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  • Superstitions of Indonesia  By : Luxamore
    Superstitions to be found in Indonesia. Unusual beliefs that may have a scientific basis or . . .
  • What is the Britishness Test?  By : Lee Smith
    As of November 1, 2005, those who are applying for UK naturalization must pass a ‘Life in the UK test’ or the Britishness Test before they could submit the application for UK citizenship. One must take the Britishness test just before applying for the naturalization as a British citizen, provided he/she meets all other requirements.
  • Kate Moss: A Fashion Icon  By : TaniaMachowska
    At 14 years old, Moss was spotted while waiting for a flight at JFK airport in New York. The Croydon schoolgirl who disliked her studies and once admitted that she thought she “might've been a bank manager” would become one of the world’s most famous faces and it’s now almost impossible to imagine the British fashion industry without her.
  • Steps in Finding a Flower Delivery Service  By : Bobbie McKee
    Sending flowers through online flower delivery services has never been so trouble-free. Now you can send flowers as gifts to any destination you choose.
    The 1960’s witnessed the advent of information technology in Ethiopia, when the mainframe computers were introduced for the first time in Africa. Despite being installed in the important sectors of military, defense, finance, telecom, electricity & power, and railways, the mainframes had no interactive boundaries within the sector.
  • Tips For Men Buying Sexy Lingerie  By : Roberta Thomas
    Everyone knows women love getting gifts. If your thinking about buying her some sexy lingerie give heed to a few simple guidelines. In the end you can save yourself a lot of money and irritation by doing some homework first.
  • History of Perfume & Fragrance  By : Roberto Sedycias
    This is about a brief history of perfumes and fragrances, going back as far as ancient Egypt and perfume trades among old civilizations, up to France's influence in today's perfume standard of excellence.
  • The Why of Handbags  By : Handbag Addict
    For all of history, women have carried handbags, but have you ever wondered why? The answer is surprisingly complex, and is tied to everything that, well, makes a woman a woman. We have records of purses and women's handbags dating back as far as 430 B.C.
  • The Origin Of Handbags  By : Handbag Addict
    The renowned scientist, Charles Darwin, once wrote a book called "The Origin Of Species". This book describes natural selection, the process of changing over time by which different species can evolve. In effect, he describes the history of every species, in one book- generalized.
  • The Origin Of Handbags  By : Handbag Addict
    In 1859, Charles Darwin wrote a book, called "The Origin Of Species". In it, he describes the process of evolution- the gradual change over years, that brought about the various creatures we see today. In effect, what he had written was the general life story of every species, spelt out in such a way that the similarities are clear.
  • 16 Funny Quotes to Celebrate National Smile Week  By : Noel Jameson
    If you're in the mood for laughter and funny quotes, I've got some good news for you. We're getting ready to celebrate National Smile Week and the funny quotes are flowing. It's fun, humor, laughter and smiles for everyone. If these 16 funny quotes don't have you smiling in the end, nothing will.
  • Static Sparks and Your Comfort  By : ngureco
    One of the greatest mild discomforts that millions of people go through unknowingly is static sparks. Static electricity can sometimes build to very high voltages in our bodies causing great damage including death. A case in point is in football pitch in Central Africa where eleven players of soccer perished leaving intact the eleven players of the opposing team. Each one of us has a certain amount of static electricity but in mild amounts and the discomfort is equally mild.
  • Do You Text or SMS?  By : Timothy S. Hillebrand, Ph
    There is probably no mobile phone produced today that is not capable of SMS or text messaging (same thing). Yet few people are taking full advantage of its power. You can use your mobile phone for sending text messages to get instant information, send money, make money, and to save money. SMS has become the rage among American teens as the preferred method of communication. But, it has matured into the most powerful marketing tool ever conceived in Europe and Asia. The full range of SMS applications is only beginning to emerge in the U.S.
  • For the Cigar Enthusiast All About Cigar Humidors  By : Theresa Cahill and Jeff G
    Any cigar aficionado knows that those pesky cellophane wrappers are not meant for long-term storage; rather, cigar humidors are where all cigars should reside until the time comes for them to be enjoyed. The purpose of these humidors, whether the larger versions or the smaller, household variety, is to keep the outside air out so a level temperature and humidity can be maintained.
  • What do you know about diamonds?  By : jean-paul marchent
    Being the hardest natural element known on Earth, diamonds are good for a wide variety of uses. However, although they can be used to conduct heat, they are not very good as a conductor of electricity. There are some rare forms though, known as type IIB that can be used as semiconductors.
  • Be Who You Are With Fairy Tattoos  By : Art Nahshon
    Today, one of the most common body accessories that differentiate the “cool” woman from the plain Janes are the cute little tattoos that she proudly wears on her skin.

    You can say anything you want but you can never take away the fact that the women who get themselves inked are mostly the outspoken ones, the opinionated, those who possess strong values and beliefs, and those who have more confidence in themselves.

    When talking of tattoo ideas for women, we immediately ...
  • Green Paper Choices Reduce Your Carbon Footprint  By : Nathan Brown
    If you want to help stop global warming, then you should become aware of some basic paper recycling facts so you can choose the best options for your paper consumption.
  • The Remote Viewing Archives  By : Gerald O Donnell
    The author feels very strongly that on the eve of the next Millennium all these newly open avenues of exploration of the infinite powers of the mind cannot but be of major help to all of us as humanity.
  • Is A Dolphin Tattoo Just Another Tattoo?  By : Art Nahshon
    Symbolism plays a big part in how we communicate. It was believed to be the earliest form of communication as evidenced throughout history. Man has an innate need to express his feelings. But there are some things that we just cannot put into words, or sometimes words aren’t enough, that one single representation is all it takes to deliver the message we want to convey.

    One of the most common form of self-expression today is through tattoos. But getting a tattoo is not as ...
  • How To Value Your Antique Clocks  By : Barry Share
    Antique Longcase clocks like antique artwork or other collectable items are so individual in nature that it is almost impossible to make a fixed valuation on them.
  • Swimsuit Contest Unravels Fashion And Beauty!  By : Sam Curtis
    You may think that the swimsuit contest is harmless enough, or you may be one of the many who believe the contest profits from the exploitation of women. The fact is that they are a successful way of promoting events. The view put forward by the organizers is that the swimsuit contest offers a perfect opportunity for a person's physical fitness, poise and posture to be judged.
  • Andean Archeology Revisited  By : James Hogg
    The remnants of a culture are the only way we can ascertain what has taken place before us. While history, anthropology and archeology are all studies on the past there is also much conjecture surrounding the items found. When you consider Andean Archeology you must consider the legends that surround the findings. One such finding that will be discussed is the Andean Sun Disk. This sun disk is believed to tell of an alien visitation to earth.
  • The World of Webkinz Recipe  By : rezwan
    It’s a beautiful world full of real life, which fashions right into your gaming mood in the webkinz world. The rearing up of your adorable “cyber teddy” or satisfying his hunger defines a perfect virtual gaming environment to adopt your favorite plush online. In this article I present some wonderful webkinz recipe to help content the appetite of your loving pet.
  • Floral Waters have the Basic Substances of the Flora and Fauna  By : Mercy Dorson
    Floral waters contain the constituents of a plant which remains left after the extraction of essential oils through a water or steam distillation. Certain qualities of the plant itself remain in the watery substances which can not be absorbed otherwise. So, the floral waters have got immense benefits over the mind and body as well as in the aura around.
  • Where Are The Scottish Clockmakers  By : Barry Share
    The making of clocks in Scotland was not recognized as a separate craft until about 1640. In Aberdeen in 1618 there were but three clocks.
  • How to Get Started With Recycling  By : Gunaseelan
    Recycling helps to save forests from depleting, increases the quality of our water and stimulates the economy. For those reasons and many more it is important that everyone does what they can to ensure that they are doing their bit for mother earth.
  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Recycle  By : Gunaseelan
    Recycling is the process of reusing natural resources or man made resources which slows down consumption and subsequent depletion. Although many people and organizations are doing a lot to encourage recycling, most people are not doing enough. If everyone done there part then not only would the earth’s limited resources last longer, but the earth as a whole and everyone on it would benefit as a result.
  • A Historical Account of Incense  By : Mercy Dorson
    Some previous account tells us that incense was an integral part of every day life of the individuals. It offered immense therapeutic cures for body, soul and mind. The undiscovered benefits of incense are talked at length.
  • Recycling Glass  By : David McEvoy
    Empty glass bottles and jars are the most common type of glass waste produced by consumers and represents approximately 80% of all recycled glass. However, despite increased numbers of roadside collections and bottle banks, there is still a lot of glass that is being thrown away along with regular household rubbish and ending up in landfill.
  • Hooters Swimsuit Contest Will Make You Hot And Excited!  By : Danielle Monroe
    The Hooters swimsuit contest, number eleven if you must know, will take place on July 18th in Las Vegas. More than 120 girls will compete for prizes amounting to more than $150,000 and of course, the fame. It's amazing how quickly this relatively obscure event grew, from a small localized affair
  • History Lesson for Girls: A Novel Excerpt  By : Aurelie Sheehan
    One Day I saw them, our dream horses, and on that day I pulled over to the side of the road and cried.
  • Novice Tips To Buying Your First Telescope  By : Kozen Huseyin
    When looking up at the sky, there comes a time when our thirst to see the stars in there full splendour rather then little dots becomes more than a desire. With hundreds of millions of objects in the sky to see, a space telescope can really bring the universe to life. Your first experience in buying your first space telescope is likely to determine your future with seeing space. I say this as there is much hype from the cheap telescope manufacturers telling you that you will see millions of miles away. There is loads of hype and I hope this article here about buying your first space telescope will help you have a great lifelong interest and participation with astronomy and using your first telescope.
  • Best Digital Hearing Aids  By : Alvin Toh
    Siemens has been in the hearing aid industry for over 125 years. It produces a large variety of digital hearing aids, equipped with state of the art technology. Siemens digital hearing aids come in various sizes, designs and advanced features to suit everyone’s needs and budget. They have digital hearing aids for children as well as adults.
  • How to Spot a Fake Juicy Couture Handbag  By : Kenneth Elliott
    In this day and time the common consumer has to be very careful when purchasing high prices handbags. Companies are betting high stacks money that the common consumer will not recognize handbag reproductions. They also know that most consumers will not know what to look for when evaluating if a handbag is fake or the real deal (authentic). Education is key, so here I will outline a few key things to look for when evaluating a Juicy Couture handbag.
  • The Pro Side of the Argument on Whether Nitrogen Saves Gas  By : Scott Siegel
    If you fill your tires with nitrogen will you save gas? Many nitrogen advocates say yes. Here is the reasoning behind their answer.
  • The Myth That Using Nitrogen Increases Fuel Economy  By : Scott Siegel
    Nitrogen as an alternative to air when filling tires seems to be gaining some popularity. The fact that Costco and other retailers are now offering nitrogen fills certainly points to nitrogen filled tires as becoming more mainstream. At almost $10 per tire does it really save fuel like it is claimed to do? Here are some answers.
  • Cars on Craigslist  By : Roberto Bell
    Searching for cars on Craigslist has always been tough because of the spam and rough search features.
  • How to Find Someone Residing in Mexico  By : Richard Villasana
    Are you looking for or want to find someone who is living in Mexico? Do you need help getting started on the right path? Do you want to find that person as soon as possible? This, and the next five articles, will discuss the challenges and solutions for finding someone in Mexico.
  • A Meditation on Love  By : J. Ruth Gendler
    When people talk about where they find beauty, what is beautiful to them, they reveal whom they love and how they love, and what they love to do.
  • Meatism: Earth Enemy Number One  By : Jeff Popick
    We all know that our planet is in serious trouble and the number one cause of our environmental problems is eating meat and dairy. Find out the real cause of the destruction of the rain forests and how you can be a true environmentalist.
  • Wigs for hair loss | discolouring wigs | toupees  By : ashu
    Wigs for hair loss are a good choice, as many cosmetic problems can be as sudden or as traumatic as hair loss. Partial baldness can be cured with Toupees but have similar issues as wigs.
  • The Best Water You Can Find For Your Aquariums and Fish Tanks  By : Anthony Sastre
    Many fish holders believe that if the water is not green or brown, fish can live in it. They might get this misconception from the fact that raw areas of water could occasionally appear polluted, but fish thrive there. However, raw areas of water embody their own customs for providing fish the circumstances they need while taking out harmful substances. Your tap water might be safe to drink, but it is not safe for fish to live in. Faucet water has chlorine, iron, and likely small amounts of lead and copper. Faucet water can also be too hard or soft for your fish, or consist of an abnormal pH. Luckily there are options to make your tap water suitable for a fish aquarium, as well as other water possibilities.
  • The Real Secrets of Remote Viewing  By : Gerald O Donnell
    Core Explanation of Remote Viewing.
    The mysteries of the location of the Universal Mind (Collective Intelligence).
  • Girl Tattoos Tell You Lots About The Girl  By : Zoe Calow
    Ever realized the tattoo a girl wears tends to match their personality? Even without realizing, a girl tends to be drawn to a tattoo design that suits their character.
  • Recycling Metal  By : David McEvoy
    Millions of tonnes of Metal are recycled each year in the UK alone generating billions of pounds in revenue. Just over half of the recycled metal is exported to meet foreign demand and the rest is reprocessed within the UK to make more metal.
  • Tempurpedic Mattress Review  By : Ricky Tan
    When you are searching for a new mattress for your bed the first thing you should be asking yourself is do you really need one? If you are finding that your night's sleep is constantly being interrupted and you find your body aches every time you get up each morning then certainly it is time to consider a new mattress for your bed.
  • What is a Data Logger ?  By : Jim Furness
    A data logger is a solid state device used to measure and record analogue and / or digital inputs from sensors or other instruments.
  • From the Wild  By : Ted Kerasote
    He came out of the night, appearing suddenly in my headlights, a big, golden dog, panting, his front paws tapping the ground in an anxious little dance. Behind him, tall cottonwoods in their April bloom. Behind the grove, the San Juan River, moving quickly, dark and swollen with spring melt.
  • 18 Patriotic Quotes to Celebrate Independence Day  By : Noel Jameson
    Independence Day is right around the corner and patriotic quotes may be just what we need to remind us of what patriotism is truly about. Over the past few years, there has been some debate about what a patriotic person should say and how they should think. These patriotic quotes take us back to the rue spirit of patriotism.
  • Identity Theft Prevention Tips  By : Martin Hilt
    This article explains what identity theft is and gives advice on the best ways to prevent becoming a victim of identity theft.

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