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  • Wow - Which are the Most Over-Assessed Houses in Zip Code 77388?  By : Patrick O Connor
    Appraisal districts use a process called mass appraisal to value hundreds of thousands of houses. In Harris County, they value about 1.2 million houses each year, using a very limited staff. Most of the property inspections mandated by state low (every three years) are now done using aerial photography! Seriously, how much can you tell about the condition of a house viewing an aerial photograph?
  • 5 Key Benefits of SaaS Policy Admin Systems  By : Steven M Richard
    Improving performance in the area of new business and underwriting in today's economic times is particularly important. Lower affordability on the part of customers is forcing many carriers to lower profit margins in middle market products - emphasizing the constraint to lower the cost to enable new business to come up.
  • Leasing Office Space - Part 5 [Selecting a Location]  By : Patrick O Connor
    The location of vendors and various third parties can be important in selecting the location of office space. Companies which have a strategic alliance with vendors or routinely access parts from vendors must consider the location of their vendors when selecting a location.
  • Detecting Worker’s Comp Claims Fraud Through Technology  By : Steven M Richard
    The struggling economy has hit insurers hard and has taken its toll in particular on the workers’ compensation system. In addition to premium abuses by employers, claims fraud and abuse by workers and service providers have produced significant losses. As a result, insurers are constantly seeking new understandings that will allow them to gain a competitive advantage, reduce costs and improve risk management.
  • Insurers Leverage Claims Technology to Escalate, Fast-Track and Optimize  By : Steven M Richard
    Claims are an insurance company’s biggest expenditure, with claims disbursements and loss-adjustment expenses combining for up to 80 percent of an insurer’s total revenue. Until the economy returns to a sounder and more stable level, enhancing combined ratios (also known as composite or statutory ratio) will more likely be achieved through claims processing cost reductions and efficiencies than an increase in underwriting profits.
  • Policy Administration System Modernization is Occurring at a NASCAR Pace  By : Steven M Richard
    A look back to 15 years ago reveals that most insurers back then built their own PAS solutions in-house. In an effort to address the long time lines and escalating costs associated with this strategy, the trend shifted to a packaged solution approach. Today you rarely find a carrier building their own solution as several options for improving or modernizing have become more popular.
  • Improving the Strength of Your Claims System Auditing Process  By : Steven M Richard
    Higher caseloads for claim managers, and an increase in outsourcing has spiraled claim departments into an escalation of human error, and an inflation of fraudulent & improper claims being paid. Claims departments rely heavily on the claims system audit process to red flag any failing operating procedures and to do to a systematic and review of claims files and related records to evaluate performance. However, one must ask how often are claim managers improving their claim audit process?
  • Barbados’ Real Estate Climate  By : Cherita O’dell
    This global economic climate has proven extremely tough for Barbados real estate. There are more signs than ever before posted on front lawns as homeowners choose to sell their properties for one reason or the other. Some face the reality that their maintenance expenses which were manageable before have now become a burden. Others want to downsize because a house which once held a family of 5 has now become an empty nest with just two parents who are retirees.
  • 10 Tips on Preparing to Replace a Policy Administration System  By : Steven M Richard
    Many insurers launched new Policy Administration Systems (PAS) in the late 90’s, and the industry noise level is indicating that it may be time for many to upgrade. Replacing your core Policy Administration System (PAS) can be an overwhelming undertaking. Preparing your company for the review and selection process of a new system is an important first step in managing the project successfully. Ten tips to include in the preparation phase include:
  • Claims Documentation Checklist  By : Steven M Richard
    Claims management systems represent an essential part of an insurer’s core system because it not only keeps track of all file activity in each claim, but also gives claims professionals the ability to make the right claims decisions with ease. Each aspect of the claim adjudication process is important, however documenting all key claim activity is critical to each file to ensure proper outcomes.
  • Oh My How Claims Management Has Changed!  By : Steven M Richard
    In the last decade there have been many important changes in Insurance Claim Management that have improved predictability, the integration of data and added the convenience of mobility to increase processing speed. In fact, the industry has experienced far too many changes to attempt to enumerate them in a single post. Four of the most significant transformations include:
  • Tax Deduction Texas - New Home Construction Affects Home Tax Values  By : Patrick O Connor
    Most people see new home construction in their neighborhood as a good thing. New homes typically help increase the market value of properties, so when someone in an older home goes to sell, they often can ask a higher price than areas without new construction.
  • Cost Segregation Analysis - Business Tax Deductions  By : Patrick O Connor
    Business taxes can be summarized simply as calculating your total revenue, reducing this amount by as many tax deductions as you can and then paying tax on the remaining amount. Most people are not aware of all business deductions and miss out on various claims. To this end, it is important to understand the theme for deductions for businesses.
  • Medicare Plans Available in Washington State  By :
    Medicare benefits are some of the most valuable retirement and disability benefits that our country offers. Here's some basic information about Medicare in WA State. Medicare is a type of health insurance that is available from the federal government for people who are 65 years old or older, people with certain disabilities and those at any age with End State Renal disease (ESRD) which is a disease when one's kidneys have failed and dialysis or a kidney transplant is required.
  • Critical Covers to Consider While Opting for a Builders Insurance Policy  By :
    Builders insurance is an exclusive coverage that protects building owners, builders and contractors from risks that may arise while construction of a property. Construction involves an array of risks that are unpredictable; therefore, it is essential to get insurance protection for workers, property, location and other liabilities that are a part of the construction site.
  • Appealing Property Taxes for Your Home  By : Patrick O Connor
    Property taxes are a substantial expense for Texas homeowners, averaging about $3,600 annually. To reduce this expense, property owners should annually review and consider appealing property taxes. While there is no guarantee that an appeal will be successful, a recent survey indicates that 70% of property tax appeals are successful.
  • Understanding the Need of Having Adequate Business Insurance Cover  By :
    Insurance is a means to protect the businesses from unforeseen risks; it provides peace of mind to the business owners. However, choosing adequate insurance cover is crucial to leverage the benefits it offers. This article sheds light on the negative impact of under or over insuring a business and the importance of having adequate insurance cover.
  • Advantages of Searching Insurance Policies Online  By :
    The rapid growth of the Internet has made pursuing knowledge about almost anything and everything pretty easier. The Internet has spread to insurance market as well. You will have many advantages, if you go for search insurance policies online.
  • Highlights and Provisions of the New Healthcare Law  By :
    President Barack Obama signed two healthcare bills PPACA (The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) and HCERA (The Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act) in 2010 as a part of new health reform law. PPACA (commonly called as Obamacare) and HCERA will bring overwhelming changes in the U.S. private healthcare system in the next 50 years.
  • Tax Reductions through Cost Segregation  By : Patrick O Connor
    Tax reductions and tax deductions are both benefits of cost segregation. However, it would be inaccurate to term cost segregation a tax shelter. The IRS has written a manual titled Audit Techniques Guide that delineates methods to establish depreciation schedules and increase tax reductions.
  • Benefits of Taking Home-Business Insurance Policy  By : keystoneinsurance
    Home-based business is the popular choice for entrepreneurs who want to do business with small investments. According to National Statistics' Labour Force Survey, there are 2.43 million people (Q4 2011) in UK who run a business from home. These self-employed home-workers are the fastest growing part of UK workforce, whose number rose by 28.16% over the last decade.
  • Seven Tips for Sportsmen to Stay Safe While Hunting  By :
    Hunting is an exciting outdoor pastime for many in the United States. To be a good hunter, you need to be skilled, focused, patient and more importantly, careful. Accidents are commonplace while hunting. Every year, thousands of hunters endure injuries. It is, therefore, important that hunters educate themselves on the safety rules during hunting.
  • Advantages Offered by Hunting Lease Liability Insurance  By :
    Leasing lands to hunters and fishermen is becoming more and more common throughout the Unites States as landowners seek additional income or desire to reduce the damage done to their crops by deer and wildlife populations. When hunting and fishing land is leased, it is typically no longer a handshake deal, but requires the use of a written hunting lease agreement between the parties.
  • Know What to Consider While Buying Personal Accident Insurance Policy  By : keystoneinsurance
    Accidents are uncertain, and can cause irreparable damage to the individual. Hence, it is important to buy the correct sort of insurance to protect oneself against any such possible unfortunate incidents.
  • Cost Segregation - Tax Deductions (Taxes are your enemy, but tax deductions are your friends)  By : Patrick O Connor
    Business taxes can be summarized simply as calculating your total revenue, reducing this amount by as many tax deductions as you can and then paying tax on the remaining amount. Most people are not aware of all business deductions and miss out on various claims. To this end, it is important to understand the theme for deductions for businesses.
  • Get Comprehensive Information About Barbados Real Estate using BEAVA’s Multi-Listing Service  By :
    The Barbados Estate Agent and Valuers Association (BEAVA) has established a Multi-Listing Service (MLS) for use by its members. This service will make the search for properties better organized as it provides an extremely convenient database allowing agents to know what is on the market at any given moment. The MLS will act as a big warehouse of real estate property in Barbados, and is extremely beneficial to its users as it provides comprehensive information.
  • Why is it Advisable for a Manufacturing Business to Take Insurance?  By : keystoneinsurance
    Manufacturing business is one of the complex business types, which involves complicated business operations that may put the capitals at risk. The challenges faced by the business owners are unique and vary based on the size, scope, and nature of their business.
  • Cost Segregation - Tax Deductions  By : Patrick O Connor
    Business taxes can be summarized simply as calculating your total revenue, reducing this amount by as many tax deductions as you can and then paying tax on the remaining amount.
  • Top Seven Cheap Auto Insurance "Tricks"  By : Stuart Broad
    You can do some specific things if you wish to save some money on auto insurance. Since many people do not know about different discounts on auto insurance, they spend too much without taking advantage of the discounts.
  • Know About the Benefits Offered by Commercial Property Insurance  By : keystoneinsurance
    Commercial property includes income accruing physical property of a business such as office building, shopping complexes, warehouses and factories. Possessing commercial property is associated with great risks. The risks include damage to property due to natural calamities, non-payment of rents by the tenants, fraudulent litigation against the owner of the premises, etc.
  • Importance of Business Insurance for Small Businesses  By : keystoneinsurance
    In any business, risks cannot be ruled out. In case of a small business, even a small risk can make a huge impact on the growth and sustainability of the business.
  • Interview the Apartment Leasing Staff  By : Patrick O Connor
    Call the leasing staff at the five to 20 apartments you have identified using the online apartment search service. Review your notes regarding the most important criteria for your apartment. Rank your criteria in descending order (most important at the top).
  • Valuable Facts To Consider When Looking For The Best Home Insurance  By : Stuart Broad
    For many home owners, a home is one of the most precious investments. It is therefore important to ensure that you have the best home insurance as a way of making sure that your investment is well covered. It is with no doubt that the home carries enough properties of great value and therefore it makes sense to buying an insurance cover.
  • Factors To Consider When Looking For Motorcycle Insurance  By : Stuart Broad
    When buying good motorcycle insurance, one of the things that many people do not understand is on how go about the process. There are many things that one should consider before opting for any single policy at the face value.
  • Obtain Your Credit Report  By : Patrick O Connor
    In most cases, you will not need to obtain a copy of your credit report prior to looking for an apartment. However, you should consider obtaining a copy of your credit report if you're concerned there might be problems.
  • Several Types of Business Insurance  By : Stuart Broad
    There is too much at risk when operating a business. Different business insurance covers may or may not provide protection against different risks like health, liability, compensation, catastrophe etc. One often needs the services of a qualified business insurance broker to understand the dynamics involved in getting the coverage for s specific risk.
  • Planning to Insure Your Business? - Know What to Consider  By : keystoneinsurance
    Every business, regardless of its size and industry, needs insurance to protect itself from various financial losses that can arise due to unfortunate events such as natural disasters liability, theft or litigation.
  • Importance of Product and Public Liability Insurance for Retail Businesses  By : keystoneinsurance
    As retail businesses have direct interaction with the general public (customers), they are more likely to face liability claims from the customers. Retail business owners may face liability when their business is held accountable for injuries caused to the visitors; even when the visitor’s property is damaged either due to the negligence of the store management or due to the defective product sold by the retail outlet.
  • Car Finance That Works For You  By : Michiel Van Kets
    Look online for leaders in car financing for convenience, speed and low-cost services. Anyone looking to buy a new car and seeking a loan should compare different lenders if they want the best deal.
  • Builders Insurance - Essential Tool in Construction Industry  By : keystoneinsurance
    Fatalities in construction industry are common. Construction workers, business owners and even general public are always at risk of accidents at construction sites. Not only the people are at risk, there are many chances of material and machinery damage.
  • Personal Accidental Insurance - Is It Worth Investing?  By : keystoneinsurance
    Personal accident insurance, as the name suggests, comes to your rescue when you meet with unexpected accidents. This policy covers any accident and is not limited to work related accidents. It covers various monetary needs at this crucial point of time like regular income, medical expenses, hospitalization charges, funding for child's education, total reimbursement of money to the family in case of death, etc.
  • Term or Life Insurance  By : Stuart Broad
    Nobody really wants to think about this but it is an important factor in everyone’s life- the purchasing of life insurance.
  • A Catastrophic Health Insurance Plan For Everyone  By : Michiel Van Kets
    There's a catastrophic health insurance plan to fit most people's lifestyle, you just need to check out the various policies online to see what level of coverage is available. Get 4 or 5 quotes before making any decision and don't take your health for granted any longer.
  • Employers Liability Insurance and Its Benefits for Small Businesses  By : keystoneinsurance
    Any company, whether it is small or large, having permanent or temporary employees should have employers’ liability insurance. It is not only necessary but is mandatory in UK according to the Employers Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act, 1969. This insurance helps the business in covering the unexpected costs that comes from injuries or fatalities of its employees.
  • Consider Catastrophic Health Insurance Plans  By : Michiel Van Kets
    There are plenty of benefits once you make the decision to get a catastrophic health insurance plan, amongst them low monthly premiums, and a choice of coverage depending on your needs.
  • Some Of The Things To Consider When Looking For A Car Insurance Cover  By : Stuart Broad
    Whatever country you come from, every car owner is required to have an insurance policy covering his or her car as well as other occupant of the car when it is on the road. A car is not supposed to hit the road without a coverage policy that ensures not only your own safety but also the safety of other road users.
  • Considering The Best Insurance Quotes For You  By : Stuart Broad
    Although at times many people do not think of insurance policies to be something worth considering, it is good to understand that there are many factors surrounding this issue which are really important. As someone once said, you might need to plan your life as though everything depends on the plan you are making.
  • Find Out More About Catastrophic Insurance  By : Michiel Van Kets
    Catastrophic health insurance is unlike any traditional insurance and an affordable way to protect you and your family against unexpected medical costs. Find out more by searching online for quotes and what's included in the coverage.
  • Do You Have Health Insurance?  By : Michiel Van Kets
    If you don't have any kind of health insurance in place then every day is a risk. Paying for a medical emergency out of your own pocket will be expensive and could put you into debt. Check out catastrophic health insurance for peace of mind and affordable premiums.
  • Does Your Home Say “Buy Me?”  By :
    So, you have decided to put your house up for sale in the market. Your house has been appraised and you have set your asking price and listed it with your real estate agent of choice. You wait anxiously for prospective purchasers to view your property and make an offer. Several months have passed and in spite of your optimism, not one offer has been received.

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