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  • Making Your Dreams Come True  By : Daniel Faraday
    There is a difference between having a goal and manifesting. A goal is a particular result that is desired, but is usually narrow and limited to one area of a person�s life.
  • Learn the Principles of Classical Yoga Exercises  By : Knut Holt
    Here are the basic principles of physical yoga exercises outlined. After reading this article you can already do some simple yoga exercises or at least exercises according to the yoga style.
  • The Power of Yoga Certification  By :
    Most movie stars do it. Athletes do it. Kids and seniors alike do it. Let's all do it. Do what? That yoga thing. A path to enlightenment that stems back 2500 years in its native India, yoga has for almost two decades become so popular, so cool, so right now.
  • Qualities Needed For Participating In Yoga Teacher Training  By :
    The word yoga means �union�, that occurs among mind, body and spirit. In today�s world, most people are becoming just as aware about their mental and spiritual health as their physical health. Skillfully teaching yoga can be challenging day to day, as the popularity of yoga is increasing across the world. Yoga is more complex than just learning and practicing.
  • Yoga Teacher Training � Importance of Feeding Back With Feedback  By :
    We do not become yoga teachers just by taking yoga teacher training or getting yoga teaching certification. Being a good yoga teacher is more than knowing the body, postures and giving instructions to students.
  • The Drama of Dharma: the Yogic Training of Duty, Action and Freedom  By :
    It�s two days after the Balinese holy day of Galungan, which celebrates the victory of dharma (virtue, right action) over adharma (evil, chaos). In astrology, Saturn best represents the concept of dharma, a principal of primary importance to the yogi.
  • The Yoga of Strength Training and Body Building  By :
    A friend who�s a fitness buff, and who became dedicated to yoga a few years ago, struggles with oscillations between the gym and the Shala (yoga school). The big question is how to get the benefits of both? What you do in the gym will set back your yoga practice and what you do in the Shala will undermine your strength training.
  • 5 Tips for Creating More Generosity and the Best Relationships Through Principles of Yoga  By :
    Ahimsa - Create as much positive good as you can for others. Simple things, like telling people you love and appreciate them, work wonders. Particularly those who help you on a regular basis. A sincere and genuine thank you to these friends (gardeners, mail handlers, recycling folk, newspaper deliverers) can have powerfully positive effects.
  • The Pratyahara of Geography  By :
    Three key words in business are: location, location, location. Yogis, in the business of enlightenment, can learn something here. Business wisdom advises that if the store is not well placed, success is doubtful no matter how saleable the goods.
  • Yoga for Mind, Body and Spiritual Pleasure  By : Nick Mutt
    Yoga is very beneficial for one's overall health and well being. For years it has been used in many forms for healing and relaxing mind, body and spirit.
  • Is a Yoga Teacher Training Right For Me?  By :
    Teaching yoga is different from learning yoga. Even if one has much experience in yoga, he/she requires yoga teacher training to get prepared better to teach effectively with ease. This is because, in yoga, teachers teach largely by their presence rather than their techniques.
  • The Benefit of Yoga  By : David Kai
    There are many different styles of Yoga. Each style of Yoga will help the practitioner to find happiness and prosperity. Yoga is perhaps the only form of activity which massages all the internal glands and organs of the body in a thorough manner, including those such as the prostate - that hardly get externally stimulated during our entire lifetime.
  • The Respiratory System and Yoga  By : ashu
    This may be said to start from the nose, and is composed of the larynx, the wind pipe (trachea), its two branches (called "bronchi"), and the lungs.
  • The Circulatory System and Yoga  By : ashu
    Also known as the cardio-vascular system this consists of the heart (which pumps the blood to various body parts), and the blood vessels (which carry the blood from the heart and back to it again).
  • Yoga - The Excretory System and Endocrine System  By : ashu
    This consists of the kidneys, the ureters, the bladder, the urethra, as well as the skin, and the large intestines.
  • The Digestive System and Yoga  By : ashu
    The organs constituting this system are: the mouth, the pharynx, the gullet (foodpipe), the stomach, the duodenum, and the small and large intestines.
  • Pranayama Controlling the Breath  By : ashu
    Breathing is a very basic phenomenon concerning life.
  • Yoga Bandhas - How to Learn the Bandhas  By : ashu
    Taking for granted that one has already practised purakas and rechakas of ten and twenty seconds respectively, for a month or so, one should, on the first day, introduce holding of breath in the last round, for ten seconds.
  • Yoga - Yama and Niyama  By : ashu
    Yama and niyama may be respectively called the negative and positive aspects of behaviour.
  • Yoga Types - Information on Yoga Techniques  By : ashu
    Baka means the crane. In this asana the hands are placed on the seat with the fingers pointing forward.
  • Yoga - Trataka and Basti  By : ashu
    It is a shuddhikriya meant for cleansing the eyes and for making the' mind silent in concentration.
  • Ayurveda yoga teacher training Program  By : Ashish Bhattachrya
    Ayurveda and yoga not only complement each other but both sciences actually embrace each other as they share similarities and fundamental principles on many levels. Ayurveda and yoga should go together to achieve optimal health, peace, and longevity.
  • Neti - Jalaneti or Nasal Cleansing  By : ashu
    For smooth respiration, it is necessary that both the nostrils should be clear, with the passage inside them fully open for the movement of air.
  • lshwarapranidhana (Devotion)  By : ashu
    This means relying on the Divine Will, by ascribing the effects of whatever one does to Divine Providence.
  • Brahmacharya - About Celibacy  By : ashu
    This indicates a complete absence of sex desire.
  • Paschimotanasana Yoga  By : ashu
    Purva and paschima are the Sanskrit words for the east and west.
  • Shirshasana - Yogasana  By : ashu
    As pointed out earlier this is actually a variety of Viparitakarani mudra.
  • Dhauti - Cleaning the Stomach  By : ashu
    This is a shuddhikriya meant for cleaning the stomach
  • Dhyana Meditation for Fitness  By : ashu
    It is the experience of almost everyone of us that whenever we try to concentrate the mind on an object or an idea, the mind immediately starts wandering.
  • Dhayana - Controlling the Mind  By : ashu
    Human mind has ever been a thing of great concern to the philosophers, thinkers, and masters of yoga.
  • Abhyasa for Health  By : ashu
    The mind of such a person stops running about, and becomes steady and still very easily.
  • Traditional Indian systems of Ayurveda & Yoga  By : Ashish Bhattachrya
    Ayurveda places equal emphasis on the mind and body, it aims to integrate and balance the body, mind, and spirit. This balance is believed to lead to contentment and health, and to help prevent illness. The chief aim of Ayurvedic practices is to cleanse the body of substances that can cause disease, helping reestablish harmony and balane.
  • Self and Soul Discovery with Yoga  By : Arjun Singhe
    Natural healing is a great starting point to help any one discover the self and soul. However, it takes effort on our part. The effort we apply involves using proven techniques that guide us to self-discovery. Some of the natural methods used for thousands of years that have proven effective, include yoga.
  • Exercise And Yoga For Asthma  By : ashu
    Give yourself a break -- or two. Dr. Firshein advises everyone with asthma to engage in regular moderate exercise.
  • Picking a Yoga Class  By : Leeann Simons
    Regardless of the type of yoga you choose to do, make sure you find a class with an instructor who knows how you are doing, physically and mentally. If you want to get the most of the class, for your mind and body, you must pick an instructor who asks you, before you start the class, how you are, physically and mentally. Once that information is known, you can safely move into the wonder of yoga.
  • Yoga Types - Different Types of Yoga  By : ashu
    Under this article of yoga types, different yoga styles and yoga paths have been discussed.
  • Types of Yoga  By : Juliet Cohen
    Yoga is more than a physical discipline of keeping fit. It's an ancient concept, and has a lot to do with the philosophical and the spiritual. Various types of yoga are being taught and practiced in today�s world and it is very important to choose the correct type of yoga.
  • Relaxation Therapies - Part 1  By : Ashish Bhattachrya
    Yoga means "to unite." It's the holistic approach to all aspects of life: physical, mental and spiritual. Yoga views the person as a whole; as a unique combination of body, mind and soul, and its techniques maintain that body-mind-soul harmony. Its quiet, precise movements focus your mind less on your busy day and more on the moment as you move your body through poses that require balance and concentration.
  • Yoga For Back Pain - Yoga Helps Back Ache  By : ashu
    Yoga relieves back pain by stimulating the mind and by strengthening and fine tuning the body
  • Yoga For Weight Loss - How To Lose Weight With Yoga  By : ashu
    Advice on whether to include yoga in your weight loss regimen. Find out if doing yoga will help you lose weight.
  • Bikram Yoga - The Benefits of Bikram Yoga  By : ashu
    Bikram Yoga - Insights about Bikram Yoga and answers to frequently asked questions like why they use heat in the practice
  • Learn About Yoga For Kids - Childrens Yoga  By : ashu
    Know why Yoga Exercises are good for you. Discover the various health benefits of Yoga practice.
  • Yoga Equipment You Need To Get Started  By : ashu
    Even though yogis practice non-attachment to physical objects, there are a few things it's useful to have when starting your yoga practice.
  • Learn About For Pregnancy Yoga - Prenatal Yoga  By : ashu
    Yoga works great for pregnancy. That�s wonderful and TRUE. But do you know how?
  • Yoga Techniques and Yoga Health Information  By : ashu
    Know why Yoga Exercises are good for you. Discover the various health benefits of Yoga practice.
  • Yoga Therapy - Benefits of Yoga Therapy For Health  By : ashu
    Yoga can be applied as a remedial therapy for a wide variety of ailments and health issues.
  • Yoga Breathing - Breath Control Pranayama  By : ashu
    The most significant way of doing this is through the practice of pranayama (prah-nah-yah-mah), breathing techniques or breath control
  • Yoga-A Path To Peace  By : Leeann Simons
    Losing weight isn't always about eliminating foods, it's also about adding new behaviors. When my colleague included yoga in her life, she seemed to easily lose weight and feel peaceful, in control. When both were stopped, weight returned, control left. Start with the yoga, be at peace with your body, and you'll find that being at peace with food falls more easily into your life.
  • Yoga for Health  By : Ashish Bhattachrya
    Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years. It consists of ancient theories, observations and principles about the mind, spirit and body relationship. According to the principles of yoga the mind, spirit and the body are one and they together can heal itself.
  • Practice Yoga For Health  By : Janice H.
    Yoga is an ancient practice that helps create a sense of union in our s to create mental clarity and calmness, increases body awareness, relieves chronic stress patterns, relaxes our mind, centers attention and sharpens concentration. It shifts the way we view our life and the life around us, putting us into harmony with the world. It brings us balance.

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