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  • 5 Parenting tips to make your kids communicative  By : Medy Solutions
    MedyLife offers you simplest parenting tips so to make your Kids communicative so that there is no communication gap between parents and kids.
  • Why Consider Hypnobirth?  By : Roseanna Leaton
    Would you, like Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, consider hypnobirthing? If not, why not?
  • Help To Manage Pain During Childbirth  By : Roseanna Leaton
    Every mom to be is concerned about the issue of pain control during childbirth. Their further concern is that they usually wish the birth to be as natural as possible. Hypnosis is a great option when looking at the various methods of natural pain control.
  • It's Time to Change Your Nanny - Signs of a Poor Caretaker  By : Crunch-care
    Hiring a reliable and trustworthy nanny is something that parents should concern themselves with, especially when utilizing the services of the nanny for the first time. Opting for a nanny is one of the best alternatives available to working women for the care of their children when they are not home.
  • Advantages of Nanny Care Over Daycare  By : Crunch-care
    Childhood is a crucial stage in life as it is during this period that the child's physical, intellectual, emotional as well as social development happens. With the growth of mental and physical abilities, high quality personal care is essential during this period.
  • Tips for Screening a Babysitter before Hiring  By : Crunch-care
    As the need to work for both spouses increases, it becomes increasingly difficult to take care of the children at home. As such, the need for a babysitter arises. A babysitter is the one who takes care of children while their parents are away.
  • How to Instruct a Babysitter on Their First Day of the Job  By : Crunch-care
    Leaving children with a babysitter is often a painful situation for many parents. They will be worried about staying away from their little ones, especially, if they are leaving their children with the babysitter for the first time.
  • Qualities to Look for in a Babysitter  By : Crunch-care
    A babysitter is a person hired by a family to look after their children, especially in their absence. Hiring a babysitter is a common practice in many US households, but there are still a few parents who have concerns utilizing babysitting services with full confidence.
  • Difference Between a Nanny and a Babysitter - Know Whom to Hire  By : Crunch-care
    Looking for someone to provide childcare for your family? If yes, you may be considering hiring a nanny or a baby-sitter. Though they may sound similar, they differ greatly with respect to their job responsibilities.
  • What Should You Include in a Nanny Work Agreement?  By : Crunch-care
    A nanny work-agreement consists of all the terms and conditions of employment that are understood by both the employer and the nanny. It is a form of direct and clear communication, wherein, the terms mentioned should be agreed by the hiring family and the nanny. This ensures a successful nanny-family relationship.
  • Things To Be Considered When Sharing A Nanny  By : Crunch-care
    We all know that nanny-sharing is one of the most affordable ways to receive childcare services. A nanny share is a situation where two or more families receive the childcare services from a single nanny, usually on a part-time basis.
  • Nanny Share-An Affordable Option For Getting Nanny Services  By : Crunch-care
    Many parents today are aware of the fact that hiring a nanny is a good solution for receiving childcare services. But everybody cannot hire a full-time nanny as it is expensive. If you are among these, do not get disappointed. Here is a solution � a nanny share. Sharing a nanny is an affordable option for getting the services of a nanny.
  • Set Ground Rules for Your Live-In Nanny  By : Nate Rodnay
    As an employer of a live-in nanny it is essential for you to design a set of rules for your nanny to get the desired services. These rules will clear out any issues regarding the role of the nanny which otherwise may create confusion. These ground rules will also help in defining the relationship between you and your nanny, thus avoiding any kind of misunderstandings.
  • Parents, Did You Forget This One Thing In Preparing For "Back To School"?  By : Calle Zorro
    In preparing for "back to school", many parents do not even think about what is perhaps the most important preparation of all...
  • Indications of a Good Nanny  By : Crunch-care
    Hiring a nanny is the best option to provide utmost care for your children. It is much more flexible, convenient and safe to provide childcare at your home than at any other out-of-home care centers. Hiring a nanny has become much easier these days with many nanny referral agencies available. With many parents not having enough time to hire a nanny, agencies are aiding them in their process of hiring a nanny.
  • Used Mobility Scooters to Make Life Easier  By : Michiel Van Kets
    Investing in a used mobility scooter will result in making your life easier as you can get around without hassle and go where you like when you feel like it. Used scooters are affordable, find them in the classified section of your local paper, on eBay, or from a dealer online.
  • Used Mobility Scooters at Affordable Prices  By : Michiel Van Kets
    A used mobility scooter gives you the freedom to live life as you did before you needed it - they are economical and can be just as good as a new model if looked after properly. Maintain your independence and save yourself some money.
  • Looking After Your Mobility Scooter  By : Michiel Van Kets
    Purchasing a mobility scooter isn't cheap even though they offer value for money so you need to ensure you look after it properly so it lasts as long as it's needed. Get a regular service, only use it where it's designed for, don't leave it out in the rain too often, keep it clean, and it should be getting you from place to place for a very long time.
  • Mobility Scooters to Ease your Life  By : Michiel Van Kets
    Having difficulty getting around? Mobility scooters can give you back a lot of independence particularly if you're relying on relatives or friends to help out. Invest in a new product or buy a used model the choice is yours � they are all fast, economical and offer freedom.
  • Helicopter Parents  By :
    Helicopter parents are parents who hover. They act on behalf of their child at all times, which hinders their child's independence, the learning of self help skills, and copying skills. Emotionally, children of helicopter parents have a difficult time handling situations. They don't know how to play and they need a lot of reminders or directions when performing tasks.
  • Change Child Behavior: 3 Proven Ways To Make Your Kid Behave  By : Michael Lee
    Children can be quite a handful; and as much as we want them to grow up to be good and kind, there are times when their behavior shows otherwise. This article reveals some proven ways to change child behavior.
  • Parenting Tips For Toddlers: 3 Tips To Keep Your Child Happy And Healthy  By : Michael Lee
    Dealing with little kids can be especially tiring. Trust me; you�re not the only one who feels that way. If you�re in need of parenting tips for toddlers, read this article.
  • 3 Effective Child Discipline Techniques That Work Like A Charm  By : Michael Lee
    With the help of effective child discipline techniques, you can be confident that your kids will grow up to be mature and level-headed individuals. This article shows you 3 ways to get your kids to behave and listen to you.
  • Why Children Misbehave And How To Deal With Them  By : Michael Lee
    Kids get into all sorts of trouble most of the time. However, there are reasons why children misbehave the way they do. To find out why and learn how to deal with them, read this article.
  • Hypnosis: Making Your Pregnancy Easier  By : Roseanna Leaton
    There are many emotional and physical adjustments to be dealt with in pregnancy. Pregnancy hypnosis is a "no-brainer" for every mum who has so much to gain from its use and application.
  • How To Make Your Kids Behave And Listen To You In 3 Easy Steps  By : Michael Lee
    Bringing kids up isn�t easy, but you don�t have to go through the challenges of disciplining them alone. Read this article to find out how to make your kids behave and get them to listen to you.
  • Getting Kids to Listen: 3 Simple Tips To Make Any Child Listen To You  By : Michael Lee
    Getting kids to listen can be a little tricky. However, there are ways to make any child listen without necessarily having to chase them all around the house or the classroom first. Read this article to find out how.
  • The 4 Parenting Styles And How To Use Them  By : Joshua Uebergang
    Here's the most common parenting question I get asked, which is a major parenting misconception: Is there one correct way to raise a child? The answer is there is no one right way to raise a child.

    Having said that, there are four parenting styles you need to be aware of when raising a child, which explain the best parenting styles for a child. How you use the parenting styles is up to your judgment. Read on for tips on how to use the four Parenting Styles.
  • Are Vaccinations Good Parenting?  By : Jesse Cannone
    Good parenting certainly does not include blindly subjecting yourself or children to what is in essence a massive experiment...
  • 7 Self Improvement Ideas Your Children Will Be Happy You Found  By : Nea Joy
    Self improvement isn't just about self for parents. Learn simple self improvement ideas and tips that will help you ease parenting fears, enjoy the experience of raising children/teens, and successfully create the parent-child relationship of your dreams.
  • Catch Them Being Good  By : Dr. David J. Carey
    My mother used to say this all the time, �You just have to catch them being good.� She didn�t know at the time that she was a behavioural psychologist. She just believed that it was the best way to raise children. She was right!
  • Step by Step Guide on How to Share Parenting Responsibilities with an Ex  By : Beth Banning & Neill Gibson
    Are you tired of playing joint-custody tug-of-war with your Ex? Would you rather be paying for your kid's needs than paying your custody attorney? Discover the How-Tos of mutual respect with your Ex and co-operation in your shared parenting plans. Find advice that's miles apart from the usual divorced-parent information found in any ordinary shared-custody parenting class. These 5 Steps to Successful Co-parenting give you, your Ex, and your children the support you need most.
  • Control Pain in Childbirth With Hypnosis  By : Roseanna Leaton
    Scientific research has over the last few years proven the benefits of hypnosis in pain control. You can reduce time in labor and dull your perception of pain naturally and easily with the help of hypnosis downloads.
  • 3 Simple Tips on How To Help Your Child Get Over Shyness  By : TimArends
    Too many parents are too busy with their lives to worry about interacting with their children. But the first opportunity the child gets to socialize with people is with members of his or her own family.
  • How To Help Your Child Get Over Shyness  By : TimArends
    A child may seem to be gregarious in his or her early years, but may develop shyness later on. As your child matures, he or she may actually need encouragement to �open up,� and need practice in more complex social interactions.

    ...If you see signs of shyness developing in your child, make sure that you do not contribute to the problem.
  • The Greatest Gift You Can Give Your Kids is Confidence  By : Roseanna Leaton
    What can you do to give your kid's confidence? Confidence to pass their exams, mingle with ease and comfort and create success in their lives?
  • The Ten Commandments Of Parenting Teenagers  By : Joanne Kimes and R.J. Colleary with Rebecca Rutledge, PhD
    As we all know and regret deeply, kids aren't born with instruction manuals informing us of the intricacies of how they work. As parents, our only option is to learn as we go. When our kids were babies, we learned to nap when they napped, to put valuables up on the high shelves, and that m&ms make excellent bribing tools when potty training. But now that your baby is no longer a baby (although he still may act that way from time to time), there is a whole new set of instructions to learn.
  • How Does Hypnosis Make For Easy Pregnancy And Childbirth?  By : Roseanna Leaton
    Medical research is now proving the effectiveness of hypnosis in making for a relaxed pregnancy and far more comfortable delivery. This article is simply intended as a brief guide to how hypnosis can help in many different ways, ranging from its successful use in prolonging pregnancy, reducing complications and thereby preventing premature delivery to the reducing of delivery time by a massive 2 to 4 hours.
  • Daughters in Danger  By : Joanne Kimes and R.J. Colleary with Rebecca Rutledge, PhD
    As you may recall from your own teenage years, separating from one's parents is a vital, and healthy, part of growing up. All well and good. But the question is this: as your daughters move away from YOU, who exactly are they moving TOWARDS? And more importantly, are those people taking them someplace you want them to go?
  • Call the Midwife  By : Jennifer Worth
    The cot is ready. A good size washing bowl is available, and gallons of hot water are being boiled downstairs. There is no running hot water in the house and I wonder how they used to manage when there was no water at all. It must have been an all night job, going out to collect it and boiling it up. On what? A range in the kitchen that had to be fuelled all the time, with coal if they could afford it, or driftwood if they couldn't.
  • Motherhood Brings Meaning, But Maybe Not How You Thought It Would  By : Laura Berman Fortgang
    It's long been assumed that motherhood brings meaning to our lives. We guide, love, nurture and support our offspring and sometimes feel appreciated in return -- all elements that can fuel our connectedness and satisfaction in the world. It's easy to find meaningful moments as a mom, but it's when things are tough that it seems we don't know how to interpret what meaning is. What if the greatest reward and meaning of being a mother is the growth our children force us to do?
  • 3 Steps to Awaken Your Truth While...Nurturing Your Baby!  By : Victoria Loveland-Coen
    Your ability to bond with, unconditionally love and say positive things to your baby greatly impacts who he or she becomes. Your parents didn't give you that? That's okay, you can give it to yourself. By applying these three ideas, you can transform how you think about yourself and, therefore, what shows up in your life.
  • You've Got Males  By : Meg Wolitzer
    The mother of boys can't help but think, once in a while, of those female characters in children's literature who find themselves in all-male households: Snow White, looming large over the irrepressible dwarfs, or Wendy Darling, placed in a freakishly early state of pseudo-motherhood. I was neither coerced onto my island of boys, nor did I some
  • This Land is Their Land  By : Meg Wolitzer
    My fourteen-year-old son and his friends travel the streets of the city like Oliver Twist and the Artful Dodger and co. -- not ripping off people's wallets and purses, but just hanging out in an excitable, ragged crowd, thrilled to be together and thrilled to be wandering, and certainly in no hurry to come home. When I told a friend about my son's new freedom, she replied, "That's why we live in the city, right? So our kids can have that urban, independent experience."
  • Mothers of Contention and the Money Wars  By : Meg Wolitzer
    What will become of the mommy wars in the flailing economy? My fantasy (and it is just a fantasy) is that they will eventually fade into obscurity like, say, the Punic Wars -- relics from a past that seems to have taken place a very long time ago.
  • Information on Tubal Ligation Reversal Surgery and IVF  By : Michiel Van Kets
    There are a couple of choices open to those women who have had their tubes tied (tubal ligation) and now would like to have more children with their partner. In-vitro fertilization and tubal ligation reversal are discussed here.
  • Facts and Information on Tubal Reversal Surgery  By : Michiel Van Kets
    It takes a lot of deliberation and reflection before you can make up your mind as to whether you should go ahead with a tubal ligation procedure, partly because it is seen as permanent. Unfortunately there are many women who, after performed this procedure, years later then feel they after all want to have another child and for many of them a reversal is achievable.
  • Information on Tubal Ligation Reversal  By : Michiel Van Kets
    There are many reasons why women decide to have a tubal reversal. There are those who since the operation find they suffer from severe menstrual cramps or related symptoms.
  • Should I let my child play Dress up Games?  By : Evgheny Stivenson
    As any parent of a child knows, children are substituting traditional dolls with their small clothing for computer generated virtual dolls. It's only natural; just think for a moment that for them, computers, laptops, internet, control remotes, and USBs have always existed.
  • Parents Have the Most Important Influence in Their Children's Lives  By : Yvonne Kelly
    Michelle Farias book 25 WAYS TO KEEP YOUR CHILD HEALTHY AND SUCCESSFUL - Lessons from a School Counselor, helps step-parents develop healthy relationships with their children in order to promote their well-being and success in life.

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