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Jim DeSantis's Profile:
Jim DeSantis is a 15 year veteran of broadcast News. His career included stints as an Anchor, Investigate Reporter, Commentator, Producer, and Writer. Retired in 2005, Jim created a Self Help Newspaper, On Line Tribune, featuring 16 sections packed with Free articles, courses, and ebooks on a variety of topics dealing with daily life. You are invited to view his blogs and submit your opinion on any topic. If accepted, your opinion will be published as a Featured Article.
URL #1 : http://on-line-tribune-abundance.blogspot.com/
URL #2 : http://on-line-tribune-workplace.blogspot.com/
URL #3 : http://on-line-tribune-health.blogspot.com/
Personal URL : http://on-line-tribune-personal-challenges.blogspot.com/
Blog URL : http://on-line-tribune-work-from-home.blogspot.com
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