. And not all of them are necessarily risk-free.
  • Nature’s Bounty Super Green Tea Diet  By : ashu
    The following paragraphs summarize the work of Nature’s Bounty Super Green Tea Diet experts who are completely familiar with all the aspects of Nature’s Bounty Super Green Tea Diet.
  • Oily fish reduces the risk of AMD (age related macular degeneration)  By : David McEvoy
    Eating oily fish on a regular basis can dramatically reduce the risk of developing AMD (age related macular degeneration) according to two separate research studies, one conducted by Sydney University, Australia, and one by Harvard Medical School in the USA
  • Have You Taken Your Micro-Nutriments Today?  By : Rick Duker
    Micro-nutriments comprise a vast array of essential substances that your body requires to function optimally. Since most diets and food sources are nutrient deficient we need to supplement our diets with these nutriments to be as well as we can be. This article will point you in the right direction to choose supplements that work as designed.

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