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  • (Almost) Fr’ee Marketing using Public Speaking  By : Audrey Burton
    Are you looking for inexpensive ways to market your business? Public speaking is almost as cheap as you can get! You reach a room full of people all at once, and sometimes they even pay you! Read all about how to get going, with some specific tips and ideas.
  • 12 Surefire Strategies For Overcoming Your Fear Of Public Speaking  By : Deborah Torres Patel
    For many people the idea of speaking in public can be absolutely terrifying! And sociologists report that the fear of public speaking ranks even higher than the fear of death. Not to worry. Here are 12 surefire strategies to eliminate stage fright and the fear of public speaking.
  • 17 Painless Pointers To Plan, Prepare & Practice For Public Speaking even if you're scared to death  By : Deborah Torres Patel
    Many people have a fear of public speaking. However 75% of fear can be reduced by practice and preparation, 15% by deep breathing, and 10% by mental preparation and focus. Preparing thoroughly using these easy tips as a guide will help you to alleviate unnecessary stress and ultimately provide a consistent structure for achieving extraordinary results each and every time.
  • 4 Compelling Reasons To Use Public Speaking To Get Clients  By : Peter Fogel
    There are four great reasons you should use public speaking to build you client base. Find out what they are here!
  • 5 Ways to Liven Your Audience  By : Arvee Robinson
    Has a boring speaker ever put you to sleep? Your head begins to nod as you fight off the urge to slip mercifully into the Land of the Z’s. Or has your mind ever wandered during someone’s dull presentation? Although you appear to listen intently, what you are really thinking about are the million tasks waiting for you at home.Sure, this has happened to all of us, more than we would like to admit. However, don’t let it happen to you when you are the speaker.
  • 7 Steps to Effective Presentation Skills  By : Annette Estes
    There are three aspects of a presentation - visual, vocal, and verbal. These seven steps will help you develop more effective presentation skills, reduce your fear of public speaking, and give you podium power.
  • 9 Secrets to Better Speaking  By : Arvee Robinson Intl.
    You’re at a huge networking event. Nervously, you glance around the room and see many familiar faces. Some of the faces are new and are even smiling. These are the faces of your fellow club members. You have talked to them many times on many different occasions. So why should this be any different? Why do you have a big knot in your stomach? Why do you have an overwhelming desire to run? Why? Because tonight, YOU are the speaker. This is the first time you’ll formally speak in front of your peers. Are you ready?
  • After Dinner Speaking, Hero Or Coward?  By : Roger Bourne
    During my time as Chairman of Forum, the Public Speaking Group of the Australian Institute of Management, I have often been asked about speaking after dinner.

    Before I discuss this opportunity, I want you to think back to a time when you were at a dinner event and the speaker came on.

    How did you and your party react?

    Did you give him or her a chance to get started?

    Did you listen intently to the point of view being put across?

    Or did you, after you realised th...
  • All You Need to Consider While Hiring a Private Investigator  By : Theinvfirm
    You may need to hire a private investigator for many reasons such as to find a missing person, monitor a suspect, conduct asset search, reduce workers compensation claims etc. It is very difficult for us to tackle these issues on our own.
  • Body Language in Business Meetings that Win You Respect  By : Joshua Uebergang
    When you're in a business meeting, it is often more than your simple words that everyone else is paying attention to. Continue reading this article for the most important body language tips to harness in your next business meeting.
  • Confident Public Speaking  By :
    When you think about getting up in front of an audience to speak with, do you start to sweat? Many people don't realize it but public speaking is actually one of the most common phobias that people have. The problem with having this phobia is that it is difficult to hide whenever you are actually on the stage in front of your audience. This tends to compound the problem which, in turn, shows in the form of further nervousness on your part. Believe it or not, your nervousness ...
  • Conversation Starters for New People at Work and Business  By : Joshua Uebergang
    When trying to start conversations with clients and coworkers, you need to adjust your methods for a more professional environment, ensuring discourse that is elevated beyond casual conversation, but that is not so stuffy as to inhibit familiarity. Here are a few tips to starting effective conversations in work and business environments.
  • Dealing with difficult questions or difficult audiences  By : Dr Jeannette Kavanagh
    When you present your ideas or information in public, you have to be prepared to deal with all types of audiences. Some are so docile you could be forgiven for thinking they've left this world altogether.

    Then there are the audiences who are hostile - especially if you're a politician speaking to the 'other team' so to speak. All the work you've done to prepare your talk, your notes, and visual aids will be for nothing if you can't handle some difficult questions and difficult audiences.
  • Dr. Seuss's "The Cat in the Hat" Will Help You Get Your Point Across!  By : Ed Sykes
    Here's how Dr. Seuss's "The Cat in the Hat" can help you develop your vocal variety and hold your audience's attention:
  • Easy Public Speaking with Hypnosis  By : Michelle Beaudry
    You can undo why you fear speaking in front of others, quickly and easily, using hypnosis. Here are the basics you'll need to know first.
  • Eliminate the Fear of Speaking  By : Arvee Robinson Intl.
    Feeling nervous before you speak in front of a room full of people is quite common among the majority of people today. It may help if you understand why the body goes into a complete fearful state when asked to give a speech. Below are 4 strategies to eliminate the fear of speaking and gain confidence.
  • Five Secrets to “Thinking on Your Feet"  By : Ed Sykes
    The following are five secrets to help you master your
    “thinking on your feet” skills:
  • How Public Speaking can Enhance Your Life, and Your Business  By : Dr Jeannette Kavanagh
    Ever thought "I don't want to be a public speaker and I'm never
    going to be a public speaker!"

    Many people firmly believe that public speaking is something other people do. For some, it means Anthony Robbins up there and at 'em delivering motivational talks, or David Letterman compering a show.

    They simply didn't see any relevance of public speaking to their personal lives or to their working lives - they're not public speaking people.
  • How to evaluate your public speaking and public presentations  By : Dr Jeannette Kavanagh
    Without making an effort to constantly improve anything you do, including public speaking: you won't. It's that simple.

    This article is about evaluating how well you performed, whilst remembering that you must be kind to yourself. Kind but objective and a little bit challenging. Although I tell my coaching clients to treat themselves kindly when they make judgements about their most recent public speaking engagement, I encourage them to strive constantly for improvement.
  • How To Fit the Right Humor To The Right Audience  By : Peter Fogel
    Make your speech a success by choosing the right humor for the audience! You know the speech delivered to a black tie Republican affair would not have the same appeal at a rodeo. Learn the secrets of knowing how to deliver a winning speech, directly targeted to making your specific audiences laugh.
  • How to Give a Dynamic Presentation  By : Raymond Gerson
    The ability to communicate effectively with an audience is more important than ever before. This article provides fifteen tips for giving an excellent group presentation.
  • How to improve your speeches  By : Vincent Stevenson
    How to create a positive impact when speaking in public. What to do and what not to do when addressing an audience. Making your speeches memorable by focusing your words on the audience. It's not what you say, it's the way that you say it. Speaking with confidence, coherence and clarity.
  • How to Minimize Stress When You Present to a Group  By : Jeanie Marshall
    Do you feel stressed when you have to present to a group? Here are some thoughts to keep in mind before, during, and after you present that can keep your stress at a manageable level.
  • How to Prepare for Impromptu Speeches  By : Dr Jeannette Kavanagh
    Impromptu means a combination of 'without rehearsal', 'without preparation' and 'spontaneous'. Whatever the connotations, no one likes being asked to speak in public with no time at all to prepare.

    This article will help you to be prepared for the unexpected.
  • Hypnosis mp3 Downloads Teach You to Make a Great Speech  By : Roseanna Leaton
    Whether you are making a speech for social or business reasons you always want to do your best. Hypnosis allows you to be more creative in your speech writing and more confident on the day.
  • Hypnotic Persuasion Techniques for Public Speakers:3 Public Speaking Tips To Mesmerize Your Audience  By : Michael Lee
    Effective public speakers have a strange sense of power in them that draws a crowd like a moth to the flame. How can they capture the awe and inspiration of the people? The answer lies in hypnotic persuasion techniques for public speakers.
  • Outstanding Presentations Start in the Mind: Five Secrets for Overcoming Public Speaking Anxiety  By : Ed Sykes
    So what do great speakers do to prepare themselves to be great presenters? They prepare their minds to give a great presentation. That’s right; it all starts in your mind. How can you develop a great speaker’s mindset and start giving outstanding presentations? The following are five secrets for powerful public speaking:
  • Persuasive Speaking Techniques  By : Michael Lee
    There are three things you should be aware of to become a much improved persuasive speaker.
  • Power of The Word  By : Tyler Benson
    It is nearly impossible to imagine our life without verbal communication. Verbal communication or putting it simpler all the words we say to each other is one of the main channels of our interaction with one another. No wonder that words turn into an impressive instrument we may use daily. The ways to use it are different and may serve different purposes. However, using this instrument we should always remember about responsibility that goes together with what we say.
  • Presentation Skill Training -10 Tips for Giving Powerful, Professional Presentations  By : Annette Estes
    Four most feared words: “You’re giving the presentation.” Here are 10 tips on presenting for those who want to release their fear of public speaking and develop effective presentation skills.
  • Presentation Skills  By : Tyler Benson
    There are constant arguments on whether a person is born talented and gifted or a person becomes such in the course of life due to a number of reasons. Of course, inborn abilities are very often crucial; however, only persistent work upon oneself can guarantee success. What characteristics are vital for becoming a successful scholar, for example? Are high achievements ensured by intelligence and research skills merely? We argue that for being truly successful, one has to possess a capability of presenting his work.
  • Presentation skills: Ten Quick Public Speaking Tips for Outstanding Presentations  By : Ed Sykes
    It’s that time again…the monthly meeting. You break out in a cold sweat just thinking about it. Whether you present to your managers or your employees you are saying to yourself:

    What if I mess up?
    What if I repeat myself?
    What if the audience doesn’t like what I say?
    What if I forget a part of my speech?
    What if I look nervous?

    It’s okay! You’re not the only one feeling this way. The Book of Lists states that the #1 fear is speaking in public.
  • Presentation Skills: How to Prepare an Outstanding Presentation in Thirty Minutes or Less  By : Ed Sykes
    It's 2 p.m. and your manager walks up to you with that look on his face. He announces that the company president wants you to give a presentation to him concerning the high profile project you have been working on…and he wants the presentation to start in thirty minutes. Now you have a look on your face as if you had just seen a ghost.
  • Presentation Skills: Seven Presentation Secrets Learned from the Academy Awards  By : Ed Sykes
    Academy Awards come and go, but one thing is a constant: bad acceptance speeches. You may never win an Academy Award, but you may be asked to give an acceptance speech for an accomplishment in your business, your career, your community, or your organization. Sometimes your acceptance speech will be for what you accomplished, or for what your team has accomplished.
  • Proper Preparation Is The Key To A Successful Speech  By : Peter Fogel
    Being well-prepared for a speech can make all the difference. Take the time to do your homework and wow your audience with a personalized presentation.
  • Public Speaking - A Fate Worse Than Death!  By : Johnnie Gentle
    You may be wondering what a Lifestyle Training Company and a retired magician have to do with Public Speaking.

    For many years at our Lifestyle Centre we trained therapists in all aspects of complementary medicine and ran courses in Personal Development, including NLP and Public Speaking.

    We found that one of the main causes of health problems today is STRESS and one of the most stressful things and one that creates tremendous fear and trepidation is the act of Public Sp...
  • Public Speaking - The Key Is In The Body Language. The 8 Stages To A Successful Presentation  By : Pearl Deloria
    Most people have a fear of speaking to a large group. This is a totally normal apprehension. People may visualise the audience laughing at them, or shouting out. This is an extremely rare occurrence, unless you are a politician.

    Most people listening to you are aware of the pressures you are under and would never change places with you.

    These guidelines will help you to overcome your fears.

    1. Know your subject. Read through your presentation beforehand. Read around ...
  • Public Speaking Fear? You Should Be Afraid  By : Paul Evans
    Like most pubic speaking consultants, I usually hammer all the reasons a person should not be afraid of presenting. However, the more coaching I do, the more I realize the fear is legit. People should be afraid of getting in front of a group.

    While there is a lot to gain from speaking publicly, there is also a lot to lose. Here are seven reasons to be scared…

    Number One: No skill.

    Would you want someone repairing your car that knows nothing about mechanics? The avera...
  • Public Speaking Tips  By : Simon Oldmann
    Any public speaking involves delivering information to people who are, in one way or another, waiting to get some information. This is a key reason why you should pay careful attention as you prepare to make you speech and as you plan to meet your audience.

    Some people are naturals at public speaking and getting to audiences, you may think of politicians or a good college professor you took some classes with, the fact of the matter is most people are not good at making spe...
  • Public Speaking Tips: How To Captivate Your Audience!  By :
    Public speaking is all about performance, whether this is on an auditorium stage, in a small room or a huge arena. Holding the attention of your audience throughout your presentation or speech is an area well documented in any public speaking course. Once you’ve learned how to prepare your notes, conquered your fear of public speaking and brushed up your presentation skills, tips on great ways to captivate your audience is the all-important next step!

    Public speaking tips...
  • Public Speaking Tips: Master Your Public Speaking Skills By Knowing Your Audience  By : Michael Lee
    One of the most critical public speaking tips is to understand your audience. Do your homework by asking the organisers of the events for a breakdown of the audience in terms of gender, age, interest and knowledge levels.
  • Public Speaking Training Can Really Help Your Business  By : Paul Tobey
    Public speaking training involves finding a training company who knows how to enroll and engage an audience. Winging it is not an option. Get the right training and your company will grow fast.
  • Public Speaking Will Be Your Most Important Skill in the Future  By : Michael Lee
    Your public speaking skills are of great use in countless situations. And as formal employment goes out of the window, more and more people will have to rely on their public speaking skills to further their careers and businesses.
  • Public Speaking: Get Rid Of Your Anxiety And Nervousness Once And For All  By :
    While having to speak in public, some people are experiencing anxiety and/or nervousness. Their hands are shaking. They can barely say anything.

    Have you been undergoing the same situation?

    No need to worry, you’re not alone. There are many out there who feel the same way about public speaking. However, it is best to try your best to get used to speaking in public. A successful person is sometimes asked to do it.

    So, if you plan to be one, get rid of your anxie...
  • Public Speaking: Plan Your Timing For Maximum Impact!  By :
    Timing is everything and public speaking is no exception. Long drawn-out presentations will only result in a bored, distracted audience and you’ll lose their attention very quickly! On the other hand, rushing through your material can give an impression of nerves, or your key points could be missed. Public speaking presents huge challenges for many people, but sorting out your timing can be the difference between a great speech and a mediocre or downright appalling present...
  • Public Speaking: The Mother Of All Fears  By : Guy Baglow
    In a much quoted survey of the things people fear most, public speaking came out as the number one fear. Death came third.

    So what is fear of public speaking and why does it generate so much fear in so many?

    What is fear of public speaking?

    Fear of public speaking is an intense and irrational fear of being judged by others when speaking in front of them - or of being embarrassed or humiliated in such situations - causing dread, panic and avoidance.

    More accurately...
  • Role of Interpretation in Today’s Business  By : Allegro
    Globalisation has removed all geographical barriers for business. In today’s world, businesses lose out if they are unable to communicate accurately with stakeholders in other parts of the world. Every business wants to provide the best to its local customers. Interpretation facilities make communication more efficient by acting as a medium in communicating the right message to the target audience.
  • Six Tips to Splendid Presentations  By : Dr Jeannette Kavanagh
    Great presentations can take hours of preparation. If you make regular presentations to clients it mightn't take so long. However, I believe that to present at your best, you must prepare your material and your self. Here are some useful tips.
  • Socially Anxious? Conversation Skills Can Change Your Life  By :
    Most of us take conversation for granted. After all, how hard is it to talk to someone? Conversation skills are part of the basic foundation for social interaction and communication. It's hard to imagine life without being able to communicate effectively with others.

    If you suffer from social anxiety disorder, conversation skills do not come naturally. Most sufferers struggle just to maintain a functional level of verbal communication. The very idea of striking up a conver...
  • Speak for Success  By : Sue Currie
    Being able to stand out and deliver a compelling presentation will set you apart. Read tips to help you be a better presenter.

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