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Since the year 2002, Michiel Van Kets has been writing for an SEO firm, named Luminous, and likes the challenges his role throws at him every now and then. He thinks Search Engine Optimization is a fascinating subject, particularly how to get links, and it also gives him the means to stay here. A native of Belgium, where he was involved in the design and art industry, he now calls Phuket home. Having a selective series of SEO services available, the SEO company, Luminous has arranged a range of packages to fit all clients.

When it comes down to link building you shouldn't ask yourself which links are the best ones; they all have their advantages and disadvantages, they do have one thing in common; you need them. Regardless of which tactic you utilize for link building, they all have their advantages, but also short comings, which is why it is so crucial to mix them up; use different tactics at the same time.

We also offer other link building services;

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Personal URL : https://plus.google.com/u/0/101932652890658937229/about
Blog URL : http://conceptual-seo.com/
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