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  • How To Charm Someone: 5 Simple Tips To Develop Your Charisma  By : Michael Lee
    Want to know how to charm someone? In this article, I'll show you some of the most effective ways to be a charismatic and likeable person.
  • How To Get Over An Abusive Relationship In 5 Steps  By : Michael Lee
    If you need to know how to get over an abusive relationship, then it’s crucial that you read this article now. All over the world, at least 1 in 3 women are being abused. Men aren’t always spared from this fate either.
  • We Codependent Men, We Mute Coyotes  By : Ken P
    The codependent man remains under society's radar because he has to do so. Codependency literature is written mostly by women for women, and yet the current generation of women 14-22 are using more alcohol and drugs than their male counterparts! We see a generation rife with codependency among its men. You may be such a man. There is a solution. Please, read this and find out where you can go for help!
  • How the Family Members of Addicts Become Dysfunctional  By : Ken P
    We all know about the horrors of alcoholism and addiction from the point of view of the diseased ones, but how much do we know about the pain these people inflict upon their immediate family members? Here is a view of what an alcoholic wife and mother does to her family. Unlike most articles that tug at our hearts with tales of despair, this one points the reader to a solid source of help for families sufferring with this devestating disease!
  • Flavors of Codependency  By : Ken P
    Psychologists have defined for us some distinct types of codependency. As a man with over 30 years in the Al-Anon program, I have made it my business to “learn the facts about alcoholism,” and I am writing this as a service to whomever God chooses to read it, but especially for all of you fellow 12-steppers in programs such as Al-Anon, Adult Children of Alcoholics, and Nar-A-Non. If you discover yourself described here, PLEASE READ THIS AND GO FOR HELP!
  • How To Train A Man To Become An Enabler!  By : Ken P
    How to train a man to become an enabler

    An enabler is any person who does for another person what that person could and should be doing for themselves. This article shows in detail how alcoholics and addicts train their loved ones to continue enabling them so that they can continue to use their drug of choice. Various roles played by different family members is discussed, and there is a SOLUTION offerred at the conclusion...a place the reader can go for help!
  • Resisting Media Hype  By : Esther Kane
    A woman-centred psychotherapist explores the impact that the media has on our self-worth and offers healthy alternatives to feeling good about yourself regardless of what you see in magazines and on television.
  • Detox Facts Alcohol Detox Information  By : ashu
    Drug and alcohol detoxification is the first step in overcoming a substance addiction such as drugs or alcohol
  • Detox Cupping Treatment  By : ashu
    Detox is only the beginning, and is almost never enough to achieve lasting sobriety.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous: 12 Steps To Help  By :
    Alcoholics Anonymous is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1935 by two recovering alcoholics, Bill W (William Griffith Wilson) and Dr. Bob (Dr. Robert Holbrook Smith). They were the first to put forward the idea that alcoholism was a treatable disease to a national audience. They also wrote the "Big Book" that is the cornerstone for Alcoholics Anonymous.

    The twelve steps outlined in the Big Book are now famous:

    1. We admitted we were powerless over alcohol --...
  • What To Look For In A Drug Rehab: Critical Information  By :
    While it can seem quite intimidating to ask questions about a drug rehab program, you must in order to find the right one for you.There are many different types of drug rehab programs available. You must find the right program for you.
  • Help for Parents with Addicted Children  By : Ken P
    Practicle sugestions for parents who suspect or know that their children are using drugs. This is such a widespread issue, and Nar-A-Non is so new that there are very few meetings today in the USA. This article asks real-world questions from three men who have "been there" with addicted children!
  • Create Win/win Outcomes And Relationships  By : Simon Perkins
    Q. What happens when we go through life looking only at what’s in it for us? We get selfish, we get greedy, and we get dependent on getting more of the same.

    The result? Our lives become attached to this way of being, often to the degree that we manifest a blatant disregard for others and our relationships. In turn, we become blinkered to the destructive nature of our actions and give rise to provocation and resentment. The solution? To create an outcome that ensures a wi...
  • Recovery may be difficult not impossible  By : Sean Carter
    Everybody wants to recover from situations where they never wanted to be in the first place and live a normal life but very few end up doing that. Life is not that bad nor is it that difficult. It's just will and the courage that is needed. Recovery comes automatically.
  • Healing From Childhood Abuse  By : Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
    In the 37 years that I have been counseling individuals, I have worked with many people who have suffered from severe physical, emotional, and/or sexual abuse in childhood. Many who have sought my help were suffering from fear and anxiety, depression, various addictions, relationship problems and sexual problems. Many of these people had no memory of their childhood and had no idea why there were so unhappy. Many had spent years in therapy yet had never remembered their abuse...
  • Don't Hesitate To Get Addiction Treatment  By : Belina Storrey
    In our day and age, it seems like you do not have to look far or long to find people that are struggling with addictions of all kinds. Sometimes you have to look no further than to yourself to find a tough addiction. When we hear the word, addiction, we immediately think of alcohol or substance abuse don't we? But let me assure you, there is a far wider range of things to be addicted to, and getting addiction treatment can be great no matter what a person is addicted to.

  • 5 Tips for Getting Your Life Back On Track -- After Taking a Wrong Turn  By : Cari Vollmer
    We’ve all experienced moments in our life when we hear ourselves say “YES” to a job, person or situation we know deep in our heart isn’t right for us. And still we do it. This article has tips that may help.
  • Recovery From Addictions, Part 5  By : Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
    In Part 1 of this series of articles, I defined substance and process addictions, and described the four major false beliefs that underlie most addictions:

    1. I can’t handle my pain.
    2. I am unworthy and unlovable.
    3. Others are my source of love.
    4. I can have control over how others feel about me and treat me.

    In Parts 2,3 and 4, I explored in depth each of these false beliefs and how they contribute to addictive behavior. In this final part of this series, I addre...
  • Why Most People with Agoraphobia Take a Year or More to Start Recovery  By : Stephen Price
    Agoraphobia is the fear of having a panic attack in open or public places. Understanding agoraphobia is the first step toward recovery. However, the average person with agoraphobia takes at least one full year to get diagnosed and even longer to learn enough about agoraphobia to start recovering. This article discusses the reasons why and offers a website as a resource for learning about agoraphobia.