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  • How Integrated Accounting Software Can Help You Understand Your Costs  By :
    We all know that controlling costs is critical to maximising profitability but how many organisations can confidently theyíve got this covered? It may seem alarmingly simple, but if you make have a guess or make assumptions on how much Ďcostí will be incurred on a job or project, then you will either make a loss or a smaller profit than you could have done.
  • College Study Tips - 8 Tips To Ease Your Reading  By : Jullie Harvard
    Sometimes ordinary reading methods may not help you to remember the chapter content well. You feel the reading is tough and get bogged down in this murky reading assignment. You can try the reading techniques explain in this article to ease the reading and help you to remember better.
  • 5 Tips To Make Learning To Read Easier  By : David Morgan
    Just learning to read is not enough if your child is going to compete in the modern information society. Becoming a good or excellent reader is the key to your child's future.
  • The Reason Bright Kids Often Struggle To Read and How To Help  By : David Morgan
    Failing to learn to read is a devasting blow to a young child, and it is usually quite unnecessary. The underlying reason why many bright children find reading hard is that the early reading books they use encourage the wrong techniques. The warning signs are easy to spot.
  • How To Identify Stress And Anxiety?  By : Ashish Jain
    Every human being is an emotional being. The levels of emotions may be high or low. But when that level is disturbed, you have stress and anxiety. The dividing line between these two negative tendencies is very thin. Your anxiety may be due to stress or your stress may be due to anxiety. Every stress and anxiety has a root cause to it. And the symptoms are the by products of such causes.

    The first symptom of stress is that you are not a normal person, when you are seized w...
  • Speed Read By Scanning The Book  By : Brandon C. Hall
    Teaching a child the fundamentals of reading involves helping them learn the sounds each of the letters make and then joining those sounds together to form words. Itís amazing watching and listening to a child as they string sounds together and make a word. They are thrilled and excited at their accomplishment and for the parent or teacher guiding them, itís a wonderful moment.

    Children use this skill to learn new words as they begin to grow. Over time they are able to re...
  • Reading Silently Can Help Speed Reading  By : Brandon C. Hall
    Watch a group of young children who are just beginning to read and youíll notice one thing about almost all of them. Even if they have been instructed to silently read, most of the children will be mouthing the words they are reading. Their lips will move to pronounce the words, even though they are not speaking them aloud. The reason they do this is because as children begin to learn to read, they vocalize the sounds of the individual letters and then later on, the sounds of...
  • Understanding The Basics Of Speed Reading  By : Brandon C. Hall
    Speed reading is not just a parlor trick you can use to impress your friends and family. For many itís a necessary tool for managing time and information in the fast-paced business world, and for many others, specifically students, itís the only way to get through reading-heavy class loads.

    The practiced speed reader can pick up a lengthy document or a thick stack of papers and use their skill to get at the meat of the subject by skimming for the most important details and...