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  • Tips For People That Want A New Look  By : Victor Epand
    This article gives people tips on what to do if you want a new look.
  • What Clothes Are Good To Wear To Work And What Is Just For Fun  By : Victor Epand
    This article lets you know that there are somethings that you can wear to work and what you can wear to just have fun with your friends.
  • Valentine’s Day Poems  By : Sean Carter
    Valentine’s Day poems are hugely popular as poetry is and has always been a supreme way of expressing one’s feelings. A self written poem can work wonders on that special person in your life on any given day, and since it is Valentine’s Day, the day that celebrates love, you have got to don the poet’s hat. And if you get the jitters, just fall back upon the loving memories and you will have a beautiful poem ready in no time. Your words reflect your heart and so poems on Valentine's Day are always preferred as a good substitute to talking. If you want to impress your better half with a few pretty verses, then get that pen and paper and put your emotions into words. Read on if you need some encouragement ! Or you can send these Valentine’s Day poems to your beloved/ dear ones too. Check them out.
  • Valentine’s Day Around The World  By : Sean Carter
    Whether in the United States of America or in Europe, in the Northern Hemisphere or in the Southern Hemisphere, when it’s Valentine's Day, the love quotient will most assumingly be high all over ! Around the world, Valentine's Day is celebrated with a lot of merrymaking and good cheer. However the Valentine's Day customs and traditions vary in different parts of the world and it’s really interesting to see how Valentine’s Day is celebrated around the world and with what variations.
  • Match Your Zodiacs  By : Sean Carter
    Zodiacs says a lot about one's love traits. This valentine spend it in a way like never before. Know your perfect match, and your partners love characters. Just go ahead and read on...
  • Political Correctness - The Liberal Brand of Censorship  By : Rev Michael Bresciani
    Trying to find the origins and history of what is known today as “political correctness would prove trying to the fairest minded researcher. The best anyone may be able to determine about it with any certainty is that it is a system of checks and balances whose very premise hangs in mid air.
  • Feng Shui and Chi  By : Rob Daniels
    Feng Shui is an ancient discipline which shifts the chi (life force energy) in your home to improve your life.
  • Creating a Disaster Supply Kit  By : Pacific Disaster
    Preparing for natural disaster, whether it's a hurricane, tsunami, flood, or some other event can mean the difference between life and death. Taking the time to assemble a Disaster Supply Kit before a disaster strikes will help cope with the temporary loss of everyday conveniences.
  • Advanced Scrabble Techniques  By : Emma Snow
    So you think you are ready to take your Scrabble game to the next level? You are considering membership in a Scrabble club, or entering a local tournament? How do you know if you are ready? You may be the family champion, having mastered the basics, but will your reputation hold up in the competitive arena?
  • Auto accident checklist: Tips on what to do following a car accident  By : insuranceless
    Hopefully you will never be involved in an auto accident or need to file an insurance claim. Even the most careful and skilled drivers, however, can easily find themselves in the middle of a crash. Would you know what to do? Knowledge of what to do after the car accident can help make the insurance claims process easier and smoother so that you are back on the road faster.
    If you are in an auto accident:
  • How to Store Enough Water to Live Through an Emergency  By : Candy Arnold
    Learn how to store enough water to live through a natural or man-made disaster. What you must know to prepare for a crisis. Emergency preparedness tips for storing water for short-term and long-term periods. Suggestions for containers and filters help you decide on your storage needs based on your individual circumstances.
  • 5 Quick Steps to Landscaping Your Home Before You Sell  By : Amy Goodmann
    Remember it is not just your house but your home and biggest lifetime investment . When you prepare to sell your house pay attention to your landscaping.

    Simple proper steps to landscaping can both enhance the selling price of your home and make it easier and quicker to sell.
  • Descent into Dark Canyon: Kid’s Wild Fishing in Colorado's Raggeds Wilderness  By : gordonh
    Descent into Dark Canyon: the kids strike it rich on wild fishing on Trout Creek heading down
    into Anthracite Creek - and the Dark Canyon of Colorado’s Raggeds Wilderness
  • In search of Moon Lake: a Montana Mission Mountain Oddessy  By : gordonh
    Searching for Moon Lake in Montana’s Mission Mountains: a trek into prime grizzly bear country
  • Are We Humans Really The Masters Of This Planet?  By : Shen Gerald
    Are we humans beings really the masters of this planet? Do we have the authority to self-righteously assume global dominance? This is not a definitive article. It is just an expression of my own thoughts and opinions.
  • Other People's Pets  By : Vivian Banta
    This article shows you how to define and enforce boundaries in dealing with your friends and their pets in your home and in theirs.
  • There are people in more trouble than you  By : Amit
    Thoughts about life in general after seeing a beautiful movie which shows what jews have faced in germany and poland.
  • How To Write A Eulogy: Tips and Guide Questions  By : Anthony
    Eulogies are important part of funerals. A eulogy the most personal and emotional moment when bereaved family and friends are given the chance to reminisce lovingly about the life of the beloved dead to other people. Eulogy is the chance for loved ones to speak proudly of the deceased’s works, causes in which he/she believed, anecdotes that may sometimes bring sad humor to the audience, and bring the deceased to life for a few moments in the hearts of the speaker and the audience.
  • The Power of Thoughts on Plants and Water  By : Mary Desaulniers
    We now recognize that there is not only power in our thoughts, but power in the thoughts of the natural kingdom. As humans, we have arrogantly secluded ourselves from the plant, animal and mineral worlds, thinking that we have been the only species privileged with thought and power.
  • The Longest Mile - Spring Training and Treasure in Montana's Bitterroot Mountains  By : gordonh
    The longest mile: a springtime training hike into the Bitterroot Range leads to Montana
    mountain treasure!
  • How Every Woman Can Celebrate Mother’s Day  By : Mary Foley
    Mother's Day: How it all began.
  • The Supernatural  By : Dr. Randy Wysong
    Supernatural is a word that has caused much conflict between science and religion. Since nobody knows the bounds of nature, nobody can say what lies outside of those bounds. "Supernatural" needs to be retired and in its place put the open-minded search for truth.
  • Proving Evolution With The Dictionary  By : Dr. Randy Wysong
    Evolution is a widely held belief but few have examined the hard science for its major thesis that humans emerged from the sod. Interestingly, one of the strongest arguments (however weak it is) lies in the dictionary.
  • The Case AGAINST Raw Frozen Pet Foods  By : Dr. Randy Wysong
    Although raw foods have many nutritional merits for pets, they are not without their dangers. Questionable suppliers, formulations, ingredients and the danger of food-borne pathogens must be considered.
  • The Myth of 100% Complete Pet Food  By : Dr. Randy Wysong
    Every day people subject their loved animals to repetitious monotony that they would never allow for themselves, and yet, unthinkingly pass their actions off as beneficial for their pets.
  • The Pet Food Ingredient Game  By : Dr. Randy Wysong
    Pet food slogans such as organic, human grade, holistic and natural may increase sales, but miss the point. If pet health is the objective, a totally new approach is needed.
  • Crime and Punishment  By : Dr. Randy Wysong
    It is clear that our penal system neither effectively deters nor rehabilitates. It is, however, a tremendous drain on society. There is a better way that would serve as a deterrent, teach criminals something and benefit, not burden society.
  • Effective Learning Systems, Inc. Adds “Centers of Excellence”  By : Jeff Griswold
    Effective Learning Systems, Inc. expands its website to include “Centers of Excellence” focusing on specific self-help topics.
  • Black and White Photo Conversion  By : Peter Horner
    Without the colour to distract us we become more aware of the subtle tones which can be found within a black and white image. In this article I will share the technique I use that will help you create beautiful, striking and moody black and white images from your colour photographs.
  • Why a Celebrity Lookalike or a Female Impersonator Would Be a Big Hit at Your next Event!  By : Ilya Pozin
    Have you ever considered hiring a celebrity lookalike or female
    impersonator for your next party or special event? If you haven't, you
    are missing out on one of the hottest trends in event planning right
    now. Hiring celebrity lookalikes and female impersonators can help your
    next event by...
  • Effective Learning Systems, Inc. makes its 100+ self-help audio programs available on CD  By : Jeff Griswold
    Effective Learning Systems, Inc., the leading creator and publisher of self-improvement audio programs, has released CD versions of its over 100 self-help audio programs originally available only on cassette.
    Landmark Education Acknowledges Erin Green for her Leadership

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