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  • Benefits of ayurveda herbal face packs  By : Dr.Savitha Suri
    The herbal paste which is applied on face to treat acne, pimple, scars, marks and pigments are known as �mukha lepa� in ayurveda. The process of smearing this herbal mix on face is known as �mukha lepana�. This beauty therapy is popular as facial. The smooth powder which is used for facial application is �face pack�. A good herbal face pack must supply necessary nutrients to skin. It should penetrate the subcutaneous tissues in order to deliver the required nutrients.
  • Get Rid Of Acne The Natural Way  By : Francine Cook
    Are you aware of what constitutes healthy skin? Are you also aware that you can have healthy skin even though you may currently suffer from acne? Most people do not know that in order for them to enjoy healthy skin, they must make an effort to develop their skin care techniques. The daily habit of taking care of your skin will help deliver essential nutrients that your skin needs.
  • Best Acne Treatment Now Discovered  By : Nick Mutt
    Skins are very sensitive and the most exposed part of the body and hence the most affected area. They are more prone to diseases since the dirt, grime, polluted air and exhaust from the vehicles all get accumulated here.
  • Skin Care Tips for Natural Glow  By : Nick Mutt
    Beauty is one of the most predominant factors affecting your personality and confidence. But going to beauty parlors is not the only way of maintaining oneself.
  • Clear Skin Now. A More Beautiful You  By : Francine Cook
    Acne can be a tough problem to fight but it can be done. The question always becomes what is the best acne treatment? The answer is always the same, the product that works for you is the best treatment. One product that many have had success with is the Proactive facial cleanser.
  • How To Treat Your Acne  By : Rudy Silva
    Do want information that will help you stop acne? If you have acne, you probably want to an instant acne cure. To clear your face of blemishes, take time to do it right. You didn�t create facial imperfections on your face in an instant. Stopping acne can be done, but you have to have the right information. Try using these techniques in this article to eliminate acne for good.
  • Discover How To Stop Acne And Treatment Necessary  By : Rudy Silva
    Have you been looking for a way to have a beautiful face? Most people that have pimples want to get rid of them immediately. To clear your face of blemishes, take time to do it right. Acne that forms on your face does not occur over night. Stopping acne can be done, but you have to have the right information. Discover in this article what works and what doctors don�t want to use for acne.
  • Discover the Secret Behind the Effectiveness of Nightcream  By : Therese Higgins
    Have you noticed how, lately, nightcream seems to be the latest trend in skin care? There is a good reason for this. Consumers are beginning to discover the secret behind why this approach to anti-aging skin care is proving to be so effective.
  • Night Face Cream - Anti-Aging Skin Care's Best Kept Secret!  By : Therese Higgins here's some exciting news. I just discovered the best kept secret about anti-aging skin care: night face cream. Now before you roll your eyes and let out a disappointed sigh, let me explain.
  • Best Over the Counter Night Cream: When It�s OK To Be Your Own Dermatologist!  By : Therese Higgins
    Ever wondered how you can get significant anti-aging skin results without having to go to the dermatologist? Well, with a little information and a point in the right direction, you can avoid the strong prescription drugs, expensive chemical peels and later treatments used by dermatologists to restore your youthful glow.
  • The Surprising Results of My Organic Night Anti-Aging Cream Review  By : Therese Higgins
    If you're like me, you're not a push-over for slick magazine advertisements or celebrity endorsements...especially when it comes to skin care. You want to do your own thorough investigation of a product before handing over your hard-earned money. That's why I did my own organic night anti-aging cream review. I believe you'll find the surprising results interesting and helpful.
  • Why Night Cream is an Essential Part of Good Skin Care  By : Therese Higgins
    Let's face it. As you get older, skin care can get a little more complicated. With all the facial products on the market its hard to know exactly what cream or lotion will give you the results you're looking for.
  • Natural Oils in Moisturizers for Skin  By : Christopher Cartre
    We all use and need to moisturize our skin on a regular basis. But when coming to our facial skin should we use the same moisturizer that we use on our bodies? I hope not. Moisturizers are available in different formulas for different skin types. But so many regular moisturizers contain ingredients that can clog your pores and will not keep your skin properly hydrated.
  • Identifying Your Skin Type  By : Christopher Cartre
    Do you know your skin type? Are you using several products hoping that one will work? Most people are in a hit or miss situation with their skin care regimen because they do not know their skin type.
  • Winter Face Essentials and Skin Care in Winter  By : Christopher Cartre
    There is no denial about the certainties in life: death and taxes. But who say that your skin have to suffer because it�s cold outside? In the summer, the air is humid, and the driest of skin gets moisture from the air so you don�t hear the usual complaints about skin feeling dry. But in the winter, humidity is gone and so is the moisture. Your face cries out for moisture because it takes a beating from the dry winter air, and from the indoor heat. This is especially true if you have dry skin. You may say what am I suppose to do then? Since you asked the question, a good skin care regimen designed for your skin type is the first step to winterizing your skin.
  • What are Peptides? - Skin Care  By : Christopher Cartre
    The use of peptides in skin care products today is due to its ability to firm, brighten and smooth wrinkles from the skin. Peptides help to stimulate collagen to plump and firm the skin, allowing us to slow down signs of aging. The aging process brings about changes in our bodies that many of us would like to avoid. Some of those changes includes the appearance of fines lines and wrinkles to our skin. These lines and wrinkles are a direct result of our bodies producing less collagen which is responsible for keeping our skin looking firm and smooth.
  • What is the Best Firming Over the Counter Night Cream for Anti-Aging Results?  By : Therese Higgins
    Let's face it! Trying to find a firming cream that really works is no small task. The market is flooded with anti-aging skin care products...each promising to be the best at reducing the visible signs of aging. And as if trying to sort through all these products wasn't confusing enough, along comes the latest trend in fighting lines, wrinkles and sagging skin - night cream.
  • Best Collagen Firming Lotions: Better than Plastic Surgery?  By : Therese Higgins
    Are you thinking about getting plastic surgery because you've given up on find a truly effective firming lotion? Are you turning to surgery because it seems that every skin care product on the market has been unable to deliver on its promise to give you younger, firmer skin?
  • The Perfect Face - Skin Care and Makeup  By : Christopher Cartre
    After all the holiday partying, everyone with their very busy lifestyles is saying to me that they want to look their absolute best for their New Year�s party and beyond. They seemed worried about having the perfect face as they move into the New Year. We all want that flawless look and it can be achieved with regular skin caring treatments and color cosmetics to bring your best face forward.
  • Red Lipstick and The Timeless Red  By : Christopher Cartre
    Have you�ve ever thought about wearing red lipstick, or what color red is best for my skin tone? If any of your answer is yes, then read on and discover an effortless way to add red to you lipstick collection.
  • Makeup Shelf Live - Should I Toss It?  By : Christopher Cartre
    Do you know what�s in your makeup bag? You might be saying I have lots of makeup and I�ve hardly used them. Or, I�ve had my makeup for almost three years and since I just barely used it, I guess it�s OK. For many of you who have all that makeup and wondering how long I should keep it, these general guidelines will help you to decide what you can keep and what you should toss.
  • Makeup Brush Essentials To Get The Job Done  By : Christopher Cartre
    Ladies, it is essential to have the right brush to apply your makeup. You maybe thinking that applying your makeup with your hands will get the job done. But consider that when you eat you use a fork, and when you write you use a pen. Those things which you use are your tools to get the job done. Well, makeup brushes are the tools you�ll need if you want to apply your makeup with greater accuracy and precision. Purchasing a good set of makeup brushes is one of the best investment you can make.
  • Three Secrets Behind the Best Firming Lotion  By : Therese Higgins
    Are you frustrated with trying to find a firming lotion that really works? Well, by the time you finish reading this you are going to know how to do your own skin firming lotion review.
  • How to Conduct Your Own Face Cream Review  By : Therese Higgins
    I don't know a thing about you, but I bet that when it comes to reading face cream reviews you get as confused as I do. There are so many products competing for your cosmetic dollar that some companies don't think twice about making outlandish claims. I've found, however, that you can get great results if you just conduct your own face cream review. If you know what to look for, it won't be long before you will be able to spot the winners from the losers.
  • Makeup and the Right Shade  By : Christopher Cartre
    Are you confident when applying makeup to your skin, or are you wondering if this is the right shade for your skin tone? Makeup is designed to enhance your beauty, and not wearing the right shade will do your looks more harm than good.
  • Anti-Aging: High Performance Treatment Solutions  By : Christopher Cartre
    Here we are once again talking about a subject that some of us may not want to talk about. Our strenuous lifestyle shows up in our skin with wrinkles, darks spots and loose skin which makes us look older than what we really are. But if we want ageless beauty, regular and persistent skincare must be followed daily.
  • Sun Protection for Skin - Essential for Everyone  By : Christopher Cartre
    OK, let�s admit it. Everyone has heard about the importance of wearing sunscreen. But wearing sunscreen is not what most women think of when they envision a youthful, healthy complexion. So what�s all the fuss about?
  • Anti Wrinkle Face Cream - A Surprising New Discovery  By : Therese Higgins
    Its unbelievable! Have you noticed that despite the fact that anti wrinkle face cream companies continue to make promises they don't back up, these companies continue to cash in on the demand for products that stop the aging process?
  • Anti-Aging and Caring for Your Skin  By : Christopher Cartre
    Caring for the skin you�re in. We hear about it and agree that as we age, (and I hate to mention it but we are getting older) our pattern of taking care of our skin must change. Every time we look in the mirror, we�re reminded that our skin is changing. When you open your favorite magazine I�m sure you�ll see an ad on reducing wrinkles, or on getting rid of dark circles, etc. Millions are spent each year on anti aging products that promises to help retain our youthful look, or to help make us look younger.
  • What�s Your Eye Shadow Color?  By : Christopher Cartre
    If you�re wondering what color shadow should I wear as we move into a new year, here�s a heads up for the experienced eye shadow wearer, and as for the novice shadow wearer who feels somewhat lost in the sea of available colors. Soft smoky eyes will be flattering to not only your eyes, but can also be complementary to your clothing as well.
  • Beauty and the Holidays - Makeup and Skincare Needs  By : Christopher Cartre
    The holidays are approaching so fast. Christmas parties are popping up everywhere and wanting to look your best seem to follow suit. For the black tie affair, it�s all about glamourous shimmers. But for the office party, or the family and/or friends get together, looking your best is still the theme for the season.
  • Are You Using a Fad Face Cream?  By : Therese Higgins
    Let's face it. It can be unsettling to see the bloom of youth leave your face. Looking at sagging, lined, blotchy skin where there was once a firm, smooth, creamy complexion can push anyone to grasp at the promise of the latest fad face cream.
  • Why Aren't You Using Organic Face Cream?  By : Therese Higgins
    Its unbelievable! People continue to use cosmetics made from synthetic chemicals despite the warnings we get from scientific experts. If you're still using products that contain mineral oil, paraben, dioxanes, etc., I have to ask, "why aren't you using organic face cream?
  • Honey Facial - Rediscover an Ancient Beauty Secret  By : Therese Higgins
    It never fails. When you're looking for the best solution to any problem, you will usually find it in some age-old secret that's been passed down through the years. I have found that a honey facial fits this description.
  • Don't Be Confused by Botanical Skin Care  By : Therese Higgins
    It never fails. As soon as a new trend in skin care becomes popular, we're willing to drop a perfectly effective product just because we're afraid to miss out on the latest "secret" for helping us look young and beautiful.
  • Cheap Skin Care Products - What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You  By : Therese Higgins
    Boy, did I learn a valuable lesson on a recent shopping trip when a close friend offered to loan me money so that I wouldn't buy the cheap skin care products I had placed in my shopping cart. She thought I skimping because I was short of funds. The truth is, I thought that all cosmetic products were alike and so I wanted to save a little money by buying the cheap skin products.
  • Skin Care Information - What You Should and Shouldn't Believe  By : Therese Higgins
    Let's face it. Sorting through the mountains of skin care information and trying to decide what to believe can be a monumental task. So with all this skin care info at our finger tips, why does it seem that the demand for skin care advice continues to increase? Could it be because much of this information isn't believable?
  • Facial Skin Care That Works  By : Therese Higgins
    If you are tired of trying one type of facial skin care after another, only to be disappointed, I'm here to give you some information that will help you end your search once and for all. Facial care that works is not only readily available, but comes with extra bonuses you never imagined.
  • Dry Skin Therapy - Is "Satisfaction Guaranteed" a Myth?  By : Therese Higgins
    Are you just plain fed up? Have you gone in search of effective dry skin therapy only to find that the rough patches on your knees and elbows and keep coming back? Have you had to resort to using a tool to file and scrape the callouses off your heels because most dry skin remedies don't work on these tough areas?
  • Dry Skin Care - A Different, Healthier Approach  By : Therese Higgins
    By the time you finish reading this I believe you're going to think differently about dry skin care. Believe it or not, it isn't as simple as using lotions or creams to deal with your dry itchy skin.
  • Herbal Skin Care - Rediscover A World Of Natural Beauty  By : Therese Higgins
    Have you ever wondered why it is that the best new things look a lot like the best old things? Take herbal skin care for instance. Before the development of modern cosmetics, our grandmothers relied on natural beauty treatments for keeping their skin soft, smooth and healthy. In those days, a herbal treatment for the skin was the best way to achieve and maintain a natural beauty...the likes of which we haven't seen in quite a long time.
  • Right and Wrong Man Skin Care Methods - And Little Pointers that Will Help You Look Better  By : Therese Higgins
    It's unbelievable! More and more men are wising up to the importance of good male skin care. They are realizing that taking care of your skin is no longer just a cosmetic issue. It's a health issue.
  • How To Understand, Access and Use Skin Care for Men  By : Therese Higgins
    Tell me, does this describe you? You are a man who has always taken great pride in your appearance, who lately has begun to notice subtle changes in your face. You're seriously considering men skin care, because you don't feel comfortable experimenting with your wife's facial creams. However, you're at loss when it comes to understanding, accessing and using skin care for men. By the time you finish reading this, you will know what to look for and how to get it and make it work for you.
  • A Natural Approach to the Best Skincare  By : Therese Higgins
    If you're anything like me, you hate seeing the bloom of youth slowly fade from your face. And just like me, you know that your approach to the best skincare must be given serious consideration if you're going to get the results you're looking for.
  • Why Some Skincare Products Have Got to Go!  By : Therese Higgins
    When was the last time you read or heard an advertisement about skincare products? I'd be willing to bet it was at least in the last hour, if not sooner. As women in the U.S. and around the world continue to demand the most effective skincare, cosmetic companies are tripping all over themselves in order to rush products to the market.
  • Natural Skincare: Surprising New Discovery  By : Therese Higgins
    I know you're not surprised to read that natural skincare continues to be promoted as the best approach for maintaining the health and beauty of your skin. What may surprise you, however, is a new discovery that is promising to take natural skincare products to the next level.
  • Vitamins and Polyphenols in Skincare  By : ashu
    The whole cosmetic market is trying to turn back the clock on maturing skin. There is the growth in products designed to prevent the skin from aging, and also to force the skin to act "Younger"., reprogramm it to be healthy and younger.
  • Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream: Making the Most of the Latest Technology  By : Therese Higgins
    What if I told you that advances in cosmetic research and development have produced anti wrinkle eye cream that stimulates your skin cells to heal the damage that causes dark circles, bags, lines and wrinkles? Making the most of the latest technology means that you can truly reclaim the health, look and feel of the skin in the delicate area around your eyes.
  • Anti Wrinkle Cream Reviews - Do They Tell the Real Story?  By : Therese Higgins
    If you're anything like me you probably like to do some research before plunking down your hard-earned cash on a product that you're trusting to deliver what it promises. Such is case with relying on anti wrinkle cream reviews to point you toward the best skin care product for the money. But as you read these reviews that compare anti aging wrinkle cream you must wonder, like I did, "do they tell the real story?
  • Body Creams - Pamper, but Protect Yourself  By : Therese Higgins
    Do you remember, when you were little, how wonderful it felt when your mom lifted you out of the bathtub and snuggled you up in a warm, fluffy towel? I can still remember how protected I felt. Then there was my happy anticipation of knowing that after she dried me off, I was going to be slathered with one of the many body lotion and creams, that she kept in her enticing, but "off limits" bathroom vanity. I didn't know it at the time, but my mom was teaching me how to pamper myself and take care of my skin.

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